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How Well Do You Know: Toy Story 3
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1. In the Wild West vignette that opens the movie, each of the following are aligned against Woody, except for:
The Potato Heads
By way of explanation.....
Well, I brought my dinosaur who eats force field dogs
2. The toys' Operation Playtime involved a/n:
Cell phone
Toy robot
3. "When the trash bags come out, we _________are the first to go."
Cowboys and Space Rangers
Potato Heads
Army guys
Stuffed dolls
4. "I mean, yeah, we've lost friends along the way... Wheezy... and Etch...even Bo." Woody listed toys that didn't appear in the third film. But an actor who provided the voice for ________ earlier in the franchise had died before the third film was made.
Mrs. Potato Head
By way of explanation.....
Jim Varney, the original voice of Rex, died in 2000 and was replaced by Blake Clark for Toy Story 3
5. Andy meant to move the toys to the attic, but they wound up curbside waiting for the trash, when Andy:
Debated with his mother about what he was taking for college
Kicked over a pile of books
Helped his sister move a box
Answered the phone
6. When the toys arrive at Sunnyside, they are first placed in this room, where they meet Lotso:
The Rainforest Room
The Sleepy-pie Room
The Butterfly Room
The Waterfall Room
7. ....but they are relocated to this much less hospitable location:
The Panda Bear Room
The Caterpillar Room
The Wild West Room
The Jungle Room
8. Lotso smells like:
9. Big Baby has a somewhat creepy visage, in that his (her?):
Teeth are missing
Left eye is partially closed
Right cheek is burned
Ears are missing
10. When Woody leaves Sunnyside to return to Andy's, this is the only toy that volunteers to go with him:
One of the aliens
11. Woody's escape from Sunnyside involves each of the following, except for:
A janitor's cart
A bathroom window
A traffic cone
A kite
12. Mr. Pricklepants is a:
Flying squirrel
By way of explanation.....
"You've met Baron von Shush"
13. This toy goes to talk to Lotso about moving out of the Caterpillar Room:
Buzz and Jessie
The Potato Heads
Jessie and Mr. Potato Head
14. A poker game that Ken and Lotso's other minions enjoy is held in:
Vending machine
A water fountain
The janitor's closet
A medicine cabinet
15. Who fetches the manual that tells how to alter Buzz so that he's more controllable?
Dewey Decimal
The Easy Reader
The Bookworm
Big Baby
16. Lotso gets Buzz to fall in line by switching him from Play mode to :
17. The name of the clown that tells of Lotso's fall from grace is:
18. The crrrrrreeeepy monkey that monitors Sunnyside as "the eye in the sky" holds in its hands:
A bugle and drumsticks
A bow and arrows
A flashlight and a club
By way of explanation.....
Death by monkeys!
19. As the toys being their prison break from Sunnyside, the initial distraction is provided by:
The aliens
Mr. Potato Head
20. Barbie plays to Ken's ego and fashion sense to distract him. What song plays as he is modeling is wardrobe?
It's Raining Men
Le Freak
I Will Survive
Stayin' Alive
21. This foodstuff was critical to the escape:
A tortilla
A banana
A popsicle
Graham crackers
22. How do you switch Buzz Lightyear to his Spanish mode?
Slide the Langage indicator to ESP
Reverse the direction of his batteries
Hold the button on his back for more than 5 seconds
Insert his Matador Accessory Kit disc
By way of explanation.....
*gasp* El vaquero!
23. A toy ________ provides Woody with the intel about the obstacles to escape from Sunnyside:
Vacuum cleaner
24. "Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from threat of force!" Whose extemporaneous political treatise was a direct challenge to the authoritarianism of Lotso's regime?
Mrs. Potato Head
25. Who isn't thrown into the dumpster outside Sunnyside and taken to the dump?
Mrs. Potato Head
26. Buzz's hero moment in the film comes when, at the dump, he hurls Jessie to safety as they are about to be crushed by:
A dresser
A sofa
A refrigerator
27. As the toys descended to their apparent fiery doom in the incinerator, which pair was the first to join hands?
Buzz and Jessie
Buzz and Woody
Woody and Rex
The Potato Heads
28. What was the name of the girl who originally owned Lotso?
The film doesn't say
By way of explanation.....
Bonnie is the girl to whom the toys are given at the end of the film
29. Where was Mrs. Potato Head's lost eye during the whole movie?
On top of Andy's desk
Hooked on Buster's collar
Under a notebook
Between Andy's box spring and mattress
30. As the closing credits roll, the toys read a lovely handwritten note saying that life at Sunnyside is groovy once again. Who wrote the note?
The purple octopus
Big Baby

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