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How Well Do You Know: Rocky IV
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1. What comparison does Apollo make of his own and Rocky’s styles of fighting?
Rocky fights with his heart; Apollo fights with his mind
Rocky fights with his brawn; Apollo fights with his speed
Rocky fights great; Apollo is a great fighter
Rocky fights with his fists; Apollo fights with his feet
2. What do the Balboas give to Paulie for his birthday?
Satellite tv
A Swatch
A DeLorean
A robot
3. Rocky gives Adrian a watch for their anniversary. How long have they been married?
Seven years
Eight years
Nine years
Ten years
4. Rocky now drives a black Lamborghini. What does the license plate say?
5. What is Ivan Drago wearing when he appears for his first press conference in the U.S.?
Rocky's robe and colors
A Russian fur hat
Trunks and no shirt
A Russian military uniform
By way of explanation.....
Drago is a Captain in the Russian army.
6. According to the press, what is Drago's nickname?
The Siberian Express
The Rushin Russian
The Soviet Slugger
The Murderer From Moscow
7. A newscaster notes that Drago's wife is an athlete herself, having won two gold medals in:
Figure Skating
8. Drago's strength is measured in front of the press. How many pounds per square inch of pressure do Drago's punches pack?
By way of explanation.....
Drago's handler says a normal heavyweight's average punch measures 700 pounds per square inch.
9. How does Drago's wife explain her husband's "freakish strength"?
Anabolic steroids
Blood doping
10. Rocky tries to discourage Apollo from fighting Drago. How does Apollo explain his motivation?
He's a showman and needs the limelight
He's a patriot and this can help America win the Cold War
He's a warrior, and warriors die without wars
He's still fit and wants to prove he's not a has-been
11. Name that tune: What song is performed live at the arena as both Drago and Apollo enter?
Living in America
Born in the USA
The Soviet National Anthem
Eye of the Tiger
By way of explanation.....
Singer James Brown is listed in the credits as "The Godfather of Soul"
12. How many rounds does Apollo's fight with Drago last?
13. How is Adrian informed of Rocky's decision to fight Drago?
From Drago's wife
From the media
From discussion with Rocky
From Paulie
14. How does Rocky explain his motivation to Adrian despite her concerns that fighting Drago is suicide?
He wants to show that America's still strong
He needs to avenge Apollo's death
He's a fighter and can't change
He has to stop Drago from killing more boxers
15. What will Rocky be paid for the bout against Drago?
One million dollars
One million rubles
20% of the gate
Nothing. It's not about the money.
16. Why will the upcoming fight between Rocky and Drago be held in the Russia?
The U.S. Boxing Commission refuses to sanction it
Drago has been receiving death threats
Drago would be arrested for Apollo's death in the U.S.
The CIA convinces Rocky to use the fight as cover for intel
17. On what holiday does Rocky fight Drago?
American Independence Day
Red Army Day
18. While Drago trains in a lab, Rocky trains out in the cold. Which of these is not shown as part of his training?
Pulling Paulie on a sled
Chopping wood
Cross-country skiing
Climbing a mountain
19. Late in the movie Drago announces his own motivation for fighting. What is it?
"I fight for Mother Russia."
"I fight for me."
"I fight for the party."
"I fight for science."
20. What does Drago say to Rocky when they meet in the ring?
"I must break you."
"You will die like Apollo."
"I will bury you."
"In Soviet Russia, stallion rides you."
By way of explanation.....
Yakov Smirnoff would have made this movie 10% better.
21. In his corner between rounds, Drago compares Rocky to:
A Russian bear
A small donkey
A piece of iron
A raggedy doll
22. How many rounds does Rocky's fight against Drago last?
23. How does the Balboa-Drago fight end? Rocky knocks out Drago
Rocky wins by decision
The Politburo declares Rocky disqualified
Drago wins by decision
Rocky knocks out Drago
By way of explanation.....
The only time Drago goes down is when he is knocked out in the fifteenth round.
24. By the end of the fight, the Russian crowd is chanting "Rocky" instead of "Drago." What do the announcers credit for this shift?
Rocky's determination to continue
Rocky's respect for the Russian nation
The crowd's disgust with Drago's handlers
The revelation that Drago used steroids
25. What real-life event happened as a result of this movie?
Lundgren began a successful career in karate
Stallone married Brigitte Nielsen
Shire received her second Oscar nomination
President Reagan signed the SALT II nuclear weapon treaty
By way of explanation.....
The two were married a month after Rocky IV was released, and they costarred in the movie Cobra the following year.

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