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How Well Do You Know: Scream 4
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1. Scream 4 begins with a film-within-a-film-within-a-film (I think I got that right). Which of the following actresses is a killer in the opening?
Kristen Bell
Aimee Teegarden
Lucy Hale
Anna Paquin
2. Which editions of the Stab movies are represented in the opening?
1 & 2
2 & 4
3 & 5
6 & 7
3. Sidney is back in Woodsboro to promote her book, titled:
Silence the Scream
Out of Darkness
Survivor's Tale
Stab No More
4. The local kids have been preparing for the 15th anniversary of the original killings by:
Splashing red paint all around town
Hanging Ghostface costumes on the lamp posts in town
Calling in fake stabbing reports to media outlets
Arranging a gathering of the survivors of the attacks
5. Gale is annoyed by Deputy Judy (who I realllly thought was going to end up being the killer) because she:
Buttons a too few buttons on her uniform shirt
Makes baked goods for Dewey
Always seems to flirt with her
Has cutesy nicknames for Dewey
6. Annoying Woodsboro High School student Robbie Mercer constantly films his interactions with other students for an online feature he calls:
Virtual Yearbook
Hall Pass
Meta Nation
Online Examiner
7. What is the relationship between Woodsboro teen Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) and Sidney Prescott?
Jill is her cousin
Jill is her niece
Jill is her step-sister
Jill is her sister
8. As Kirby and Jill look on, next door neighbor Olivia is knifed to death by a killer who has hidden:
Under her bed
In her closet
Outside her window
In her bathroom
9. Shortly after Sidney fires her agent Rebecca, the publicist is killed and her body thrown from the roof of a/n:
Police station
High school
Apartment building
10. Sidney and Gale are featured as guest speakers at the high school's:
Drama club
Cinema club
Crime prevention club
Murder club
11. Charlie states, "To survive a modern horror movie, you pretty much have to be:"
Under 16
An orphan
12. The local teens gather for a dusk-til-dawn viewing of all the Stab movies. This film festival is called:
13. The Stab movie-watching party is held at an abandoned:
Amusement park
Drive-in theater
Grocery store
14. Gail sets up cameras to view the happenings at Stabathon, but her cameras are taken out. Investigating, she finds:
The body of a dead teenager
A second camera, placed by someone else
A list of potential victims
A clue that implicates Sidney in the killings
15. The two cops guarding Sidney's house are killed primarily by knife wounds to the:
Abdomen and back
Back and forehead
Chest and back
Throat and eye
16. When the killer attacks Sidney at her aunt's house, her aunt is stabbed through the front door's:
Peep hole
Doggie door
Screen door
Mail slot
17. Jill and Kirby, the film geeks and Trevor end up at Kirby's house to watch one of the Stab movies. Jill is absent for quite a while. Why does she leave the house?
Her phone is missing
She is mad at Trevor
Someone spilled beer on her sweater
She is sickened at the thought of watching the movies
18. Who is the first of the gathered teens to be killed?
19. The killer appears to force Kirby to do this to save Charlie:
Confess her true feelings about Charlie
Answer horror movie trivia
Name another victim to be killed instead
20. Who kills Kirby?
21. Who kills Trevor?
22. To complete casting herself as one of the victims, Jill does each of the following, except:
Scratching her cheek
Ripping out some of her hair
Shooting herself
Stabbing herself
23. In the recovery room, Jill says something that later implicates her to Dewey. She shouldn't have mentioned the part about:
Believing that Sidney was dead
What camera footage showed
Charlie's dying words
Where Gail was stabbed
24. Jill is subdued by this hospital implement:
25. ...but is shot by:
Deputy Judy

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