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How Well Do You Know: Paranormal Activity 4
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1. Which of the following lines appear in the on-screen captions at the beginning of the film?
None of the family members are believed to have survived
Katie and Hunter's whereabouts remain unknown
Purported video evidence of the events cannot be verified as authentic
The following occurred approximately five years later
2. The present-day action begins around this holiday:
Fourth of July
New Year's
3. Following a party, Alex and her friend Ben are startled to find creepykidnextdoor Robbie:
Sitting by the edge of the pool
Sitting in the middle of the street
Standing *right* outside the front door
In the treehouse
4. Robbie comes to live with Alex, Wyatt and family when Robbie's mother:
Is arrested for beating him
Is hospitalized
Is killed
Disappears without a trace
5. Through the film, we get an audible cue that the front door of the house is open when we hear:
A voice that intones, "Front door, open"
Three chimes
A very, very loud alarm
A wailing siren
6. Ben's computer automatically records web chats, and Ben shows video of Alex sleeping and....
Shadows creeping up her wall
Robbie getting into bed with her
Robbie walking backward into her room
Absolutely nothing else of consequence
7. We hear, very briefly, Robbie referring to his imaginary friend as:
8. This video game console is central to the plot of PA4:
Xbox Kinect
PlayStation 360
9. In the first glimpse that we get of Robbie's invisible friend, Toby is:
Crawling down a wall
Dancing with Robbie and Wyatt
Sitting on the sofa
Combing down the stairs
10. Which of the following best describes Alex's family situation?
Her parents are divorced
Her parents are married, but not happily so
Her mother is dead
Her father is dead
11. One afternoon, Alex comes home to an apparently empty house, only to be startled when:
A ball bounces down the stairs
Dishes fall and shatter in the kitchen
A fire spontaneously erupting on the living room floor
The television turning on to full volume by itself
12. And Alex's afternoon in the house comes to a nearly-tragic end, as the is almost killed by a:
Large pane of glass
Table saw
Fall from the treehouse
13. Alex awakens in the middle of the night when she notices _____________ Robbie's house:
A fire apparently burns at
Robbie and Wyatt have walked over to
Lights flash on and off
A number of cars are parked at
14. Alex and Ben find strange green symbols which have been drawn on:
Alex's bed
The door to the attic
The door to Wyatt's room
Wyatt's body
15. Where else do Alex and Ben find the same symbols that have been drawn on Wyatt?
On the door to the basement
On the refrigerator
In a sandbox
On the garage door
16. We see one of the boys being blocked by chairs in the dining and living rooms as he is:
Running playfully
Riding a Big Wheel-type of bike
Running frightened
17. While she is distracted, Alex's mom's knife goes missing. What happens to the knife?
It is dragged slowly across the counter out of view
It flies straight up into the air
It floats into a drawer
It flies into the living room
18. Alex is spooked one night when this item repeatedly falls off a shelf when she is in the living room:
Framed picture
19. During an afternoon, the boys run over to Robbie's house. Alex chases after them and finds Katie, who introduces herself as:
Robbie's aunt
Robbie's mom
Wyatt's mom
Wyatt's aunt
20. A few nights after Robbie has left, we see Wyatt in the living room during the night arguing with an unseen figure about:
What his name is
Who his mother is
Something the figure wants Wyatt to do
Whether or not his family plans to harm him
21. The Wyatt-to-Hunter transformation seems to be complete after the boy survives:
Being locked in the basement
Being drowned in the bathtub
Being dropped from the ceiling of his bedroom
Falling from the top bunk in his room
22. Wyatt/Hunter appears in Alex's room and watches as she:
Nearly gets smothered under her pillow
Appears to turn briefly into Katie
Has the same strange symbols drawn on her body by an unseen hand
23. We see "your aunt" Katie come to Wyatt/Hunter's room looking for him while Alex is trapped:
Outside the house
In the garage
Under her bed
Under a fallen bookshelf
24. The first friend/family member to be killed is:
Alex's mother
Alex's father
25. The last we see of Alex's dad, he is:
Being hurled down stairs
Falling from a rooftop
Being hung from a tree
Being dragged through Katie's house

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