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How Well Do You Know: Paranormal Activity 3
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1. The film opens in 2005 with Katie visiting a pregnant Kristi and asking her to stow boxes in Kristi's __________. This turns out to be a very bad idea.
2. Fast forward a year, and we see the first instance of disturbance at Kristi's house. About the only thing that seems to be missing are __________ that were in the boxes that Katie brought over.
Religious artifacts
Children's clothes
3. Now we go back to 1988. Kristi and Katie live with adults Julie and Dennis. Which is true?
Both Julie and Dennis are the girls' biological parents
Dennis is the girls' father
Julie is the girls' mother
Neither Julie nor Dennis is the biological parent of the girls
4. Throughout the film, Kristi talks with a friend named:
5. Dennis' main complaint about his assistant Randy is that Randy:
Is very messy
Is rude toward Kristi and Katie
Is rude toward Julie
Is always late
6. Dennis is a photographer/videographer primarily for:
Sporting events
A nature show
The police department
7. Toby seems to "live":
Under Kristi's bed
In the bathroom cabinets
In a low closet
Behind a bookcase
8. Just before the disturbances in the house begin, one night Dennis suggests videotaping Julie and him:
Having sex
Streaking down the street
Watching porn
9. As Julie and Dennis make out, they are interrupted by:
A power outage
Katie and Kristi screaming upstairs
What seems to be an earthquake
Kristi, apparently in a trance, wandering into their room
10. Immediately following the "earthquake", we get an early glimpse of a physical manifestation of a paranormal entity when:
Wet footprints appear on the floor
Falling dust illuminates a figure
Julie and Dennis' bed levitates off the floor
A framed photo of Julie and Dennis is thrown to the floor and shatters
11. Investigating strange noises, Dennis and Randy have the bejeesus scared out of them when ________ bursts out of a closet wearing a freaky mask:
12. Lights flash and odd noises sound on Night #5, a night on which the girls aren't in their beds. Where are they?
At their grandmother's
Sleeping in a tent outside
In Toby's closet
Sleeping over at a friend's house
13. Julie's conversation with her mother Lois reveals:
Julie believes Dennis is practicing dark magic
She once wanted to have a son
She has dreamed of killing Dennis
She thinks Lois loves Dennis more than she loves Julie
14. To better record goings-on in the house, Dennis mounts a camera on:
A ceiling fan
An oscillating fan
A mirror
A lazy susan
15. When Julie gently questions Kristi about Toby, the girl says, "Why don't you ask him yourself....."
He's standing right next to you
You'll be meeting him tonight
Before it's too late
Just don't look in the closet
16. The babysitter plays with the girls using a costume of a _________, which figures into her adventures later in the evening:
17. When the babysitter comes upstairs to the girls' room, she stands by Toby's closet when something:
Throws her across the room
Blows on her
Scratches her face
Bites her hand
18. We see Kristi jumping from this high place, with Toby supposedly safely catching her:
The loft banister
A tall bookcase
The top of the kitchen cabinet
Her bedroom window
19. "No. No. I don't want to talk to you anymore." Kristi seems to piss off Toby when she says this, after she had spent several hours:
Standing over Katie's bed with a knife
Standing in Julie and Dennis's doorway
Being trapped in the closet with Toby
Outside in the back yard, staring at the house
20. Randy high-tails it out of the house after playing Bloody Mary which results in:
Something scratching his abdomen
His hair being pulled out
Something trying to gouge his eyes out
All the mirrors in the bathroom shattering
21. On the final night in the house, we see Something Under the Covers menacingly creeping up as who is asleep in bed?
22. Julie finally decides it might be a pretty good idea to leave the house, as she finds everything in the kitchen:
Is on fire
Is spinning mid-air
Hovering around Kristi to trap the little girl
On the ceiling
23. The family flees to Julie's mother's house, but things get no better there. During the night, where does Dennis find a group of creepy women, including Lois?
In the dining room
In the basement
In the attic
In the garage
24. Julie is most likely already dead when Dennis finds her ________ at the top of a stairway:
Hanging upside down
Without any eyes
25. Dennis dies in this somewhat gruesome fashion:
Bursting into flames
Being impaled on a stairway banister
Being crushed by a piano
By having his back broken

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