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How Well Do You Know: Rush Hour 2
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Rush Hour 2 opens in Hong Kong. What gets blown up in the first scene?
a limousine
a police station
a United States Consulate
a Triad meeting
Carter and Lee are driving through Hong Kong listening to the Beach Boys. Which song are they listening to?
California Girls
Surfin’ U.S.A.
Fun, Fun, Fun
Good Vibrations
Carter tries to impress some girls by inviting them for a drink in Chinese. But what does he actually invite them to do?
spank him with a ping pong paddle
get naked and sacrifice a small goat
put on his clothes and give him a horsey-back ride
have a nude strawberry pudding fight
Carter has been in Hong Kong three days and all they have done is work Lee’s cases. He hasn’t even spoken with a woman – which he refers to with this euphemism.
kung pao
Peking duck
sweet and sour pork
mu shu
Lee takes Carter to a Triad bar. What Michael Jackson song does Carter sing on the karaoke stage?
Billie Jean
Wanna Be Startin’ Something
Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
Rock With You
More Carter mistranslations – when he gets up on stage to tell all the Triads they are all under arrest, he actually tells everyone to:
“Pull down your trousers while I get my camera.”
“Pick up your samurai swords and shave our butts.”
“Choose the most attractive man for me to dance with.”
“Line up all the women and prepare them for milking.”
The next day, still working the Triad case, Lee takes Carter to the Heaven on Earth massage parlour. In an homage to Enter the Dragon, how many girls does Carter choose?
Lee and Carter are dumped naked in the middle of Hong Kong after breaking Ricky Tan’s laptop. Who plays Ricky Tan?
Donnie Yen
John Lone
Andrew Lau
Tony Leung
Ricky Tan is killed by an ambitious triad played by Zhang Ziyi, who I’m going to pretend is a man. A very beautiful man with a perfect body who I’d like to take to the movies. What is her character’s name?
Jen Yu
Ru Yue
Hu Li
Xiao Mei
What is Carter’s Theory of Criminal Investigation?
Check Out Any Fine Women
Everyone Lies to the LAPD
Follow the Rich White Man
Open Your Big Mouth, then Watch What Happens
Back in Los Angeles, Carter and Lee stake out Isabella, who apparently has a tattoo that looks like:
Charlie Brown
Peppermint Patty
Carter and Lee pay a visit to Crenshaw Kitchen, a Chinese Soul Food restaurant. Which actor plays Kenny, the owner?
Dave Chappelle
Martin Lawrence
Don Cheadle
Chris Rock
What is Kenny’s nickname for Carter?
Taco Bell
What colour do the counterfeit $100 bills burn?
Lee and Carter are knocked out and loaded aboard a semi-trailer bound for a mysterious destination. Lee informs Carter that the Triads will torture them for three days, and then cut off their what?
pot stickers
lo mein noodles
egg rolls
Lee and Carter discover themselves in Las Vegas, where it is the opening night of a new casino. What is it called?
Red Dragon
Four Flowers
Summer Palace
Jade Emperor
Lee and Carter go to Versace to buy some new clothes so they can blend at the casino. Who plays the salesman that assists them?
Diedrich Bader
Bob Saget
David Duchovny
Jeremy Piven
The Versace salesman notes Chris Tucker’s moccacino face, wonderful skin and broad shoulders, so he wants to put a dead animal on him. What dead animal?
Did Carter’s people survive 362 years of slavery so you could send him back to the cottonfields of __________?
nickel slot machines
shrimp-less dinner buffets
five-hundred dollar chips
non-complimentary cocktails
Who is the opening act at the casino?
Diana Ross
Tom Jones
James Brown
Lionel Richie
This seven Carter is about to roll is for…
the Dred Scott case of 1857
7 March 1965 and the first Selma March
the 27 years Nelson Mandela spent in prison
1947, when Jackie Robinson broke the Major Leagues color barrier
Lee is caught by Hu Li, and has his mouth taped shut with a grenade inside. What sort of grenade is it?
ying tao
siu mai
fung zao
har gau
When opening the casino, Stephen Reign told the fairy tale of the Red Dragon. What is the moral story?
Greed will imprison us all
Mercy brings its own reward
Appearances can be deceiving
Everyone follows their true nature
Hu Li attacks Carter with a sword. But Carter is saved thanks to:
Ricky Tan
Bonus Question: In the spirit of Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong films, Rush Hour 2 ends with out-tales from filming. What does not happen in the out-takes that roll mover the closing credits?
Chris Tucker supposedly in character, repeatedly referring to Lee as “Jackie”
Chris Tucker being unable to pronounce “kreplach”
Chris Tucker getting a phone call from a friend, who wants to speak to Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker commenting that Ricky Tan won’t be in Rush Hour 3

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