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How Well Do You Know: Mission: Impossible III
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1. As the film opens, Owen Davian demands something from Ethan Hunt. What is the name of the object that is the film's Maguffin?
The Unicorn's Horn
The Tiger Paw
The Vampire Fang
The Rabbit's Foot
2. In the pre-credit segment, Davian states that he will count up to 10 before killing a certain someone. How far does he count before the credits roll?
3. Ethan Hunt hosts a party. What is the party for?
His retirement from IMF
His birthday
His engagement to Julia
Julia's birthday
4. The party is interrupted when Ethan receives a call summoning him to a rendezvous with John Musgrave. The voice on the phone states that the caller is from a/n:
Travel service
Election board
Intelligence agen---oops
5. To which European city do Ethan and his team travel in order to rescue Lindsey Farris?
6. Which of the following was not part of the operation to rescue Lindsey from the building in which she was held?
Cutting power to the building
Remote-control firing of guns
Laying a labyrinth of tripwires
Injecting Lindsey with adrenaline
7. What factor prevented Ethan from disabling the charge in Lindsey's head, leading to her death?
The defibrillator had to charge
The car Ethan's team was in came under heavy gunfire
He could not restrain Lindsey
He could not accurately locate the charge
8. In the briefing during which he dresses down Ethan and Musgrave, IMF head Brassel describes Davian as:
A walking nightmare
An invisible man
A phantom menace
Master of smoke and mirrors
9. After Lindsey's funeral, Ethan learns that she has sent him a microdot. To what was the microdot attached?
A teddy bear
A bra
A postcard
A styrofoam peanut
10. IMF learns that Davian will attempt a buy at the Vatican. How did they learn this?
They had captured and interrogated
From a hard drive recovered during Lindsey's rescue
From the microdot Lindsey sent
The deciphered an encrypted message Davian sent
11. Julia works in:
A library
An elementary school
A craft store
A hospital
12. Before setting off after Davian, Ethan takes this significant step:
Resigns from IMF
Marries Julia
Breaks up with Julia
Empties all of his accounts
13. In Rome, what did Ethan use as a distraction to allow him to scale the Vatican City wall?
A small explosive device
A herd of goats
A broken down truck
A truckload of chickens
14. For her part in the Vatican operation, Zhen wore a fetching dress of which color?
15. Which of the following was key to the illusion that Davian had been killed in an explosion?
A manhole
A billboard
A schoolbus
A telephone pole
16. What was the first thing that Ethan said to Davian on the plane following the Vatican operation?
You're dead, Mr. Davian
What is the Rabbit's Foot?
Where is the Rabbit's Foot?
A drop from this height would most likely be fatal
17. Ethan threatens to throw Davian out of a plane, which lead to Davian learning Ethan's name. Who spoke Ethan's name during the scene?
Ethan himself
18. Davian's escape made for a crackerjack action sequence. Where did this scene take place?
On a bridge
On the crowded streets of Washington, DC
In a congested tunnel
19. How many hours does Davian give Ethan to retrieve the Rabbit's Foot?
20. An IMF team detains Ethan:
At his home
At a car wash
In a hospital parking lot
At IMF headquarters
21. While Ethan is detained, Musgrave is able to tell him the location of the Rabbit's Foot by:
Silently mouthing words
Writing an encrypted message on a pad of paper
Blinking morse code
Tattooing coordinates on Ethan's arm with a laser
22. After Ethan escapes from IMF, he and his team globetrot to this world city to retrieve the Rabbit's Foot:
23. Ethan enters the building in which the Rabbit's Foot is located:
Through a sewer
Through an air duct on the side of the building
From the roof
Through the front door
24. At the end of the Ethan's descent from the building, he lands in:
A busy street
A car impound lot
A crowded street market
25. When Ethan turns himself over to Davian, Davian questions Ethan as to the whereabouts of the Rabbit's Foot. Why is this?
Ethan's team mistakenly took the Rabbit's Foot back to IMF
Musgrave had intercepted it
Brassel had intercepted it
Davian wanted to make sure that what Ethan stole was actually the Rabbit's Foot
26. Davian executes a woman who appears to be Julia. Who is actually executed?
Davian's mistress
Davian's head of security
Uh oh, it actually was Julia
27. Who is the traitor?
28. Davian dies by way of:
Explosive charge in his head
29. What does Julia use to trigger the electrical charge that deactivates the implant in Ethan's head?
A defibrillator
A light switch
A wall outlet
A fuse box switch
30. When Julia revives Ethan, his first words are:
You did that?
We're in China, babe
This is our honeymoon

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