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How Well Do You Know: Rocky II
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1. Rocky II was released two-and-a-half years after the first movie. How much time has passed in the story timeline?
Less than a year
One year
Two years
Five years
By way of explanation.....
Rocky heals, retires, gets married, has a baby, and fights Apollo again in the space of only 10 months.
2. In the hospital immediately after their first fight, an agitated Apollo challenges Rocky to a rematch. How does Rocky respond?
"Any time, any place."
"I'm retired."
3. The doctors caring for Rocky are most concerned about:
brain damage
retinal damage
kidney failure
nerve damage in the arm
By way of explanation.....
A number of people, including Rocky, idly speculate that he has brain damage, but it's the eye that concerns doctors.
4. Who is the first person to request an autograph from Rocky?
a nurse
a reporter
5. Rocky, wordsmith, uses this line to propose marriage to Adrian:
"Yo, Adrian, how about you and me go, you know, permanent."
"I know it's small, but...ding, ding, here's a ring."
"Would you like to be Mrs. Italian Stallion?"
"I was wondering if you wouldn't marrying me too much."
6. Where does Rocky propose to Adrian?
in a church
at the zoo
in the hospital
in the gym
7. Flush with money from the fight, what is Rocky's first big purchase?
a car
a coat for Adrian
a studded collar for Butkis
a house
By way of explanation.....
Rocky's first purchase is a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, more commonly associated with Burt Reynolds.
8. Which product does Rocky agree to endorse by appearing in a commercial shoot?
American Express credit card
Round 1 Rocky action figure
Beast aftershave
Jiffy Pop popcorn
9. Where does Rocky first work when he starts to run out of money?
an office desk job
a meat plant
a car dealership
Mickey's gym
10. When Rocky contemplates fighting Apollo again and asks Mickey for help, Mickey declines. Why?
Rocky's too old to fight
Mickey's too old to manage
Rocky can't see a punch coming
Mickey's too busy with future contenders
11. Why is Apollo so eager to get Rocky to agree to a rematch?
His wife says he's scared of Rocky
His fans are sending him hate mail
Rocky is the biggest payday out there
The judges in the first fight were bought by Gazzo
12. Apollo's tactic of humiliating Rocky includes a newspaper cartoon depicting Rocky as:
The Stallion Chicken
The Italian Scallion
The Paper Tiger
The Thanksgiving Turkey
By way of explanation.....
The cartoon shows Apollo holding a skinny Rocky by the neck.
13. The Balboas have a baby boy. Who do they decide to name him after?
14. Which of these real life sports reporters has a cameo interviewing Apollo during his campaign to call out Rocky?
Jim McKay
Jim Lampley
Larry Merchant
Brent Musburger
15. When invited by a reporter at the press conference to say something derogatory about Apollo Creed, Rocky says:
"He hit like a girl in our first fight."
"He's got a temper."
"He talks too much."
"He's great."
16. What is Mickey's plan for Rocky to defeat Apollo this time?
Lay on the ropes, then attack
Go for a knockout as soon as possible
Fight righty, then switch
Go for the body so he can't breathe
17. What is the promotional name for the Balboa - Creed rematch?
World War III
The Double Deuce
The Final Battle
Superfight II
18. What color is Rocky's robe for this fight?
By way of explanation.....
Rocky's corner wore pink in the first movie. Apollo's corner wears white.
19. How much do Rocky and Apollo weigh for this fight?
202 and 220 lbs
212 and 212 lbs
230 and 212 lbs
220 and 202 lbs
20. Which injury is the first one sustained during the fight?
Apollo's eye is closed
Rocky's nose is broken
Rocky's rib is broken
Apollo's nose is broken
21. How many rounds does this fight last?
22. In his victory speech, Rocky thanks each of these except:
By way of explanation.....
He doesn't bother to thank his wife!
23. Despite winning an Oscar for directing the first Rocky, John G. Avildsen did not direct the sequel. Who did?
Walter Hill
Sylvester Stallone
Ted Kotcheff
Richard Donner
24. Who composed the musical score to Rocky II?
Henry Mancini
Bill Conti
Burt Bacharach
Ennio Morricone
25. How many Oscar nominations did Rocky II receive?
By way of explanation.....
Despite the ten nominations for its predecessor, Rocky II failed to garner a single Oscar nomination.

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