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1. Who performs an act of sacrifice at the start of the movie?
David's brother
Elizabeth Shaw
The Engineer
Meredith Vickers
By way of explanation.....
Generally, sharing seed is a lot more fun if another person is involved. Maybe The Engineer is asexual.
2. What do Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover in a cave?
Alien fossil
Alien skeleton
Jimmy Hoffa
Star Map
3. Whose dreams does David watch, unbeknownst to the slumbering person?
Elizabeth Shaw
Janek, whom David worries is a traitor
Meredith Vickers, whom David views as his sister
Peter Weyland, whom David views as his father
By way of explanation.....
David is car-reepy.
4. Which movie is David's obsession to the point that he styles his hair in tribute to the main character?
Gone with the Wind
Lawrence of Arabia
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
By way of explanation.....
Process of elimination should have led you to the correct answer here. Michael Fassbender is channeling Peter O'Toole the entire film.
5. After a couple of years in stasis, the crew awakens to discover that they can celebrate this holiday...
Columbus Day
By way of explanation.....
There is a Christmas tree and everything.
6. What can the scientific expedition confirm about the structure near where the ship lands?
It is 100% symmetrical in every way
It not quite 100% symmetrical
It is hollow, indicative of a structure built by someone/something
It is inhabited by Engineers
By way of explanation.....
In terms of science fiction convention, the hollow aspect is an excellent bit of plot development.
7. Hey, there are holograms that operate as historical recordings. What do they show?
A bunch of Engineers fleeing in terror
A bunch of Engineers being eaten by Aliens
A bunch of Engineers breeding Aliens
Charlize Theron's webcam
By way of explanation.....
If #4 is real, I'm ready to give you my credit card information. Alas, it's the fleeing in terror, of course.
8. The first body they discover has been...
incinerated (partially)
By way of explanation.....
The Engineer tried to reach the door but lost its head in the process.
9. A couple of the crew members are not as brave as the rest. Which of them gets scared by the body discovered and decides to run back to the ship?
David the oddly timid robot
Fifield the geologist (the one with the cockney accent)
Janek the captain, who claims to be a lover, not a fighter
Millburn the biologist (the one without the cockney accent)
By way of explanation.....
We were worried you couldn't differentiate between Fifield and Millburn so we added the accent part to be safe. Never trust a geologist with death on the line.
10. Who touches the ooze first?
Charlie Holloway
Elizabeth Shaw
By way of explanation.....
Robots are always trouble in Ridley Scott movies. David treats the world like his petri dish.
11. Why is the crew forced to return to the ship?
Alien attack!
Door locks prevent further advancement
Meredith demands a conversation with Elizabeth
Stormy weather
12. Who saves Elizabeth's life during the storm?
By way of explanation.....
David is fairly badass during this sequence.
13. Back on the ship, what do they discover?
The Engineer's DNA has no similarities to human DNA
The Engineer's DNA is a match with human DNA
Janek tried to leave them behind
Meredith Vickers is a robot
14. Re-animating alien heads rarely goes well in science fiction movies. What happens in Prometheus when the doctor attempts it?
The head explodes.
The head freezes.
The head melts.
The head talks...and what it says is rather disturbing.
By way of explanation.....
Never re-animate alien heads, people.
15. With whom is David communicating, unbeknownst to the rest of the crew?
The aliens
The Engineer
Peter Weyland, who is not as dead of old age as you may think
By way of explanation.....
Yup, that's Guy Pearce in old man makeup.
16. Who does David infect with the alien mucus?
By way of explanation.....
I wonder how aliens would react to robotic components.
17. How does Elizabeth get infected?
David infects her immediately after Charlie.
Meredith infects her while David poisons Charlie.
Regrettably, Elizabeth has sex with Charlie right after he is infected.
Throughout the entire movie, Elizabeth never gets protected.
By way of explanation.....
Always practice safe sex, kids! You never know when your partner may be shooting alien seed.
18. Who or what kills Charlie?
The Engineer awakens and snaps his neck.
Meredith burns him to death.
The snake pops through his eye socket.
Huh? Charlie survives.
By way of explanation.....
Meredith stops him from entering the ship then sets him ablaze.
19. What does David tell Elizabeth?
Charlie was sleeping with Meredith
"I love you in your dreams."
That she is pregnant.
"You're fired."
By way of explanation.....
10 hours after having unprotected sex, she is three months pregnant.
20. Who performs surgery on Elizabeth to stop the gestating alien fetus?
Peter Weyland
The automated surgery table
By way of explanation.....
It's not pretty.
21. What does Meredith do to prove (or pretend?) she's not a robot?
Disassembles David
Has sex with Janek
Rejects her inheritance
Trick question. She reveals she is a robot.
By way of explanation.....
That's right, people. If you ever want to have sex with a woman, simply dare them to prove they're not a robot.
22. "A king has his reign..."
"and then he dies."
"but these creatures cannot be ruled."
"A queen never truly rules."
"Then he is overthrown by peasants."
By way of explanation.....
"A king has his reign and then he dies." instantly becomes one of my favorite movie quotes.
23. The underground structure proves to be...
A portal
A space ship
A trap
A volcano
24. The Engineer does NOT like Earthlings. Who does he decapitate?
Ford (she's the ship medic if the name doesn't ring a bell)
Peter Weyland
By way of explanation.....
Poor David gets decapitated then his head is used as the deathblow against his "father", Peter Weyland.
25. Why does Janek drive his ship into the Engineer's spacecraft?
The Engineer intends to launch the black liquid into Earth's atmosphere.
Janek calmly states, "No survivors."
Janek never disobeys a direct order from Peter Weyland.
Never drink and drive a space ship, kids.
By way of explanation.....
The Engineer's base is revealed to be a military installation so the ship must be prevented from launching an attack.
26. Which member of the crew chooses not to go down with the ship and ejects in a life pod?
The Engineer
By way of explanation.....
Meredith is a big Ayn Rand fan, I'm sure.
27. How does Meredith die?
David injects her with the alien liquid. Unlike Charlize Theron, it isn't pretty.
Robots can't die.
She gets an axe in the back thanks to Elizabeth.
She gets crushed by an alien ship.
By way of explanation.....
28. Who kills the Engineer?
Elizabeth's offspring
By way of explanation.....
Yes, the alien Elizabeth attempted to kill winds up devouring the Engineer.
29. Where does Elizabeth choose to go at the end of Prometheus?
The Engineer homeworld
30. The last shot of Prometheus is:
David's head crying
Elizabeth crying
The Engineer's homeworld
A Xenomorph aka a true Alien

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