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How Well Do You Know: Paranormal Activity 2
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1. The beginning of the film coincides with:
Dan and Kristi being married
The couple bringing baby Hunter home
Dan being rushed to the hospital with a heart attack
Dan and Kristi buying the house
2. Along with Dan, Kristi and Hunter, the other permanent resident of the house is a teen girl named Ali. She is:
Dan's daughter
Kristi's daughter
Dan and Kristi's biological daughter
Dan and Kristi's adopted daughter
3. At the beginning of the film, Dan and Kristi have a made, who seems to know that something is not right in the house. Her name is:
4. First sign of disturbance in the movie is the discovery of almost all the rooms in the house apparently being disturbed. While furniture and belongings are strewn about, the only thing that seems to be missing is:
A necklace Katie had given Kristi
Hunter's crib
The rosary belonging to Martine
Dan's old video camera
5. The only room in the house that is not disturbed is:
The living room
Hunter's bedroom
The basement
The kitchen
6. Dan's reaction to the disturbance is:
To ignore it
To call a security company
To call Micah over to investigate it
To invite his priest over
7. On Night 1, we see the lights dim:
Around the pool
In the kitchen
In the basement
In Hunter's room
8. During the day, Hunter's high chair falls over:
While Hunter is sitting in it
Right after Kristi picks Hunter up
Right before Kristi puts him in the chair
When the kitchen is deserted
9. Micah makes his first appearance in the film on August 9, which, an on-screen capture tells us, is this number of days before his death:
10. With regards to the apparent break-in that occurred earlier in the film, Kristi confides to Katie:
She thinks someone was trying to harm Hunter
She thinks that Dan is trying to scare her
She believes that Ali is pulling a prank on her
She feels like someone is still in the house
11. A continual sign of disturbance through the film is the pool cleaner being out of the pool in the morning. The pool cleaner looks like:
A yellow lady bug
A blue car
A green grasshopper
A red fish
12. The security camera frequently finds the family dog whining:
At the basement door
At the door to Hunter's room
At the front door
At the sliding door leading outside
13. On Night 5, Kristi and Dan are out for the evening. Who babysits?
Katie and Micah
14. Dan fires Martine when he finds her:
Burning sage
Sacrificing an animal
Putting crosses in each room of the house
Trying to leave the house with Hunter
15. While Dan and Kristi are out, Ali babysits and her boyfriend Brad comes over. The two mess with a Ouija board, and the beginning of this is spelled out:
16. Later, Ali is locked out of the house when:
Brad tricks her into leaving
She is forcibly dragged out of the house by something unseen
She walks out to investigate a loud noise at the door
She goes outside to check the pool cleaner
17. Ali pokes around on the internet and discovers that if someone makes a bargain with a demon for wealth or power, the price is:
The life of a first-born son
The lives of all living blood relatives
Eternal damnation
For your spirit to wreck havoc on future generations of your family
18. On Night 17, Ali awakens to loud noises coming from downstairs. Video camera in hand, she goes down to the kitchen and sees a _________ moving across the floor by itself:
Toy train
19. As the sisters discuss events from their childhood and the bearing they might have on what is currently going on, Katie states that the demon seems to thrive on:
20. At home in the middle of the day with Hunter, Kristi receives a major scare when, in the kitchen,
The stove spontaneously bursts into flames
The cabinet doors explode open
The hanging pots all fall down by themselves
Hunter levitates into the room
21. Through her research, Ali discovers that:
Hunter isn't actually Kristi's son, but Katie's
Hunter was born on an accursed day according to occult calendars
Micah has died
Hunter is first male born on Kristi's side in decades
22. Abby the family dog is attacked after she investigates:
The door to the basement standing open
Hunter screaming in his crib
Kristi apparently sleepwalking in the kitchen
Static and strange noises coming from the living room television
23. As Dan and Ali take Abby to the vet, Kristi gets up close and personal with the demon, which drags her down the stairs and:
Out the front door
Into the basement
Into a large kitchen cabinet
Through the sliding glass door and into the pool
24. The next morning,
Kristi is missing
Ali is missing
Dan can't wake up Kristi
Dan can't wake up Ali
25. Ali becomes increasingly freaked out as she is left at home with Kristi. What does Ali find on the inside to the door to the basement?
Claw marks
A pentagram
A large amount of blood
A human ear
26. Ali also sees a gruesome bite mark on Kristi's:
27. Dan seems to finally exorcise the demon from Kristi has he touches her with a cross:
In the basement
In Hunter's room
In their bedroom
In the kitchen
28. The film suggests that the demon was transferred to Katie by way of:
A cross
A video camera
The toy train
A picture
29. Several weeks later, after the events of the original movie have passed, Katie kills Dan by:
Throwing him down the basement stairs
Breaking his neck as he sits on the sofa
Slashing his throat in the kitchen
Drowning him in the pool
30. What does the avenging spirit (?) of Katie say as she enters Hunter's room and kills Kristi?
"Dan is dead"
"Give me the child"
"Hunter is mine"

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