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How Well Do You Know: Before Sunset
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It has taken nine years, but Jesse has finally written a book and is promoting it in Europe. What is the name of the real-life bookstore in Paris where he is giving a reading?
The Abbey Bookshop
Shakespeare and Company
Village Voice Bookshop
Librarie Galignani
Obviously, the book is about Jesse and Celine's one night together, but it is not called Before Sunrise. What is the name of the book?
The Greatest Night
You Are Stardust
Daydream Delusion
This Time
Jesse is asked if he has an idea for a next book. What's his idea?
a novel that is entirely in interview format
a story about a focus group, which results in a hostage crisis
a novel about a man flashing back to discussions with his psychiatrist in the seconds before his suicide
a book that takes place within the space of a pop song
To Jesse's surprise, Céline shows up at the book reading. She has even read the book and has a question to ask Jesse. What is it?
is the book about her, or some other girl?
why didn't he try to contact her?
why did he write her as being so irrational?
did he show up in Vienna?
Why did Céline not show up in Vienna?
There was a train derailment
She was too afraid he wouldn't be there
Her grandmother was buried that day
She was one of those fickle French women Jesse's father warned him about
When Jesse reveals that he did show up in Vienna , he jokes that he met another girl and the character in the book is really a composite of the two. What is the name of Jesse's fictional girlfriend?
While she thinks the book is well-written, Céline thinks that Jesse idealised the night, and made the character based on her a little what?
high maintenance
We know Jesse's a successful writer. What's Céline doing now?
working for a homeless charity
working for an environmental organization
working at a university
working for the Foreign Ministry
What is the name of the café Jesse and Céline go to?
Le Pure Café
Café Debussy
Café des Deux Moulins
Café Nemours
Jesse and Céline discover that their paths could potentially have crossed (but didn't) in:
Los Angeles
New York
What is not one of the reasons Céline gives for returning to France?
she had finished her Master's degree
she was starting to feel paranoid about violence, and even applied to get a gun
she had a bad break-up with her American boyfriend
her visa had run out
What specifically does Céline miss about the United States?
American burgers
air conditioning
how open-minded Americans are
the overall good mood people have there
Céline also says that French men are not as what as American men?
How many years ago were Jesse and Céline walking around Vienna?
Jesse and Céline decide to walk around Paris for a bit, and today is a day that happens only twice a year. What is it?
museum night
sales day
heritage day
the antique books fair
Céline and Jesse have a disagreement over the events of their evening in Vienna. Jesse claims that his memories are so precise, he can even remember:
the brand of wine they drank
the pinball machine they played
every line of the poem they were given
the brand of condom they used
Céline is still claiming she doesn't remember sleeping together, She asks if it was:
in the park
in the listening booth
under the bridge
in the cemetery
It turns out that Jesse is married, and has a four year old son. What is his name?
Henry, or Hank
William, or Buddy
Charles, or Chuck
Theodore, or Ted
What does Jesse's wife do?
pediatric nurse
teaches elementary school
senior citizen care
pharmaceutical sales
Céline picks this moment to share that she has a boyfriend. What does he do?
he's a geologist
he's an anthropologist
he's a war photographer
he's in the navy
Jesse convinces Céline to ride with him on one of those cheesy tourist boats on the Seine. What sight does he take in?
the Eiffel Tower
the Louvre
Notre Dame Cathedral
the Hotel des Invalides
Céline and Jesse have a cathartic conversation in the car where they reveal all of the following except:
they both have depressing personal lives
their relationships have no real connection or excitement
they both have frequent thoughts of suicide
they have both given up on the idea of romantic love
Jesse invites himself to Céline's apartment. What is the name of her cat?
In Céline's apartment, Jesse asks her to play him one of her songs. Céline has three songs in English. What is not one of them?
a song about her cat
a song about how life has no meaning
a song about her ex-boyfriend
a waltz
As Jesse is deciding whether he should deliberately miss his flight, Céline plays a CD and does an imitation of this singer:
Billie Holiday
Etta James
Ella Fitzgerald
Nina Simone

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