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How Well Do You Know: Saw 3D
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1. Which companies distributed this movie, along with the rest of the Saw films?
Lionsgate and Miramax Pictures
Lionsgate and Warner Brothers
Twisted Pictures and Universal
Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures
2. In the opening of the film, a quote from the first Saw movie is played. It says, "Hello, Mr. Hindle. Or, as they call you around the hospital, ______."
3. What does Dr. Gordon use to cauterize his stump in the beginning of the film?
A hot pipe
A torch
A ciggarette
He doesn't
4. Where does the first trap take place?
In a warehouse
In public
In an abandoned house
In a junkyard
5. Out of the three people in the first trap, who meets their demise?
6. How does Detective Hoffman break free from the reverse bear trap?
He jams it between window bars
He unlocks it with a key
He unscrews the screws
He doesn't
7. Bobby Dagen has had a life changing experience because of his ordeal in a Jigsaw trap. What was the trap
He was trapped in a furnace
He was chained over a saw blade
He has a pole moving toward his heart
He was hung from his chest by hooks
8. In Jill Tuck's nightmare, Mark Hoffman murders her with what apparatus?
Many, many needles
A pendulum blade
A subway-train-like blade
The Venus flytrap
9. Why were that particular group of people in the junkyard trap?
They were rapists
They were racists
They stole
They were corrupt bounty hunters
10. What was Jigsaw's lesson/moral to the racists in the junkyard trap?
We are all the same color on the inside
Sacrifice is needed to survive
Don't be jerks
Be a leader, not a follower
11. In the Jigsaw Survivors Group, what did one distressed suvivors' flashback entail?
She had to kill her child to survive
She She had to cut off her own arm
Her and another man were hanging above lawnmovwers
She had to cut off her own foot
12. Who made himself known during Bobby Dagen's inspirational speech?
John Kramer
Dr. Gordon
Detective Hoffman
Detective Mathews
13. What word does Bobby Dagen see when he awakens in a cage?
14. What is Bobby Dagen's reason for being tested/trapped?
He cheats on his girlfriend
He lied about his experience in Jigsaw's traps
He is immoral
He steals
15. It seems Bobby's girlfriend is in with him. How is she being held?
Chained at the neck to the floor
Bound to the ceiling
Her feet are chained to a wall
She's trapped in a room, unbound
16. What was Bobby Dagen's reason for lying about the traps?
He thought it would be cool
17. Who does he see in the next trap?
His girlfriend
His brother
His agent
His publicitor
18. How can he save his publicitor?
By cutting her hands off
By sacrificing one of his ears
By pulling the key out of her stomach which is attached to a string
By taking out some of his teeth
19. What's the catch in the publicitor's trap?
She can't talk
She can't see
She can't hear
She has to do it herself
20. Where does Bobby Dagen first meet Jigsaw?
While jogging
At his book signing (Dagen's)
At a movie
At a speech
21. Dagen has to make a bodily sacrifice in one area, what must he remove?
22. When Bobby is given the opportunity to save his girlfriend, what trap must he endure?
The one he lied about being in
The Rack Trap
The Chain Trap
The Barbed Wire Trap
23. Does he save his girlfriend?
He never made it to her
He doesn't have one
24. How does his girlfriend die?
She is burned alive
She is stabbed many times
She is shot
She has her neck broken
25. Detective Hoffman finally gets his hands on Jill Tuck. Where does he abduct her from?
A police car
An apartment complex
A warehouse
An interrogation room
26. How does Detective Hoffman get his sweet revenge?
With the Rack Trap
With the Angel Trap
With the Reverse Bear Trap
With the Venus Fly Trap
27. Detective Hoffman tried to get rid of his evidence. How?
He shreds the documents
He burns down the warehouse
He pins it on someone else
He burys it
28. Detective Hoffman doesn't make it back home. Who abducts him?
Bobby Dagen
Dr. Gordon
29. How was Dr. Gordon assisting Jigsaw all along?
By performing the medical procedures on the vitcims
By abducting the victms
By building the traps
By choosing the venues of the traps
30. Where does Dr. Gordon leave Detective Hoffman to die?
In Jigsaw's shed
In a house
In a bomb shelter
In the very room Dr. Gordon was first trapped in

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