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How Well Do You Know: The Godfather, Part II (Second Part)
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The Godfather, Part II

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All through the movie, another family backed by Roth has been trying to muscle in on Pentangeli’s territory. What’s the name of the family?
the Zucchini brothers
the Rosato brothers
the Mancini brothers
the Russo brothers
Don Fanucci is upset with Vito for not allowing him to wet his beak. In addition to demanding $600 from Vito and his friends, he also takes:
a dress
a box of cigars
an orange
a hat
Vito lowballs Don Fanucci and says he only has $100. What is Fanucci’s reaction?
angry and threatens to have Vito killed
upset at the disrespect and strikes Vito
impressed and offers Vito a job
satisfied, but arranges for Vito to be beaten
Don Fanucci is walking through the Festa di San Gennaro. His complaint about the puppetshow is:
that it is in English, not Italian
that the puppets are too gaudy
that it sets a bad example for children
that it is too violent
Vito shoots and kills Don Fanucci, and gets rid of the gun and the emptied wallet by:
dumping them next to Fanucci’s body
dropping them down some chimneys
secreting them in an alley
hiding them in a sewer
Appearing as a witness at a Senate inquiry into organised crime is which button man?
Rocco Lampone
Paulie Fortunato
William Cicci
Peter Clemenza
Carmella brings a widow, Mrs Colombo to meet Vito. Mrs Colombo`s landlord is evicting her because of:
her dog
non-payment of rent
her demands that he repair the apartment
the men visiting her apartment at late hours
Vito now owns his own olive oil and cheese import company, named for his consigliere. What`s it called?
Michael has been called before the Senate Committee and denies everything. What medal did he earn during the Second World War?
the Distinguished Service Cross
the Silver Star
the Legion of Merit
the Navy Cross
Michael refuses to take the Fifth and challenges the committee to produce a witness. What witness do they produce?
Peter Clemenza
Frank Pentangeli
Carmine Rosato
Fredo Corleone
Michael brings a surprise of his own to the Senate hearing, one that convinces Pentangeli to recant his sworn statement:
Pentangeli’s brother
Pentangeli’s mother
Pentangeli’s wife
Pentangeli’s son
Fredo is back: “I’m your older brother Mike…”
“and I get nothing. Nothing!”
“and I was stepped over.”
“but Papa never gave me the love he gave you.”
“I’m supposed to take care of you!”
Fredo can rest assured, as Michael has decided that nothing will happen to him:
so long as Michael never sees him
while his mother is alive
before dinner
Kay advises Michael that she is leaving him and that she is taking the children with her. What else?
that she slept with Fredo out of spite
that she sent a copy of the divorce papers to the New York Times
that she`s left evidence with a lawyer that will go to the police if she is killed
that her miscarriage was actually an abortion
The Corleone matriarch Carmella has passed on and Michael is grieving in the boathouse. Who comes to say they forgive him?
The High Court of which country turned down Roth’s request to live there?
“If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything…”
“there will always be revenge”
“every man has a weak spot”
“you can kill anyone”
“nothing is impossible”
Fredo teaches Anthony:
how to catch fish
how to ride a bike
how to pitch a baseball
how to build a boxcar racer
It’s catching fish. And what is Fredo’s secret to catching fish?
use a shrimp as bait
after you make the first cast, reel it in immediately and cast again
every time you put the line in the water, say a Hail Mary
you have to wear a lucky hat
How does Pentangeli commit suicide?
hangs himself with his belt
does not take his heart medication
cuts his wrists in the bath
stabs himself with a knife
Who kills Fredo?
Rocco Lampone
Al Neri
Tom Hagen
Even though Roth has six months or so to live, Michael wants him dead. What cover does Rocco Lampone use to get to him?
police officer
The final scene is a flashback to another Corleone party, held the same day as:
the Second New Deal
Franklin Delano Roosevelt`s death
the conviction of Al Capone
the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Which character does not appear in the final scene?
Tessio Salvatore
Carlo Rizzi
Vito Corleone
Sonny Corleone
Which line from The Godfather Part II appears in the AFI’s list of 100 Years… 100 Movie Quotes?
“I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart.”
“I don't feel I have to wipe everybody out. Just my enemies. ”
“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”
“If history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone.”

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