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How Well Do You Know: Saw II
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1. Jigsaw's first victim in the film, a man named Michael, fails to retrieve a key that will free him from the spring-loaded death mask around his neck. According to Jigsaw, what is Michael's occupation?
Police snitch
Drug dealer
City councilman
Parole officer
2. The first time we see Detective Eric Matthews with his son, Daniel, the two meet:
At Eric's ex-wife's
In jail
Walking along the river
In school
3. Summoned to the grisly scene of Michael's murder, Matthews is advised, via a message on the ceiling, to:
Prepare himself
Prepare for judgment
Ask himself how much he really wants to live
Look closer
4. Matthews and Kerry (Dina Meyer) accompany a SWAT team on an ill-fated raid on what type of deserted building where they find John Kramer?
Paper mill
Steel mill
Meat packing plant
5. Jigsaw states that the gas will kill the people he has trapped in a house after approximately:
30 minutes
Two hours
Six hours
45 minutes
6. How many people are in the house at the beginning of the film?
7. As we first meet the occupants of the house, who is apparently unconscious?
Laura (Beverly Mitchell)
Obi (Timothy Burd)
Amanda (Shawnee Smith)
Daniel (Erik Knudsen)
8. How does the first occupant of the house die?
Frozen to death
Shot through the eye
Burned to death
9. How does Laura ultimately die?
By bleeding to death
From the gas
By strangulation
By burning to death
10. How does Jonas (Glenn Plummer) ultimately die?
By decapitation
By a spiked maul to the back of the head
By razor wire
He doesn't - he survives
11. We don't see Addison (Emmanuelle Vaugier) die, but it's implied that she:
Freezes to death
Bleeds to death
Is bludgeoned to death
Dies from the gas
12. Xavier (Franky G) is killed with a:
Sledge hammer
13. The first number meant to be used to unlock the safe is found on the body of the character that died:
By bleeding to death
By being shot
From the gas
In the furnace
14. The tape recorder on which Jigsaw records his rules for the occupants of the house is discovered:
In a safe
Under the floor
Behind a toilet
In a brick wall
15. "You all possess the combination to the safe. Think hard. The numbers are in the back of your minds. The clue to their order can be found....."
Through the mirror
Where the X marks the spot
Over the rainbow
Within yourselves
16. Jigsaw says that the puzzle-piece calling card carved into his victims symbolizes that each was missing a vital piece of the human puzzle, namely:
A sense of morality
A survival instinct
A sense of decency
A purpose to his/her life
17. Which of the following occupants of the house was revealed to have helped to kidnap the others?
18. John Kramer tried to kill himself:
By setting himself on fire
By hanging himself
Driving his car off a cliff
By drowning himself
19. Xavier was meant to have retrieve a key from a pit of needles. Instead, Xavier threw _________ in:
20. Seven of the eight occupants of the house had this in common:
Detective Matthews had planted evidence to convict them
They were all partially related by birth
They had each survived the Jigsaw before
Detective Matthews had killed a member of each of their families
21. Which of following happens at the same time as Matthews leaves the factory with Jigsaw?
Xavier realizes there the numbers for the location is located
The police get a lock on the video signal
The Jigsaw's protege is revealed
Daniel's true whereabouts are revealed
22. Amanda and Daniel flee the house through a door in the floor located:
Under the furnace
Under where Addison has died
Behind a staircase
Under the safe
23. Xavier gets number from the back of his neck by:
Forcing Amanda to tell him at knifepoint
Cutting the skin off
Viewing it in the reflection of his knife
Forcing Addison to tell him before leaving her to die
24. Where has Daniel been all along?
Locked in a safe
Chained in a bathroom
In jail
In a filing cabinet
25. Detective Matthews does not in fact find his son in the basement, but rather comes across a figure in a bathtub wearing a __________ mask:

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