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Ant-Man 7/3/18 49.85%[12.96/26]        Comments
The MCU took a bit of a detour into somewhat lighter fare with 2015's Ant-Man.
Krampus 11/29/16 44.25%[8.85/20]        Comments
Happy Holidays, everyone! Let's get a start of this holiday madness with a modern Christmas horror comedy, Krampus.
Intern, The: 3/29/16 73.00%[18.25/25]        Comments
Senior intern Ben and company owner Jules become close as he uses his years of experience to help her with her issues, both personal and professional.
2016 Oscars, The: 3/1/16 70.03%[21.01/30]        Comments
Social and political messages came to the fore at the 2016 Academy Awards, which saw notable wins for The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road and Spotlight.
Martian, The: 2/23/16 78.77%[23.63/30]        Comments
The Martian garnered multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. Let's see how well you know this terrific space adventure.
Peanuts Movie, The: 2/16/16 79.05%[15.81/20]        Comments
Charlie Brown, his friends and his dog Snoopy are up to their usual antics in the latest Peanuts movie.
2015: The Year in Movies, Part 3 12/29/15 66.40%[16.60/25]        Comments
25 more questions on the latest and greatest year at the movies. See how well you did.
2015 Movies: Movie Posters 12/23/15 73.10%[14.62/20]        Comments
Here's another chance to test your Movie trivia IQ, especially as it relates to one-sheets that have come out in the last year.
2015 Movie That Starred....(Part 2), The: 12/15/15 75.90%[15.18/20]        Comments
Given a list of actors and actresses, can you identify the film? Here's one more quiz on 2015 movies and their talent.
2015: The Year in Movies, Part 2 12/9/15 62.70%[12.54/20]        Comments
Another heaping helping of 2015 movie trivia for you. Directors, actors, roles, awards....all are fair game, so put on your cinematic thinkin' caps.
2015: The Year in Movies, Part 1 12/2/15 75.90%[15.18/20]        Comments
The first in our barrage of 2015 movie trivia. Let's see how well you remember the last 12 months in film, shall we?
Avengers: Age of Ultron, The: 12/1/15 78.63%[23.59/30]        Comments
Downey, Johansson, Ruffalo and Evans reassembled as Mavel tried to recapture the magic that made The Avengers a popular and critical blockbuster.
Tomorrowland 11/25/15 71.45%[14.29/20]        Comments
An unlikely trio visits an alternate dimension and attempts to change the destructive course the Earth is headed in.
Inside Out 11/24/15 79.96%[19.99/25]        Comments
The emotions in Riley's head - Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust - learn to work together while also helping Riley deal with turmoil in her life.
Cinderella (2015) 11/18/15 84.41%[18.57/22]        Comments
You know the story. Here's the Disney live-action adaptation.
Mad Max: Fury Road 11/17/15 81.22%[21.93/27]        Comments
One of the standout films of 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road blazed a highwater mark for recent action films. Let's see how well you know George Miller's firecracker of a film.
Spy 11/3/15 83.24%[20.81/25]        Comments
Desk worker Susan Cooper goes undercover and is in for way more than she bargained for, when the identities of her fellow CIA agents are compromised.
It Follows 10/20/15 83.40%[20.85/25]        Comments
It Follows is a sparse, scary, novel horror movie that frightened audiences in 2015.
Pitch Perfect 2 10/13/15 87.40%[17.48/20]        Comments
Beca, Fat Amy, Chloe and the rest of the Bellas are back, but not better than ever. They need to get their groove back after an indecent incident gets them banned from performing in this hit sequel to the 2012 film.
Jurassic World 10/6/15 86.50%[17.30/20]        Comments
Oh, will they never learn... Isla Nublar is under attack once again, after a genetically modified dinosaur breaks loose from the Jurassic World theme park.
2015 Movie that Starred.....(Part 1), The: 9/30/15 84.10%[16.82/20]        Comments
As you've taken in all that 2015 at the movies has offered, have you noticed who is in which movie?
Minions 9/22/15 77.55%[15.51/20]        Comments
Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob, on the hunt for a new master, meet the despicable Scarlet Overkill.
2015 in Movies: The Story So Far 9/9/15 77.32%[19.33/25]        Comments
2015 movie trivia! Here's your chance to test your knowledge of the year in cinema from January through August 2015.
Trainwreck 9/1/15 78.10%[15.62/20]        Comments
A woman who has spent her life avoiding monogamy feels out of her element when she discovers she might want just that with a sports physician.
Home 8/26/15 76.12%[19.03/25]        Comments
Dreamworks' animated 2015 film Home delighted audiences, made major bank and proved again that Jim Parsons and Rihanna are unstoppable cinematic forces barreling toward their inevitable Oscars.
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