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How Well Do You Know: Jurassic World
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1. Zach and Gray Mitchell are visiting the Jurassic World theme park. They are sent there to spend time with their _______, the park's operations manager.
former babysitter
2. What is the name of the genetically-modified species created at Jurassic World?
Indominus Rex
3. Claire is not happy with control room employee Lowery, as she feels he's doing something that's in "poor taste" - what?
wearing an old "Jurassic Park" t-shirt
betting on which dinosaur could break out of the park first
rating the attractiveness of park guests
looking for a new job online while on the clock
4. Owen Grady has been training the velociraptors to obey him, as though he is the alpha. The park's head of security, Vic Hoskins, tries to convince Owen that this is a sign that ____________.
raptors would be suitable house pets
raptors could be used for farm work, due to their speed and strength
dinosaurs aren't as much of a threat to humans as they are thought to be
raptors could be used as military weapons
5. Owen runs into the cage and manages to control the raptors, in order to:
prove that he has adequately trained them and has total control over them
save a worker who fell into the cage
allow a worker to repair the cage's broken lock
show Hoskins they are too unpredictable to be used by the military
6. Claire visits Owen, asking him to inspect the Indominus Rex's paddock. In response, Owen revisits their disastrous date in the not-so-distant past, criticizing Claire for:
looking like she had "just rolled out of bed", with unwashed hair and no makeup
printing out an itinerary to follow
her refusal to share a bite of her dinner with Owen
throwing a tantrum when she lost to Owen at miniature golf
7. What is Owen's biggest issue with the paddock?
because the dinosaur has been raised alone in captivity, it has no social skills
it is not high enough - the dinosaur could easily jump over the top
it is not a true representation of a typical dinosaur habitat
it is too far away from the other habitats; if the dinosaur was to escape, it would have no idea where to go
8. Which of the following is not a sign that something is amiss in the dinosaur's paddock?
thermal cameras don't pick up signs of the Indominus
there are claw marks on the interior wall of the paddock
there are indicators that a park worker has been eaten by the Indominus
the Indominus doesn't eat the meat that's been left for her
9. What do Gray and Zach discuss while on one of the rides?
Zach's desire to break up with his girlfriend
their grandfather's illness
their parents' probable divorce
Gray's crush on Claire's assistant
10. Owen insists that the Indominus is highly intelligent. What proves his theory, finally getting Claire to agree with him?
the dinosaur ripped her tracking device out of her body
the dinosaur figured out how to hide in plain sight, allowing her to escape from those chasing after her
the dinosaur systematically killed other dinosaurs in her path
the dinosaur scratched the alphabet into the paddock wall
11. Claire asks Owen for his help with:
closing down the park
finding her missing nephews - Zach and Gray haven't returned from their excursion
transporting an injured worker to the nurses station
looking for the security codes needed to permanently lock the dinosaur paddocks
12. What saves the boys from being eaten by the Indominus?
a cave
a tree
a river
a mountain range
13. Owen doesn't think Claire will be able to last very long in the search for Zach and Gray, in part because of her:
high heel shoes
fake fingernails
bright, flashy clothing
14. The boys manage to stay one step ahead of the Indominus after:
hiding in a series of caves, moving to another one as soon as the dinosaur gets close
jump starting a Jeep in the deserted Jurassic Park visitors center
stocking up on rifles and other weapons
finding a working motorcycle in the woods
15. Park owner Simon Masrani's attempt to stop the Indominus fails when:
the Indominus eats him as he's trying to stun her
the car he is driving stalls and he is crushed by a dinosaur stampede
he falls off a balcony into the water and is promptly eaten by the Mosasaurus
the helicopter he's flying crashes into the aviary after it collides with pterosaurs that have escaped
16. So, Hoskins and his men have taken over, and it's decided that the raptors will be used to find the Indominus. The raptors do find the Indominus, and Owen quickly figures out that something's wrong. What does he discover?
the Indominus is part raptor
Hoskins has also been training the raptors
there is a second Indominus Rex
Claire has been captured by the raptors
By way of explanation.....
the raptors and Indominus were communicating with each other
17. Despite Claire's request that he do no such thing, Gray can't wait to tell his mother the story of how he ________.
rode on the back of one of the raptors before getting thrown to the ground
tazed a raptor that was trying to attack them in the back of a moving truck
saw Zach making out with Claire's assistant
drove one of the park vehicles, despite being too young to have a license
18. Hoskins' plan to steal the genetically modified frozen dinosaur embryos is thwarted when:
Owen locks him in a supply closet
the Indominus crushes his truck as he's trying to escape the park
he has a heart attack while trying to grab the embryos from the freezer
a raptor gets into the lab and kills him
19. Owen regains control of the raptors, and the dinosaurs try in vain to do damage to the Indominus. Realizing they need assistance, Claire finds some help in Paddock 9. Who helps to fight the Indominus?
the pterosaurs that escaped from the aviary
baby raptors
the Tyrannosaurus Rex whose DNA was used to create the Indominus
a triceratops that was also being used in genetic experiments
20. The Indominus is dominating the T-Rex, but there is a distraction that allows the T-Rex to take control in the battle - what?
Gray runs up to the Indominus and tazes her
Blue the raptor attacks the Indominus
Zach's cell phone rings
Owen and Claire start fighting loudly mere yards from the dinosaurs

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