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How Well Do You Know: Spy
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1. Secret agent Bradley Fine accidentally kills Tihomir Boyanov, the only man who knows the location of a nuclear bomb, after:
going temporarily blind
2. CIA analyst Susan Cooper saves Bradley's life by guiding him to safety via earpiece. After expressing his gratitude, Bradley asks Susan to do one more thing for him before he gets back to Washington - what?
dump his girlfriend
fire his gardener
paint his house
groom his pet poodle
3. Bradley gives Susan a gift to thank her for everything she's done for him. Susan's disappointed to find the jewelry box contains ________.
a tie clip
Hello Kitty earrings
a mood ring
a crazy cupcake pendant
4. Moments before killing Bradley, Rayna Boyanov (the daughter of the terrorist Bradley killed with a sneeze) informs Susan of something - what?
she will next be flying to Washington to kill Susan's husband and children
she knows the names of the agency's active members
she wants out of the terrorist business - as soon as she kills Bradley
she's pregnant with Bradley's baby
5. Susan volunteers to go undercover in the wake of Fine's death. She is disappointed to find that the spy gadgets she's receiving aren't "fun", like a sports car. Which of the following is not one of the tricked-out "gadgets" assigned to her?
stool softener
wart removal cream
a rape whistle
hemorrhoid wipes
By way of explanation.....
she also receives a watch with a "Beaches" theme and anti-fungal spray
6. Susan is disappointed that she wasn't allowed to pick her own "spy name". Susan's friends and co-worker Nancy has decided that should she ever be out in the field, her spy name would be ______.
Amber Valentine
Jane Bond
Barbara Roberts
Penny Lane
7. Susan, as "Carol Johnson", arrives at her disgusting hotel in Paris and finds a surprise in her room - ______.
Bradley's corpse
Rayna Boyanov's henchmen
fellow CIA agent Rick Ford
ammunition for a gun she doesn't own
8. Susan's first day undercover is off to a bad start when she learns _______.
DeLuca and Rayna have left Paris and are headed to London
Rayna has been kidnapped
her earpiece has malfunctioned and she cannot get in contact with the Control Room in DC
the building she was supposed to be surveilling had been set on fire the night before
9. Susan does the very opposite of "blending in" while chasing Ford. Why IS she chasing him?
she's trying to let him know someone switched his backpack with one presumably containing a bomb
he forgot his wallet in the diner and she's trying to get it back to him
he insulted her before leaving the diner and she wants to be the one to have the last (insulting) word
she's trying to remove a tracking device that she saw someone stick on his jacket
10. Ford comes to Susan's aid when she has trouble getting into ______, trying to track Sergio DeLuca.
a casino
a fashion show
a high-profile boxing match
a spa
11. How does Susan save Rayna's life in the casino?
she tackles the man who is planning on shooting Rayna
she alerts Rayna that a mystery man has put something in her drink
she has Rayna move to another chair moments before the old chair explodes
she performs the Heimlich maneuver when Rayna starts choking on a cracker
12. Rayna thanks Susan for saving her life by taking her out to dinner, but then decides to thank her again by:
giving her money for a new wardrobe
sending her on a European vacation
flying her to Budapest
taking her out for gelato
13. Rayna compares Susan to someone she knew growing up in Bulgaria - who?
her mute aunt
the man who cleaned her family's cars
her father's preferred prostitute
a homeless woman who became a "sad clown"
14. Rayna drugs Susan while they're en route to Budapest. What does Susan do shortly after waking up?
throws up on Rayna
flies and lands the airplane
secretly alerts the CIA of her location
takes Rayna hostage
By way of explanation.....
the pilot and Rayna's crew are all killed during the flight
15. With her cover potentially blown and a gun being held to her head, Susan claims to be _________.
a childhood friend who moved away when Rayna was 6 years old
Rayna's long-lost half-sister
Rayna's new bodyguard, hired in secret by her father before his death
one of Solsa Dodyev's associates - she needs to see proof there is a nuke
16. Susan leaves her hotel room once she realizes it's under surveillance. Who is she surprised to run into outside the hotel?
Bradley Fine's girlfriend
her boss Elaine Crocker
her friend/coworker Nancy
Rick Ford, disguised as an old woman
17. Susan needs Nancy to create a diversion at the club so Rayna doesn't see the mystery woman who has arrived to meet up with her about the bomb. What does Nancy do?
she pulls the fire alarm
she stands in the middle of the club and starts acting as though she is possessed
she starts dancing on top of the bar
she runs on stage and tackles 50 Cent, who is performing a show at the club
18. Susan and the mystery woman fight in a restaurant kitchen, and things get pretty ugly. Who winds up killing the woman and "saving" Susan?
the very-much-alive Bradley Fine
By way of explanation.....
Susan's immediately captured
19. While confronting them after sneaking into De Luca's mansion, Susan admits to De Luca, Rayna and Fine that _______.
this is her first mission
she's in love with Fine
she's wearing a tracking device
Rayna's trying to pass off a fake nuke as the real one; Susan knows the location of the real one
20. So, where did Rayna hide the suitcase bomb?
inside "Renaldo" the BMW
in 50 Cent's limousine
inside DeLuca's poodle's doghouse
in the casino in Paris
21. Ford's attempt to kill De Luca is thwarted when:
he knocks himself out with his gun
he misses a step and falls down the fight of stairs
Susan knocks him unconscious
his jacket gets caught on the door handle
22. De Luca is shot by Nancy (who is flying in 50 Cent's helicopter!), but it's ultimately ______ that leads to his death.
Ford's jacket
50 Cent's hat
Susan's cupcake necklace
Susan's rape whistle
By way of explanation.....
he grabs the necklace; she loosens the adjustable toggle and he falls out of the helicopter
23. Aldo the horny Italian spy isn't quite who he has claimed to be. Who IS he?
Rick Ford's older brother
a British MI6 agent
Rayna's jilted ex-lover
a CIA agent in training
24. Susan turns down Fine's dinner invitation in order to:
go to dinner with Aldo
get some much-needed sleep
have a "girls night" with Nancy
sightsee in Budapest
25. Susan wakes up after a champagne-filled night to find:
she has a "crazy cupcake" tattoo on her arm
she's in Japan
she's in 50 Cent's helicopter
she's slept with Ford

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