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How Well Do You Know: The Peanuts Movie
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1. It's a snow day - hooray! Charlie Brown causes chaos on the ice skating rink after unsuccessfully trying to:
fly a kite
stay upright on the ice while skating
find his hockey stick
build a snowman
2. The gang is checking out a moving fan that's pulled up into Charlie's neighborhood. Charlie makes their appearance known by:
yelling hello to the family
honking his bicycle horn
crashing through a fence
falling into the pond
3. Charlie is smitten with the new girl in class - a girl with ________.
purple glasses
freckles on her nose
red hair
4. Charlie's happy to discover that he and the Little Red-Haired Girl have something in common - what?
they both chew on their pencils
they are both left-handed
they both love the color yellow
they both have little sisters named Sally
5. In Snoopy's story, his alter-ego The Flying Ace meets Fifi when she:
asks him for directions
shops for supplies for a cross-country flight
sees him in a tavern
stops to fix her plane
6. What does Charlie do to show the Little Red-Haired Girl that he's a winner?
he gets a makeover
he enters the school talent show
he starts his own business, baking and selling cupcakes
he joins the school newspaper
7. What does Charlie do to help his little sister Sally, whose talent show performance is going badly?
he coaches her from backstage
he dresses like a cow and lets cowgirl Sally chase and rope him
he pulls the fire alarm
he runs onto the stage and falls flat on his face so the audience will make fun of him rather than Sally
8. Who helps Charlie learn dance moves so he's ready for the school's Winter Dance?
Peppermint Patty
9. Charlie's dance moves impress his classmates, but his chance at victory - and a dance with the Little Red-Haired Girl - are thwarted when:
the power goes out and everyone has to leave the building
he slips and his shoe flies off and hits a sprinkler
he accidentally sets off the fire alarm
he spills his drink and she slips on it, breaking her leg
10. Charlie gets yet another chance to interact with the Little Red-Haired Girl when he picks her name out of a bowl to be his partner for:
square dancing lessons
a science project
gym class
a book report
11. What happens that makes Charlie popular amongst his classmates?
he is voted "most likely to succeed" by the principal and teachers
he receives a perfect score on the standardized test
he wins a child modeling contest
he finds $50 on the ground outside the school
12. What does Charlie use for inspiration when he's having difficulty writing his book report?
the Little Red-Haired Girl's pencil
a picture of the Little Red-Haired Girl
a copy of Forbes Magazine
a college brochure
13. Little Sally Brown is happy that her brother is a genius - why?
it gives her hope she might also be a genius
she will be able to get help from him with her math homework
she's been able to "cash in" on his 15 minutes of fame by selling memorabilia, giving tours of the house, etc.
the attention from the local newspaper means she's made it into a few pictures
14. Poor Charlie Brown just can't catch a break. The assembly celebrating his perfect score doesn't go according to plan, after:
Charlie discovers the perfect score belonged to Peppermint Patty
Lucy protests at the assembly, saying Charlie doesn't deserve the attention
Charlie is told there was a scoring error and he actually failed the standardized test
Charlie gets so nervous that he vomits on stage
15. What happens to Charlie's book report on War and Peace?
Snoopy eats it
Lucy steals it away from him
Linus's toy plane flies into it and shreds it
it is accidentally burned to a crisp by Snoopy
16. It's the last day of school - hooray! What are Charlie and his fellow students looking at from out the classroom window?
a moving van
a picnic lunch on the school's front lawn
a carnival
a basketball game
17. What does the Little Red-Haired Girl do in class that makes Charlie happy?
she announces to the class that she likes him too
she asks the teacher to move her desk next to Charlie's
she kisses him on the cheek
she volunteers to be his summer pen pal when his name is called
18. Charlie races back to school to finally talk to his crush before she leaves for ________.
summer camp
her grandmother's house
juvenile detention
a European vacation
19. Charlie asks the Little Red-Haired Girl why she volunteered to be his pen pal. What is her answer?
she likes his signature yellow and black shirt
he's kind, compassionate, honest and brave
he reminds her of her crush back home, who she had to leave behind when she moved
she appreciates how friendly he has been towards her; not everyone in town has been so nice
20. What does Charlie give to his new friend before she gets on the bus to head to camp?
a kiss on the cheek
her pencil
a balloon
his first pen pal letter

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