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How Well Do You Know: The 2016 Oscars
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1. This Oscar winning actress disclosed to Michael Strahan that her favorite part of the Oscars was....."The hamburgers....the hamburgers back there. I really like the hamburgers here."
Julianne Moore
Hilary Swank
Charlize Theron
Julia Roberts
2. If you are like this person, your panties merited a mention during Chris Rock's monologue:
Kerry Washington
Sofia Vergara
Uzo Aduba
3. An interpreter was in hot demand, as the acceptance speech for this category was delivered in a language other than English:
Animated Short
Original Score
Foreign Language film
Hair & Makeup
4. We all think that writers are extremely hot.....especially the writers that wrote this film, the winner of the Original Screenplay Academy Award:
Inside Out
Ex Machina
Straight Outta Compton
5. "Let's not fight....we have two Academy Awards between us! This is beneath us!" So quipped this zero-time Oscar winner, to his presenting partner (who actually has one):
Ryan Reynolds
Chris Pine
Ryan Gosling
Hugh Jackman
6. The Oscar-winning Adapted Screenplay Oscar was adapted from a:
Non-Fiction Book
Magazine article
Earlier film
7. The entertaining clip showing how hard it is to be a black actor featured each of the following, except:
Whoopi Goldberg
Viola Davis
Tracy Morgan
Chris Rock
8. Who was the first to sing one of the Original Song nominees on stage during the evening?
Sam Smith
The Weeknd
Lady Gaga
Chris Martin
9. An actor known for portraying this superhero introduced the first clip for a Best Picture nominated film:
Iron Man
Captain America
10. Think back. No, back further. Keep, that's too far back. The first film to win an acting Oscar was:
The Danish Girl
Bridge of Spies
The Revenant
11. "What another lovely day!" The winner for Costume Design designed costumes for:
An update of a Disney classic
A Frontier tale of survival
An apocalyptic thriller
12. The first to two wins! The first film to win multiple Oscars during the evening was:
The Big Short
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Revenant
13. Google searches for "The occasional merkin" spiked as the award for this category were being presented
Makeup & Hairstyling
Costume Design
Film Editing
14. The Revenant won its first Oscar of the night for:
Film Editing
Visual Effects
Original Score
15. The "Black History Month Minute," honoring the many, many many courageous cinematic contributions of Jack Black was presented by:
Lupita Nyong'o
Angela Bassett
Octavia Spencer
Stacey Dash
16. He was one of the presenters who assumed that by this point, if you don't know the difference between sound mixing and sound editing, you never will, and just presented the damn awards straightaway:
Michael B. Jordan
David Oyelowo
Mark Rylance
Chadwick Boseman
17. People often complain....The Oscars are too short - you simply don't give out enough awards! he said, while mentioning the Academy's Scientific & Technical Awards:
Mark Wahlberg
Jason Segel
Seth MacFarlane
Seth Rogen
18. C3PO, R2D2 and BB8, who all appeared to be rather drunk, somehow wandered onstage and mentioned this person associated with the Star Wars movies:
John Williams
George Lucas
Carrie Fisher
Harrison Ford
19. This foodstuff was peddled during the award presentation:
Girl Scout cookies
Cracker Jacks
20. The Minions introduced Animated Short, while one of them, of course, was holding:
A stick of dynamite
A shovel
A rat
A banana
21. Meanwhile, a duo from this Pixar film presented Animated Feature.....
Toy Story
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc
22. ....and the Oscar went to a feature from this animation studio:
23. The Best Supporting Actor statue went to a man who played:
An American
A Soviet
A German
A Brit
24. Louis CK noted that the Oscar for Documentary Short Subject was going home in:
A Toyota Tercel
A Honda Civic
An El Camino
A Ford Festiva
25. If you were one of the recipients of the Governor's Awards, please step forward. Whoa, not so fast there.....
Spike Lee
Denzel Washington
Gena Rowlands
Debbie Reynods
26. His was the first face shown in the In Memoriam segment:
Christopher Lee
Robert Loggia
Omar Sharif
Wes Craven
27. The rather short co-star of which....oh wait, I just got that - he's *short*! - of which Oscar nominated film helped present Live Action Short?
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Revenant
28. The Foreign Language film winner hails from this foreign country, which you may have heard of:
29. So, in one regard, Mad Max: Fury Road can be seen as the night's big winner, as it walked away with the most awards - that number being:
30. In another, probably much more accurate sense, Spotlight was the big winner of the night. Aside from Best Picture, which of the other following awards did Spotlight take home?
Original Screenplay
Original Screenplay and Original Score
Supporting Actress and Original Score
Film Editing and Supporting Actress

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