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How Well Do You Know: It Follows
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1. When the film opens, a young doomed woman Annie flees from something unseen. Having fled to a beach, she makes a tearful phone call to her:
2. Annie is seen dead on the beach, having suffered a horrifically broken:
3. Jay and and that prick Hugh go on a date to a movie theater. Hugh becomes startled when Jay cannot see a girl standing in the entrance wearing a:
Red scarf
Green rain jacket
White hood
Yellow dress
4. Hugh passes the curse on to Annie as they have sex:
In his car
In an abandoned school
In a playground
On a beach
5. After having been chloroformed by Hugh, Annie awakens to find herself tied to:
A tree
A telephone pole
A wheelchair
A park bench
6. The entity approaches Annie as Hugh finishes explaining the curse to Jay. The entity appears as:
Annie's father
A nude young woman
A nude old man
Annie's sister
7. The only way to rid yourself of the curse it to pass on by:
Having sex
Betraying someone
Lying to someone
Killing someone
8. Sitting in class, Annie sees old woman walking toward her, wearing:
A long knit sweater
Tattered clothes
A hospital gown
Dirty overalls
9. Jay seeks shelter with her sister and her sister's friends. Paul confesses that:
Jay's ex boyfriend used to beat him up
He used to fantasize about Jay
He used to spy on Jay through her window
Jay was his first kiss
10. As Jay and Paul talk in the living room, the entity gains access to the house by means of what diverting distraction?
Walking on the roof
Breaking a window
Setting off a car alarm
Banging on the door
11. Huddled together in a room, Jay and Paul open the bedroom door to let in Yara, only to see behind her a frrrrreaky tall man without:
A mouth
A face
12. So, Hugh's real name is Jeff. Jeff/Hugh explains to Jay and the others that the curse was passed to him by:
A one-night stand
His girlfriend
His boyfriend
A dying girl
13. Jay and the others retreat to a lake house, where Jay practices:
Evasive driving
Running and hiding
14. As the kids sit on the beach, the entity grabs Jay's:
15. Fleeing the lake house, Jay drives in a panic into:
The lake
A cornfield
A telephone pole
A house
16. Doomed, unbelieving Greg has sex with Jay:
In his bedroom
In her bedroom
In a hospital
In a car
17. Who sees the entity that kills Greg entering Greg's house?
No one
18. When the entity kills Greg, it is in the form of:
Greg's mother
Greg's sister
Jay's sister
19. Driving away to the pool, Jay sees a menacing figure:
Standing in her bedroom
Standing on her roof
Standing on Greg's roof
Standing in Greg's bedroom
20. The kids plan to lure the entity to a swimming pool, hoping to do what to it?
21. When the entity arrives at the pool, its first action is to:
Turn off the power
Throw objects at Jay
Drain the pool
Strangle Paul
22. In the melee caused by the fight against the entity, Yara is:
Knocked unconscious
23. Paul sees marks the entity has left on Jay by grabbing her:
24. The last sign of the entity in the pool is:
Empty clothes
A cloud of blood
An earring
A severed finger
25. As the film closes, we see someone walking toward Jay and Paul as:
The lay in a field
The sit next to each other in a classroom
The walk together down a street
They sit together at a table in a diner

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