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How Well Do You Know: Inside Out
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1. Young Riley has different emotions living together inside her brain's headquarters: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. We first meet Disgust when she protects Riley from _____.
eating broccoli
taking a bath
getting dirty in a sandbox
taking her medicine
2. Which of the following is not one of Riley's Islands of Personality?
Honesty Island
Friendship Island
Goofball Island
Reading Island
3. What sport does Riley excel in?
4. When Riley is 11, her family moves from Minnesota to this city.
San Francisco
5. Riley's excitement about her new room disappears when:
she sees how small it is
she notices the lack of windows in the room
she hears strange sounds coming from the neighboring alley
she discovers the moving van hasn't arrived
6. Anger is, well, angry, at the residents of San Francisco, for ruining...what?
7. Joy's attempts at keeping Riley happy is being made more difficult - why?
Riley keeps thinking about Minnesota, which makes her sadder and sadder
Anger keeps pushing her out of the way so he can use the control panel
Sadness keeps touching Riley's happy memories
Fear and Disgust are trying to get more "Riley time"
8. Sadness touches a happy memory while Riley is talking to her new classmates, which results in a sad core memory being created. Joy and Sadness start fighting over this, which results in them being sucked up a tube to:
Family Island
long-term memory
the Train of Thought
Goofball Island
9. Riley and her father fight. Which Island is destroyed as a result?
10. Why is Joy happy to have Sadness with her after all?
Joy likes having someone to talk to on her way to HQ
Sadness read the manuals so she knows all about long-term memory's layout
Joy is afraid of the dark; Sadness is not, which will allow them to work once Riley is asleep
Sadness will be able to look for help while Joy tries to find a way back
11. Memory workers admit to Joy that they send a random memory up to HQ on occasion so it'll never be forgotten. What's the memory of?
a song Riley loved when she was 2 years old
a scene from a Sesame Street episode
Riley's pet parrot talking to her
the jingle from a chewing gum commercial
12. Friendship Island is destroyed after a video chat between Riley and her friend back in Minnesota, in which her friend:
talks about a new girl on Riley's old hockey team
admits she doesn't miss Riley all that much
asks if she can ask out the boy that Riley had a crush on back home
shows Riley a picture of the girl who's living in Riley's old bedroom/house
13. Joy and Sadness run into Riley's imaginary friend while in long-term memory. What's his name?
Bing Bong
Gus Gus
14. Bing Bong suggests a better alternative to walking back to HQ - what is it?
hitching a ride on the Train of Thought
swinging on the tubes the memory workers use to suck the forgotten memories into the dump
blowing up a balloon and floating back
using the trampoline located on Family Island
15. Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong nearly get destroyed while taking a shortcut through:
Abstract Thought
16. Sadness, not Joy, makes Bing Bong feel better after:
his wagon rocket ship is pushed into the dump
he discovers Riley has forgotten him
he is told he can't accompany Joy and Sadness back to Headquarters
he hurts his foot after stepping on a Lego in Toy Town
17. Joy and Sadness break into Riley's subconscious to rescue Bing Bong after he - and the bag filled with core memories - is captured while trying to wake her up from her dream. All of the following are Riley's fears that Joy and Sadness encounter in her subconscious, except for one - which one?
Grandma's vacuum cleaner
a neighbor's large, noisy dog
the stairs that lead to the basement
18. Who in Riley's subconscious causes her to wake up from her dream, thus ensuring the Train of Thought starts running again?
a tarantula at the zoo
a scary birthday party clown
her old school's principal
a snake
19. Anger takes matters into his own hands, putting the idea in Riley's head that:
she should run away, back to Minnesota
she should take up hockey again
her mom and dad are intentionally trying to make her miserable
she needs to go to the hospital for a "rest"
20. Joy and Bing Bong wind up falling into the memory dump after Joy's plan to __________ goes awry.
push Sadness into the memory dump
go back to HQ via a memory recall tube
have Bing Bong throw her like a football towards HQ
lose Sadness within the complicated memory maze
21. Against all odds, Joy finds a way out of the memory dump, thanks to ________.
the Train of Thought
Bing Bong's rocket
a forgotten memory of Riley on a pogo stick
By way of explanation.....
Bing Bong jumps out of the rocket so Joy can get the rocket to fly higher.
22. Joy hitches a ride back to HQ with Sadness, thanks to some help from:
clones of Riley's imaginary boyfriend
Fear and Disgust
Jangles the clown
the ghost of Bing Bong
23. Joy and Sadness make it to HQ, but they're stuck outside. Who ends up figuring out a way to get them inside?
By way of explanation.....
she insults Fear until he gets so angry, he burns a hole through a HQ window
24. The number of islands has expanded now that the feelings are working together to create joint memories. Which of the following is NOT a new island?
Teen Magazine Island
Friendly Argument Island
Fashion Island
Tragic Vampire Romance Island
25. The console has been upgraded and expanded to deal with Riley's multiple feelings. Which button on the new console is a mystery to Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Anger?
"Temporary Insanity"

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