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How Well Do You Know: Pitch Perfect 2
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1. The award-winning Barden Bellas have a mishap when Fat Amy's costume splits and she exposes herself while performing for________.
President and Mrs. Obama
Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the British royal family
the judges on America's Got Talent
the audience at the Grammy Awards
2. The Bellas are promptly suspended from all a cappella competition. Beca gets the National A Cappella Association to agree to reinstate the Bellas under what condition?
the Bellas have to perform 3000 hours of community service
the Bellas, as America's representative team, have to win the World Championship of A Cappella in the spring
the Bellas have to teach after-school vocal classes to underprivileged youth
the Bellas need the written approval and agreement of every other a cappella group in their division
3. What is the news that Beca is keeping from the rest of the Bellas?
she's engaged to Jesse
she's decided to leave the Bellas so she can create a competing a cappella team on campus
she's in danger of failing out of Barden University
she is interning at a recording studio
4. Despite the fact that the Bellas aren't allowed to audition for new members, freshman Emily Junk does so anyway. Why do the Bellas allow this?
she's a "legacy"; her mother was also a Bella
she paid them to let her become a Bella, so technically she didn't "audition"
nobody can tell the Bellas what they can and cannot do!
she looked so sad that the Bellas felt bad for her
5. Emily's been a Bella for all of 5 minutes and she already has an admirer - who?
Fat Amy's brother
6. Oh, goodie - Bumper's back. How does he wind up back on campus?
he's an adjunct professor in the music department
he's serving food in the cafeteria
he's been hired as campus security
his father's company does the campus landscaping
7. Where do the Bellas go to scout Das Sound Machine, their main competition at the Worlds?
a state fair
a talent competition
an auto show
8. Beca helps her boss come up with a new arrangement for a song being recorded in the studio by:
Dolly Parton
Marc Anthony
Selena Gomez
Snoop Dogg
9. The Bellas receive an anonymous invitation to a mystery event. They arrive at the house to find it's an a cappella showdown, involving the Treblemakers, Das Sound Machine, the Tone Hangers, and...who?
One Direction
the Green Bay Packers
the cast of Pretty Little Liars
the New York Yankees
10. The winners of the showdown will win bragging rights and a $42,000 gift card to ______.
Dave & Buster's
Crate & Barrel
Toys R Us
United Skates of America
11. Bumper, a former employee of John Mayer's, implies by way of song that Mayer had hooked up with which singer?
Britney Spears
Elton John
Celine Dion
Tina Turner
By way of explanation.....
"I dated John Mayer" was the song category
12. What happens during the sing-off that leads to a DSM victory over the Bellas?
Emily sings her original song instead of a "90's hip-hop jam"
Beca faints, which causes the rest of the Bellas to stop singing and rush to her aid
the Bellas are disqualified after Amy flashes DSM
Lilly starts to sing but nobody can hear her
13. Fat Amy admits she knows about Beca's internship. How did she discover Beca's secret?
Beca was talking about the internship in her sleep
Amy saw Beca's ID badge while stealing money out of her purse
Amy was eavesdropping on a phone call between Beca and Jesse
Amy read Beca's e-mail and went through her laptop's account history
14. The Bellas' first gig in months ends in disaster when ________ during the set.
Chloe falls off the stage
Cynthia-Rose's hair catches on fire
Stacie accidentally kicks Beca in the head, knocking her unconscious
Lilly and Flo get into a fistfight
15. While visiting a retreat run by former Bella Aubrey, the Bellas do trust building exercises in order to work together as a team. The ladies share their dreams, fears, and plans for the future at a campfire later that night. Which of the following does not happen during the campfire?
Cynthia-Rose announces she's moving to Maine and getting married
Beca and Emily agree to collaborate on a project
Lilly mutters something about going to Mexico for inexpensive plastic surgery
Amy realizes she's in love with Bumper
16. The Bellas head to Copenhagen after graduation to participate in the Worlds. Benji shows up to support Emily and the rest of the Bellas, and is kissed by Emily as he's about to:
ask her out on an official date once they return to the States
blow a bubble with his chewing gum
perform a magic trick involving a scarf in his mouth
17. The Bellas' set includes something never done before - what?
they are all singing off stage; they are spread out throughout the audience
they are singing an original song
they are singing an a cappella "duet" with the Treblemakers
they are all suspended in the air
By way of explanation.....
they were also joined on stage by generations of Bellas
18. Moments after being officially sworn in as a Bella, Emily is told she needs to ________ as a way of "christening the house".
slide down the staircase on the lid of a trash can
stand on the front lawn and sing the Barden fight song
sleep with a Treblemaker in the living room
cook dinner for the graduating seniors
19. Earlier in the movie, Bumper mentions a professional opportunity he may get to take advantage of. During the closing credits, we see him doing just that. What is Bumper doing?
Dancing With the Stars
performing on American Ninja Warrior
singing on America's Got Talent
auditioning for The Voice
20. Inexplicably, all 4 Voice judges turn their chair around for Bumper. Who does he pick as his coach?
Adam Levine
Blake Shelton
Christina Aguilera
Pharrell Williams

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