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How Well Do You Know: Cinderella (2015)
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1. Young Ella is of the belief that:
animals can understand her when she speaks to them
she is able to fly like a bird if she wishes hard enough
she will marry a prince when she's older and move into a castle made of candy
everyday items contain magical powers
2. What is the "secret" that Ella's mother shares with her daughter shortly before her death?
Always look on the bright side of life.
Believe in magic.
Have courage and be kind.
Do the right thing, even when it's difficult to do so.
3. Ella's stepmother, Lady Tremaine, seems bothered when she overhears Ella and her father discussing _______
how horrible they think Drisella and Anastasia, Lady Tremaine's daughters, are in comparison to Ella
the family's lack of wealth
how much they both miss Ella's mother
selling the family home and moving into a smaller house
4. Ella winds up living in the attic - temporarily, according to her stepmother - after:
being told her room is infested with rats
Ella's stepsisters banish her from her own bedroom
Ella realizes she now has no privacy
Ella offers up her larger bedroom to her stepsisters
5. Ella is informed of her father's death by a farmer who was with him on his business trip. What does the farmer give to Ella?
a picture
a flower
a branch
a puppy
By way of explanation.....
Ella had asked her father to bring home as his gift to her, the first branch his shoulder brushed upon going on his trip.
6. How does Ella wind up being called Cinderella?
Stepmother claims to have forgotten her name
her stepsisters notice Ella has embers on her face from sleeping in front of the fire
Anastasia believes that Ella looks more like a "Cindy"
Stepmother puts Ella in charge of cleaning the chimney
7. Where does Ella meet the Prince?
in her house
in the forest during a hunt
in a horse stable she's cleaning
in town during a parade
8. The Prince, unrecognized by Ella, tells her only that his name is Kit. What does Kit say he does for a living?
9. The prince makes a deal with his father - he will find a princess to marry, if _______.
his father will allow him to speak to the mystery girl (Ella) one last time
the upcoming ball is for the common folk as well as for royalty
his father allows the prince to pick his future bride
he is allowed to wait until he's 30 years old to marry
10. Why does Ella say she cannot leave her house, despite being treated so poorly by her stepmother and stepsisters?
it is the only reminder of her father that she has left, as he built it himself
she refuses to leave a house that was hers to begin with
she will never find a house as warm and inviting as the one she's currently living in
she made a promise to her parents to cherish the house they were so happy in
11. What do Ella's stepmother, Drisella and Anastasia do to ensure Ella won't be attending the ball with them?
they lock her in the attic
they rip Ella's dress
they steal and hide every pair of shoes Ella owns
they give Ella the wrong address
By way of explanation.....
the dress was Ella's mother's
12. Ella's fairy godmother introduces herself after asking Ella for:
help putting on her shoes
a shawl or scarf
a bowl of milk
a walking stick
13. The entire ballroom takes notice of Ella upon her arrival, due to _____.
her falling down the ballroom's stairs
her screaming when the appearance of Stepmother startled her
her tattered clothes and disheveled appearance
her late arrival to the ball
14. Where does Kit bring Ella after their dance?
the highest tower of the castle
a secret garden
a waterfall
the stables
15. Where does Ella hide her remaining glass slipper immediately upon the arrival home of Stepmother and the girls?
under a shrub outside
inside the fireplace
in the oven
in a closet with the cleaning supplies
By way of explanation.....
she later hides it under a floorboard in the attic
16. Stepmother informs Ella, Drisella and Anastasia of some news she overheard at the ball - what?
Kit already has a wife
the Grand Duke has already promised Kit in marriage to a specific Princess
Kit admitted he was attracted to Drisella
another ball is going to be held in a few days' time
17. The King makes something clear on his deathbed - what?
he is disappointed in Kit
Kit must marry for love, not for advantage
he will never accept Ella as Queen
he is not confident in Kit's ability to rule as king
18. Stepmother has found Ella's hidden glass slipper. She tries making a deal with Ella - if Ella gets what she desires (marriage to Kit, now the King), Stepmother wants ______.
ownership of Ella's late father's home
to be made Head of the Royal Household
to be richer than she can even imagine
jobs for Anastasia and Drisella at the castle
19. Before locking Ella in the attic, Stepmother _______.
shatters her glass slipper
rips apart another one of Ella's mother's dresses
pushes her to the floor
hits her over the head with the glass slipper
20. The maidens in the kingdom are busy trying on the glass slipper, trying to find the one maiden the shoe fits. Ella's unaware of this, as she's locked in the attic. How is she discovered at the last minute?
Drisella whispers something to Stepmother about "the other one", and one of the King's guard overhears her
the mice open the attic window as she's singing
Ella falls on the attic floor, making enough noise to be heard
Kit's right-hand-man has a "feeling", and asks to search the entire house
21. The Grand Duke tries in vain to get away from the house before Ella is able to try on the glass slipper, but is unsuccessful - why?
Kit, disguised as a royal guard, makes his presence known
the animals attack him and prevent him from leaving
he catches Stepmother as she faints
Ella, now aware of the guard's presence, starts yelling for their attention
22. Well, the slipper fit! What does Ella say to Stepmother before leaving for the castle with Kit?
"You are always welcome in my new home."
"I forgive you."
"You will never be family to me."
"Stop crying."

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