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How Well Do You Know: The Intern
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1. Retired Ben Whittaker spots a flyer advertising for senior interns at this type of internet company.
video games
fitness equipment
2. Ben finds it surprising that the company is asking for this instead of a standard cover letter.
cover letter video
cover poem
cover letter set to music - a cover song, if you will
nothing at all - they prefer to meet all applicants in person to get an initial impression
3. We first see Jules Ostin, the owner of About the Fit, as she is:
taking customer service phone calls
delivering the office mail
packing up shipping boxes
being fired
4. Jules uses this to quickly move about her company's large office.
5. What did Ben do for a living before retirement?
oversaw the printing of phone books
sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door
did electrical work in Manhattan skyscrapers
6. Jules's assistant makes sure Ben knows to do this when he's in a meeting with Jules.
refrain from sneezing
stare at the floor
maintain eye contact at all times
By way of explanation.....
Jules is "freaked out" when people don't blink when talking to her
7. Employee Jason asks Ben for romantic advice; he briefly dated Jules's secretary, but now she won't speak to him. Why?
he called her by his ex-girlfriend's name
he made her Uber home after sleeping with her
he refused to tell his friends they were dating
he slept with her roommate
8. Ben is sent into a meeting room to retrieve Jules's stained jacket. While in there, he overhears news that:
the company is close to filing for bankruptcy
the interns will be asked to stay on full-time to help with the increasing workload
the board of investors wants Jules to hire a new CEO
a new warehouse location has been shut down for breaking labor laws
9. Jules and the rest of the office staff are thrilled when they discover:
Ben bought coffee for the entire office staff
they earned enough money in the last year to warrant raises
Ben's teaching the rest of the interns how to do the job of 5 people, helping alleviate the employees' workload
Ben cleaned the office's "junk desk"
10. What does Ben receive as a "thank you for a job well-done"?
a massage
the rest of the day off
a catered lunch
a Cuban cigar
11. Ben steps in to assist Jules after:
seeing her driver drinking on the job
she is nearly mugged outside the office
she is unable to hail a taxi
she slips and falls, getting her high heel stuck in a sewage grate
12. Jules sends off an email, asking for Ben to be transferred to another department, after she has a conversation with him during their drive to work regarding:
Jules having attended an all-girls college
Jules's husband Matt and his role as a stay-at-home-dad
the inappropriate behavior of Jules's young daughter
the changing role of women in the workplace in the last 50 years
13. What is the reason Jules gives when asked why she wants Ben transferred?
"too observant"
"too opinionated"
"too much like my father"
"too perky"
14. During a late night dinner break in the warehouse, Ben tells Jules a bit about his former job as VP at the phone book company. What piece of information does he share that surprises Jules?
that day was the anniversary of his wife's death
he was hoping for a permanent paid position at ATF
the ATF building was once the location of the phone book company
in his younger days, he also started and ran a successful company
15. What does Jules help Ben do during their dinner break?
practice his dating skills
learn how to waltz
set up a Facebook profile
pick out a dog from a local shelter
16. A generous Ben winds up with a roommate for a few weeks. Who does Ben invite to stay with him on a temporary basis?
Jules' secretary Becky
fellow intern Davis
masseuse Fiona
employee Jason
17. Jules accidentally sends her mother an email meant for her husband, in which she badmouths ol' mommie dearest. How does Jules "solve" the problem of the horrible email?
she has Ben and the other interns break into her mother's house and delete the email
she calls her mother and claims Ben sent the email as a way to get back at her after being fired
she visits her mother and has Ben flirt with mom while she deletes the email
the ATF IT department hacks into her mother's computer
18. The guys are able to delete the offending email, but there's a problem that nearly gets them in trouble - what?
Jules's mom had an alarm installed
Jules's parents now own an attack dog
Ben notices security cameras on the property
the company car gets a flat tire while they are trying to make a quick getaway
19. Where does Ben bring Fiona on their first date?
a wedding
the birth of his grandchild
his physical therapy appointment
a funeral
By way of explanation.....
"It was unexpected!"
20. Ben discovers this while bringing Jules's daughter to and from a birthday party.
Matt is abusing their daughter
Matt is having an affair
Matt is not the biological father of their daughter; little Paige is the result of an affair between Jules and employee Cameron
Jules was just diagnosed with a chronic illness
21. Jules and Ben discuss his marriage and Matt's affair after this happens during the trip to San Francisco.
their taxi breaks down on the Golden Gate Bridge
a fire alarm clears out their hotel
they get stuck on the island while visiting Alcatraz
their flight is cancelled
22. What part of leaving Matt seems to stress out Jules the most?
the thought of not having someone to be buried next to when she dies
the idea of having to do all of the housework
not having anyone there to teach her daughter how to play baseball
the terrifying thought that she may never have sex again
By way of explanation.....
she realizes it's a silly thought, but it keeps her up at night
23. Jules shows up at Ben's place to talk to him about whether she should hire the CEO candidate she interviewed in San Francisco. What example does Ben give as to why he thinks she shouldn't?
he notices she answers customer service phone calls and really cares about the customers
he watched her show warehouse employees how to fold and box up the clothes
her employees speak very highly of her
he saw the look of pride in her husband's and daughter's faces when discussing Jules and the company
24. Matt shows up at ATF to admit to his affair, as well as let Jules know she should hire a CEO only if it's what she truly wants. What does Jules tell Matt he should start doing in order to help make their marriage right again?
add more suits and ties to his wardrobe
go back to work
pay her therapist a visit
start carrying a handkerchief
By way of explanation.....
other than, ya know, stop sleeping around
25. Jules goes looking for Ben so she can share her good news with him, only to find he's taken the day off. Where does she find him?
in Fiona's massage room
doing Tai Chi in the park
swimming laps at the local pool
at his wife's gravesite

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