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How Well Do You Know: Tomorrowland
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1. What did young Frank enter into the Inventor's Competition at the 1964 World's Fair?
laser gun
jet pack
rocket ship
2. What does Athena give to Frank after telling him to follow her into the "It's a Small World" attraction?
a pin
a hat
a necklace
3. Our introduction to Casey Newton is as she's breaking into __________.
an electronics store
a NASA launch pad
her high school
a bank
4. Casey discovers Tomorrowland thanks to a pin Athena put on her motorcycle. How does Casey discover the pin?
she finds it while searching through her purse for a stick of gum
it falls out of her motorcycle helmet and into her lap
it's among her personal effects returned to her after she's arrested
a passerby finds it on the street after Casey's in a motorcycle accident
5. Casey's exploration of Tomorrowland is cut short when:
the pin's battery runs out of power
her dog swallows the pin
her brother steals the pin from her
the pin self-destructs
6. Casey goes looking for someone who may know about her pin. How does she finds out about the Blast From the Past collectibles shop?
a newspaper article
magazine archives at the local library
a comic convention
an eBay search
7. Shop owners Hugo and Ursula try to attack Casey with laser guns when she can't tell them _________.
her name
who gave her the pin
what the pin does
how many other pins are in existence
8. Casey escapes from the stolen car she's riding in with Athena, after she discovers:
there is a bomb in the car that's set to explode
she's being kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of the car
they are about to drive over a cliff
Athena is a robot
9. What causes Athena to shut down in the middle of a conversation with Casey?
a device was activated from a remote location that put Athena into sleep mode
Casey asks too many probing questions that Athena isn't allowed to answer
it's dusk; she automatically goes to "sleep" at that time
Casey turned her off after not liking Athena's insufficient explanations as to what is happening
By way of explanation.....
Turns out Athena was lying; Casey was annoying her.
10. Casey realizes that Frank Walker, who she has not yet met, is someone worth meeting. While on his property, she figures out:
he has been hiding in plain sight right behind her
the security system in place is impenetrable
there are hidden bunkers on the property
the dog chasing her is a hologram
11. Casey tricks Frank and sneaks into his house, locking him outside. While looking through his house, she finds a futuristic device which contains a video of ________.
a young Frank and Athena kissing
a young Frank trying to get Athena to laugh
Athena demonstrating how to use the various weapons invented in Tomorrowland
Athena teaching Frank to dance
12. What are Frank and Casey discussing when Frank's house is invaded by robots posing as Secret Service agents?
whether or not a person would want to know the exact date of his or her death
whether time travel is possible
whether Frank should have Casey arrested for breaking and entering
whether what we see on TV news is fact or fiction created to get higher ratings
13. Casey and Frank escape his house via:
garbage can
14. Frank tells Casey about a group called the Plus Ultra, which was made up of inventors who wanted to find others to help shape a better future. Who was NOT a founding member of this group?
Jules Verne
Thomas Edison
Enrico Fermi
Nikola Tesla
By way of explanation.....
Gustave Eiffel was the other member
15. Where does the rocket that brings the gang to Tomorrowland take off from?
the Leaning Tower of Pisa
the White House
the Eiffel Tower
16. Note in Tomorrowland, Governor Nix shows Casey the object that Frank invented many years ago. What DOES Frank's invention actually do?
siphons money from the wealthiest individuals on Earth
shows the past and future of any location on Earth
locates oil wells for drilling
gives everyone in Tomorrowland the ability to fly without jet packs
17. While isolated in a room, waiting to be sent back eventual doom on Earth, Casey suggests that the best hope of changing the current course of events is to:
kill Governor Nix
destroy Tomorrowland and start from scratch in rebuilding a new one
turn off the Monitor
travel back in time and change the past, this creating a happier future
By way of explanation.....
she thinks it's broadcasting the (negative) future, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy
18. Casey detonates a bomb to "kill" the Monitor, but realizes too late that it's going to blow everyone up with it. She throws the bomb into the portal right before it explodes. Where does it land?
the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Mount Everest
a deserted beach/island
an icy, barren wasteland
19. What reason does Athena give Frank as to why he could never make her laugh?
she had intentionally been programmed not to laugh at Frank's jokes
she thought he was funny but wouldn't laugh because she knew he'd keep trying
he wasn't funny
he didn't tell her any jokes about robots
20. What causes the destruction of the Monitor?
Athena self-destructs inside of it, causing the Monitor to explode
Governor Nix presses a button on his bracelet and deactivates it
the Monitor self-destruct after it becomes unstable, thanks to Casey
Frank pulls a second bomb or of his bag and blows up the Monitor

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