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How Well Do You Know: The Martian
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1. Mark Watney's specialty is in this field.....which is a damn good thing, in the end:
Mechanical engineering
2. What is the name of the mission to Mars?
3. When the storm hits, what collides with Watney, leading his crew to believe he is dead?
A large rock
A piece of communications equipment
An unsecured toolbox
A footing from the MAV
4. What factor forces the crew to leave rather than staying behind to search for Watney?
Too much static electricity builds up
The MAV's fuel tank ruptures
MAV might tip over in the storm
The window for intercept with the mothership is rapidly closing
5. You should probably stop right now if you cannot remember the crop that is central to Watney's survival:
Brussels sprouts
6. Once he assesses his situation, Watney figures he has enough food for approximately this many sols (before rationing):
7. What does Watney burn to make water?
A wooden cross
Table legs
8. What is one clue the observers on earth see that suggest that Watney might be alive?
One of the rovers has been destroyed
Solar panels have been cleared
A figure is seen outside the Hab
The Hab has been reinflated
9. Yay! Watney has music. Boo! The music is that of the taste of Commander Lewis, which means lots and lots and lots and lots of:
Heavy metal
10. Yay! Watney manages to secure power for the rover. Boo! The power source is:
11. What does Watney use for communication with Earth?
A transmitter atop the Hab
A cellular radio in the rover
An old probe
The radio antennae that hit him in the storm
12. The communications probe Watney uses is called:
13. What do NASA personnel use to chart the direction Watney is traveling in?
Digital satellite printouts
A paper placemat
A framed map
An old textbook
14. Watney's first message transmitted to Earth is:
Not dead yet
Are you receiving me?
Come and get me
Disco sucks
15. NASA communicates with Watney by:
Moving the camera
Emitting Morse code
Snapping the camera shutter
Alternating power to the probe
16. Mark is informed by his alma mater that he has colonized Mars because he:
Implemented sanitation
Planted crops
Established permanent residence
Erected a flag
17. When the Hab ruptures, Mark has to make an emergency repair to his suit using:
Freeze spray
Duct tape
Martian dirt
A small blowtorch
18. As Watney is forced to stretch his rations to a ridiculous extent, he bemoans the fact that he has run out of:
Maple syrup
Soy sauce
Steak sauce
19. This country supplies a booster that is critical to the return trip to Mars:
20. Astrodynamiscist Rich Purnell pitches his crazy plan for getting back to Mars in a meeting dubbed with this project name borrowed form Lord of the Rings:
21. Luckily I have the greatest minds on planet earth, really all of the brain power on the entire planet helping me with this endeavor. And so far they have come up with, "Hey why don’t you drill holes on the roof of your rover, and....."
Hit it as hard as you can with a rock
Stomp on it real hard with your foot
Smash it with your fist
Bash it with a battery
22. Who informs the crew of Ares that Watney is alive?
The head of NASA
NASA's head of PR
The Ares mission flight director
Watney himself
23. Watney fancies himself a space:
24. Last time leaves the Hab, Watney nearly forgets:
His helmet
The last of his potatoes
Commander Lewis's disco records
His shoes
25. Back on earth, NASA is struggling with this problem concerning the MAV:
How to reposition it
How to make it lighter
How to power it
How to allow it to communicate with Ares
26. NASA orders that Watney jettisons each of the following from the MAV, except for:
Nose panel
One of the engines
27. Watney compares himself to this superhero:
Iron Man
The Hulk
Captain America
28. The rendezvous ship is going too fast to be able to intercept. To slow down the ship, the crew:
Opens hatch doors
Fires retrothrusters
Constructs a solar brake
Detonates a bomb
29. Watney tells a crew member this when he is finally safe on the ship:
"You've gotten considerably uglier"
"You have terrible taste in music"
"You're a steely-eyed, barrel-chested freedom fighter"
"I told you that botany kick's chemistry's ass"
30. At the end of the film, Watney has joined:
The Astronaut Candidate Program
The Jet Propulsion Labratory
A public state university
NASA's PR department

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