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How Well Do You Know: Mad Max: Fury Road
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1. Max's opening dialog: My name is Max. My world is:
Fire and blood
Dust and death
Revenge and remorse
Flight or fright
2. In Max's first moments on screen, he makes a quick meal out of this type of animal:
A dog
A lizard
A bird
A snake
3. Taken by the warboys, Max breaks free and flees frantically as he is about to be:
4. The Immortan Joe actually trusts Furiosa at the beginning of the film. Oops. Anyway, Furiosa has this title:
5. When she originally sets out on her flight, what is Furiosa's stated destination?
The Dust Mountains
Gas Town
The Gun Farm
Wasteland West
6. Who discovers that Splendid and the other "wives" have left?
Warboy Nux
Imortan Joe
Joe's son Rictus
7. Immortan Joe's impressive war convoy includes a man wielding a flamethrower:
8. Who says it? If I'm going to die, I'm going to die historic, on the fury road!
Imortan Joe
9. Having strayed into hostile territory, Furiosa and the attendant warboys have to destroy vehicles which are:
Spewing ignited oil
Able to bore into sand
Highly reflective as to blind their enemies
Covered with spikes
10. After the initial pursuit by the warboys, how does Furiosa elude Imortan Joe's group?
In darkness
In a sandstorm
In an earthquake
In an electrical storm
11. When a warboy prepares to sacrifice, he is sprayed with the color paint:
12. When Max catches up to Furiosa and her party, most of the women are:
13. Soon after meeting them, Max intends to take the war rig and leave the women behind. Why can't he?
He cannot see very well
He has been shot in both hands and drive well
The war rig is deactivated by a kill switch
The war rig apparently runs out of gas
14. The first time the war rig enters the canyon, what slows it down?
The fuel pod
Blown tires
A blown axle
An overheated engine
15. What was to be the payment Furiosa makes for passage through canyon
One of the women
The head of Immortan Joe
16. Pursuing Furiosa, Immortan Joe's vehicle overturns:
When it hits a mine
To avoid hitting one of the women
When Max points a gun at Splendid
To avoid being crushed by falling rocks
17. What idealistic place do the women seek to arrive at?
The Peaceful Place
The Watery Place
The Eastern Place
The Green Place
18. During the night, the war rig:
Runs out of gas
Gets stuck in mud
Falls into a sinkhole
Is disabled by Joe's son Rictus
19. Splendid dies. As for the baby she carries:
A baby boy survives
A baby boy is stillborn
A baby girl survives
A baby girl is stillborn
20. _____ fires the shot that leaves the pursuing Bullet Farmer _____
Max / mute
Furiosa / blind
Nux / blind
Furiosa / dead
21. What is the name of the tribe of women Max and Furiosa ultimately meet?
22. When Furiosa realizes the Green Place has been spoiled, Furiosa:
Slashes one of her wrists
Falls to her knees and screams
Takes a vow of silence
Beats Max nearly to death
23. Who proposes the return to citadel?
One of the Vuvalini
24. During the final pursuit, Max and Nux make the war rig go faster by:
Cutting away most of the rig
Patching the tires while the war rig is still in motion
Spitting fuel into the engine
Cooling down the engine
25. Driving the war rig as it nears the canyons, Furiosa is badly hurt by being:
Cut by a chainsaw
26. Nux's final words are:
Remember me
Witness me
Revenge me
Sanctify me
27. Max is able to save Furiosa's life, in part by:
Performing CPR
Puncturing her lung
Amputating her remaining arm
Electrocuting her

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