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How Well Do You Know: Minions
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1. The minions helped one of their early masters, a caveman, meet an early demise by _______.
equipping him with a fly swatter in a fight against a bear
accidentally setting him on fire after he discovered it
crushing him with the stone wheel he had just invented
feeding him poisonous berries they had just picked
2. The minions found exile in an ice cave after a disaster involving which master?
Genghis Khan
Pol Pot
Adolf Hitler
Napoleon Bonaparte
3. Kevin asks his fellow minions for help in finding a new master, and winds up with Bob and Stuart as his helpers. Stuart, who volunteered only because he liked hearing minions cheering for him, always carries this item with him.
walking stick
4. After floating in a raft for a long time, Kevin, Stuart and Bob wind up in this city.
New York City
Los Angeles
5. Locked in a department store overnight, the minions accidentally find the Villain Network Channel while trying to get TV reception to finish watching this show.
Mission: Impossible
The Dating Game
The Beverly Hillbillies
General Hospital
6. The hitchhiking minions are picked up by the Nelsons, a family also on their way to Orlando. The yellow guys need to wait in the car for a bit while the Nelsons take care of something - what?
robbing a bank
stealing a car
looting in a store
calling in a bomb threat
7. Scarlet Overkill is looking for a new henchman. How does she decide which crowd member will win the position?
she decides that whoever is sitting in seat A15 will win the job
she announces whoever can take the ruby from her hand will earn the job
she makes the crowd beg and plead, with the most pathetic looking person getting the job
she tells the audience they have to fight to the death - last person standing gets the job
8. What does Scarlet's husband Herb do for a living?
he's a lounge singer
he's a taxi driver
he's a pilot
he's an inventor
9. Which of the following is not one of the inventions Herb gifts to the minions?
weather-changing sceptre
stretch suit
lava lamp gun
10. Scarlet assures the minions that if they fail in their mission to _________ for her, she will obliterate them off the face of the Earth.
steal $15,000,000
steal Queen Elizabeth's crown
break up with her husband Herb
eliminate the other villains she's in competition with
11. Stuart uses the Hypno-Hat to get the Buckingham Palace guards to ______.
perform a musical number from "Hair"
fight each other
fall asleep on the floor
do a cheerleading routine, complete with pompoms
12. How does Bob wind up being crowned King of England?
he wins the crown in a game of poker
he tricks the Queen into passing the title to him
he doesn't really - he only dreams he does
he pulls the sword Excalibur out of the stone
13. Bob is enjoying the life of royalty along with Stuart and Kevin, until Scarlet and Herb pay them a visit. She insists on being given the crown; how does Bob respond?
he sticks his tongue out at her
he instructs the dogs in the castle to "attack" her (they give her doggie kisses)
he passes a law that allows her to become queen
he has guards throw her into the moat
14. The minions escape the torture chamber, via sewer gate, so they can apologize to Scarlet. What do they bring with them as an expression of their regret for how things turned out?
a bottle of wine found on the street
a sympathy wreath from a funeral home
a kitten
a new scarf
15. How do Bob and Stuart wind up on the chandelier at Westminster Abbey during Scarlet's coronation?
they jump on it trying to outrun a bumblebee
they fall out of a hot air balloon going over the Abbey and through a skylight
one of Herb's inventions catapults them through a window
they fall through the roof
16. The chandelier falls on Scarlet, but she emerges unscathed, thanks to _______.
her ruby necklace
her shoes
her hair
her dress
17. While Bob and Stuart are busy fighting henchmen left and right, Kevin hides from the enemies in a local pub, where he sees something truly surprising. What?
the rest of his minion friends, who are trying to come up with a plan to destroy Scarlet
the former Queen Elizabeth, drinking and arm wrestling other patrons
Herb, trying his best to hide from the overbearing Scarlet
Bob and Stuart drinking pints with the henchmen
18. How is Kevin able to be a formidable match when fighting Scarlet?
he became a giant, thanks to one of the contraptions in Herb's lab
he armed himself with the stretch suit, hypno-hat and the lava lamp gun
he used an invisibility cloak found in Herb's lab
he wore a bullet proof suit
19. What does Queen Elizabeth give to Stuart as a gag gift before presenting him with an electric guitar as a way of thanking him for his help in stopping Scarlet?
a plastic guitar
a pinwheel
a banana
a snowglobe
20. Scarlet and Herb are alive after all, and they manage to steal the Queen's crown off of her head. This doesn't work out all that well for them in the end, thanks to:
Stuart and his guitar
Queen Elizabeth's corgis
the Nelson family and their ski masks
a young Gru and his freeze ray

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