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How Well Do You Know: Krampus
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1. What is the name of the store seen during Black Friday?
Market Grande
Macho Mart
Mucho Mart
Discount City
2. The Engels are having relatives over for Christmas. Why does Beth hate that idea?
Jordan leaves bloody tampons on the floor
Chrissy throws up on her makeup purse
Howard leaves empty beer bottles on the living room couch
Jordan and Stevie pee while standing up and poop on her bed
3. Tom, in his youth, was an Eagle Scout doing survival training. What did Uncle Howard assume that Eagle Scouts do all day?
Weave baskets and help old ladies cross the street
Sew badges and ride canoes across rivers
Hold charity events and sell cookies
Study wildlife and pitch camp tents
4. Sarah is cooking some dessert for the guests. What is she cooking?
Creme Brulees
Rose Macarons
5. As Beth flees under a DML truck, what does she notice under there?
Wind-up monkey
Spinning top
Hopping rabbit toy
6. What is the name of Uncle Howard's Hummer?
7. Howard and Tom search for Beth around Derek's deserted house. What don't they find there?
A stabbed gingerbread man
A strand of flaky fur
Goat-shaped footprints
A Prom picture of Beth and Derek
8. “A little sugar and spice makes everything nice.” What does Aunt Dorothy make the children?
Bourbon egg nog
Kahlua hot chocolate
Peppermint schnapps
Whiskey cider
9. Which Christmas song plays before the power on the iPad goes off?
O Holy Night
Hark the Harold Angels Sing
White Christmas
Silent Night
10. Howie has been kidnapped by the Gingerbread men. Who grabs his legs?
11. Howard, unsurprisingly, doesn't believe Grandma Omi's encounter with Krampus. Next, he'll be hearing a story about a:
Psychotic killer leprechaun
Rabid Easter bunny
The Great Pumpkin
Ghost of Cupid
12. In case you forgot, Omi is the parent of which adult character?
A and B
13. Tom has a plan to escape the house and rescue Howie. Where will they plan to take shelter?
The school
The mall
Mucho Mart
The police station
14. Jordan and Stevie are part of a sports team in Buckdale, as indicated by their varsity jackets. Which sport does Jordan play?
15. Place the names of the victims of Krampus's helpers who take them to the Underworld in chronological order.
Jordan, Chrissy, Dorothy, Sarah
Howard, Stevie, Sarah, Tom
Chrissy, Tom, Omi, Max
Dorothy, Sarah, Linda, Stevie
16. As soon as Chrissy, Howard and Dorothy get sucked to the Underworld, the power flickers. What Christmas song plays on the radio?
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Up on the House Top
I'll be Home for Christmas
17. Omi sacrifices herself to the Krampus to save the rest of her family. What is not inside Krampus's bag? You might have to pause the movie at the right time to see.
German bisque doll
Stuffed panda doll
18. Turns out, the whole Krampus disaster was a dream (or was it?) as everything is back to normal and the family is celebrating Christmas together. When was the last time Dorothy was hung over?
Clinton's affair
The beginning of Reaganomics
Last Fourth of July The pope died
The pope died
19. What did Jordan get for Christmas this year?
A pair of cleats
Batting gloves
Lacrosse helmet
A pair of socks
20. The actor who plays Rosie goes by which name?

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