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James Bond 10/18/12 54.53%[16.36/30]        Comments
We've already run trivia on each of the films in the James Bond catalog - now it's time to see how well you know super agent 007 himself.
Safe House 7/31/12 73.80%[18.45/25]        Comments
You may think that the safe houses in Safe House are not, in fact, very safe houses, but how well do you know Safe House?
Chronicle 7/19/12 85.26%[23.02/27]        Comments
Three teens gain superhuman abilities in Chronicle. Will one of them go mad with his new power and launch a campaign of death and terror? Perhaps!
21 Jump Street 7/11/12 77.03%[23.11/30]        Comments
2012's 21 Jump Street is an unexpectedly entertaining of the 80s undercover-cops-posing-as-high-schoolers TV show. How well do you know 21 Jump Street?
Haywire 7/5/12 81.50%[16.30/20]        Comments
You may have mastered about thirty ways to kill a man in a confined space, but how well do you know Haywire?
Spider-Man Franchise Screenshots 7/3/12 76.00%[19.00/25]        Comments
In a series filled with dazzling visuals, we'll now test your knowledge of some of the films' signature and more obscure scenes.
Grey, The: 6/26/12 78.36%[19.59/25]        Comments
A plane crash, wintry conditions and an army of inhospitable wolves spell trouble for a band of survivors in The Grey. Liam Neeson continues his run as unlikely action movie hero in this bleak story of survivalism.
Rush Hour 3 5/31/12 67.28%[16.82/25]        Comments
Carter and Lee are back for one more time to complete the Rush Hour trilogy - this time they are mismatched because Lee is old and Carter is fat...
Thor 5/3/12 77.48%[19.37/25]        Comments
Thor drinks too much, eats too much and fights too much. In short, he is all that is man
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 4/25/12 65.12%[16.28/25]        Comments
After being framed for denoting a large section of the Kremlin, the IMF team led by Ethan Hunt must prove their innocence and prevent a nuclear attack.
Rocky IV 3/14/12 77.60%[19.40/25]        Comments
It's East versus West during the height of the Cold War. How Well Do You Know Rocky IV?
Rush Hour 2/28/12 73.92%[18.48/25]        Comments
The fastest hands in the East meet the biggest mouth in the West. How Well Do You Know Rush Hour?
Drive 2/15/12 69.48%[17.37/25]        Comments
Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, is a movie that sets out and successfully proves the old adage “No good deed goes unpunished.”
Warrior 2/2/12 83.88%[20.97/25]        Comments
Two estranged brothers take two different paths into a mixed martial arts tournament and Warrior. So let's go to war!
Cowboys and Aliens 1/10/12 61.80%[15.45/25]        Comments
With Iron Man’s Jon Favreau directing the current James Bond and the one-and-only Indiana Jones, the film plays it straight forward and avoids campiness.
Mission: Impossible Franchise Screenshots 12/21/11 82.70%[16.54/20]        Comments
On the eve of the latest entry in the series, it's time to see how well you know the first three Mission: Impossible films by sight.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 12/7/11 75.47%[22.64/30]        Comments
This time, Jack must square off against Blackbeard (the pirate all other pirates fear), resist a former lady love, side with an old foe and find the legendary Fountain of Youth.
Sons of Anarchy, Season 4 Recap 12/7/11 82.23%[24.67/30]        Comments
If given the choice between spending time with Jacob Hale or Georgie Caruso, you may opt to disparage Happy to his face, but how well do you know Sons of Anarchy, Season 4?
Fast Five 12/4/11 77.83%[23.35/30]        Comments
Dom, Brian and Mia are on the run, but that doesn't mean they don't have time to take down a local crime boss. They'll have to get the old gang back together.
Captain America, Part 2 12/3/11 69.16%[17.29/25]        Comments
Transformed from a 98-pound weakling into the ultimate freedom fighter, Captain America must save the world from a horrific WWII scourge.
Nikita, Season 2 Recap Part 1 12/3/11 76.25%[15.25/20]        Comments
You may be surprised at how easy black boxes are to come by, but how well do you know Nikita, Season 2?
Captain America, Part 1 12/1/11 74.29%[20.80/28]        Comments
Chris Evans fills the boots of Captain America. You may have thought he'd be taller, but how well do you know Captain America?
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 11/26/11 76.20%[19.05/25]        Comments
Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, a video-game-to-film project.
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi 11/9/11 72.36%[18.09/25]        Comments
Use the Force to get through this quiz and you will celebrating like an Ewok. How well do you know Return of the Jedi?
From Dusk Til Dawn 10/19/11 83.70%[22.60/27]        Comments
Two bank-robbing brothers kidnap a family and flee to Mexico, where the stumble into a bar inhabited by vampires.
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