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How Well Do You Know: Chronicle
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1. What is the relationship of Andrew and Matt, the film's antagonist and protagonist?
Best friends
2. The third member of the trio, Steve, is best described as:
A delinquent
Very popular at the school
More disliked than either Andrew or Matt
The son of the principal
3. The discovery of Whatever It Is Down in the Hole coincides with Andrew, Steve and Matt all attending:
A party
A concert
A football game
A school dance
4. The primary color of Whatever It Is Down in the Hole when they first find it is:
5. In the first documented example of the guys' new abilities, Andrew stops this object, which is thrown at him, in mid-air:
A brick
A baseball
A toaster
A stone
6. When the guys return to the hole where Whatever It Is Down in the Hole was, they find:
No trace of the hole
The hole has been filled in with cement
The hole has caved in
Dozens of military personnel guarding the site
7. The fellas make mayhem with their powers in this type of store:
Toy store
Pet store
Record store
Shoe store
8. Andrew playfully stabs Matt with this item, which ends up completely blunted:
Ice pick
9. Steve has some fun with a woman's car in a parking lot, as he:
Removes its battery
Moves the car to a different parking space
Overturns it
Turns the stereo on full blast every few seconds
10. Things start to take a dark turn when Andrew crashes this type of vehicle, which had been obnoxiously honking at and tailgating the three:
Mini Cooper
Police car
School bus
11. In wake of Andrew wrecking the car, Matt declares they must follow rules. Which of the below is not one of them?
No using powers on living things
No using powers when angry
No using powers on each other
No using powers in public
12. Steve first demonstrates the ability to fly:
At a lumber mill
At the school
At his house
At an abandoned amusement park
13. We see Andrew levitating his camera, but Steve doesn't witness it for himself until he and Andrew sitting in this very high place:
On top of a building
On top of a flagpole
On top of a mountain
On a cloud
14. At the talent show, Steve and Andrew amaze the audience with Andrew's abilities showcased in this type of act:
15. At the after-party, Andrew has an encounter with a girl named Monica go rather poorly. What was the very distinctive color of Monica's hair?
16. The first living thing that Andrew deliberately kills is:
An ant
A wasp
A butterfly
A spider
17. What triggers Andrew and his father coming to blows in their home?
Andrew's mother dying
His father finding his camera
Andrew fails one of his classes
His father finds Andrew's stash of money
18. Steve makes a rather abrupt exit from the film as he and Andrew argue:
At the site of the hole
Amid a lightning storm
After the post-talent show party
On the top of a tall building
19. Andrew settles a score with a school bully in gruesome fashion when Andrew uses his power to:
Tear out some of his hair
Rip off his ear
Pull out his teeth
Dislocate his should
20. Andrew pretty much goes over to the dark side when he announces himself as this archetype:
Big bad
Apex predator
Prime specimen
Ultimate avenger
21. Needing money for his mother's medicine, Andrew commits robberies while disguised in the clothes of a:
22. Andrew receives bad news while he is in the hospital. What is he told that sends him on his final, fatal rampage?
His father is dead
His mother is dead
He is dying
Matt is dying
23. Matt arrives at the hospital in time to see:
Andrew bringing the entire hospital crashing down
Andrew dropping his father from mid-air
Andrew kidnapping Casey
Andrew killing a doctor
24. Andrew crashes the car Matt and Casey are in onto the top of this notable structure, which lets you know the setting of the film:
The St. Louis Arch
The Space Needle in Seattle
The Capitol in Washington, DC
The Sears Tower in Chicago
25. After Matt has tried to talk Andrew down from his maniacal path of destruction, Andrew responds by pummeling Matt with a _________ as they are mid-air:
Police car
Fire engine
26. Matt finally ends Andrew as he impales him with a:
Flag pole
Large shard of glass
27. The film ends with Matt having traveled to this place, a destination Andrew had spoken of visiting:
Mount Kilimanjaro

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