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How Well Do You Know: Cowboys and Aliens
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1. What is the appropriately-named town at the center of the film?
Gun Barrel City
2. When the amnesiac cowboy (played by Daniel Craig), who we later find out is named Jake Lonergan, awakens in the dessert, he only has one of these things with him. Which one?
3. Even though he doesn’t remember how he got there, Jake seems to know that the ‘iron’ shackle on his wrist and the wound on his side are new. What is the correct location of both?
Shackle – left wrist / Wound – right side
Shackle – right wrist / Wound – left side
Shackle – right wrist / Wound – right side
Shackle – left wrist / Wound – left side.
4. Being a man of few words, Jake kills three men before even saying something to anyone or anything. Who/what do we hear him first address?
5. When Jake is discovered by Meacham the preacher (Clancy Brown) cleaning his wound, Meacham tells him: Only two types of people have gunshot wounds…______ and _______. Which are you?
Thieves and lawmen
Criminals and victims
Saints and sinners
Drunks and barkeeps
6. After a series of questions about who he is, what is the only thing Jake says he knows?
they’re in Arizona
how to shoot
the day
7. Sniveling Percy Dolarhyde (Paul Dano) is an annoying twerp that gets a well-deserved knee to the crotch thanks to Jake. Who does Percy inadvertently shoot in retaliation?
Sheriff’s deputy
the Sheriff
Doc the saloon owner
8. As Nat Colorado (Adam Beach) delivers the news to Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) that Percy had been arrested, he’s torturing a cattle hand that he thinks slaughtered part of his herd. During this exchange, Dolarhyde tells the tortured guy, “Don't call me ______!”
9. Jake’s acceptance in town for dealing with Percy is short-lived. Sheriff Taggart (Keith Carradine) soon sees he is a man wanted for arson, assault, mayhem and murder. What’s the reward on his head?
10. Despite facing down and disarming several lawmen in the saloon, who is the one to subdue Jake?
Doc the bar owner (Sam Rockwell)
Ella (Olivia Wilde)
Emmett, Sheriff Taggart's grandson (Noah Ringer)
11. What did Jake steal from Dolarhyde that makes him so intent on getting the Sheriff to hand Jake over?
his wife
12. During the alien attack and abduction, Jake and Percy are sitting ducks in the U.S. Marshals’ coach chained to each other and the floor. How does he get the chains free so they can escape the coach?
breaks Percy’s wrist
shoots the chain with the alien weapon
slips his own wrist out of the cuff
convinces the Sheriff to unlock them
13. When all the abducting is over, several townspeople are gone. Which of these is not someone abducted?
Emmett’s grandpa
Doc’s wife
Dolarhyde’s son
Sheriff Taggart’s daughter
14. Time to round up a posse, albeit an eclectic one. Which of these does not join the group searching for their townsfolk?
a kid
a grandma
a dog
a woman
By way of explanation.....
Meacham: “Got a kid and a dog, why not a woman?”
15. Following an antagonistic comment about his abducted wife, Doc receives this advice: “Friendly advice. Get yourself a gun and learn how to use it.”Who makes this suggestion?
Nat Colorado
16. Taking his advice, Doc gets Meacham to show him how to use a rifle. What do they use for target practice?
a portrait painting
roulette wheel
liquor bottles
By way of explanation.....
Meacham: “Don't yank on it, it's not your pecker.”
17. Dolarhyde tells young Emmett (Sheriff Taggart’s grandson) a story about how his father pushed him into combat to become a man. At the end of the story, he tells him, “Take it. Be a man.”What is the ‘it’ he gives him?
a rifle
a revolver
a knife
a saber
18. After Meacham is killed by an alien protecting Emmett, they bury him. Who stays behind to say the last words for Meacham?

A. Doc
B. Jake
C. Emmett
D. Dolarhyde
A, B, & C
A & B
B & C
All of them
19. With only a handful of their posse remaining, they encounter Jake's old gang. They aren't too happy to see him because he ran off with all the gold they stole. When beaten by Dolan, who exactly does Jake say has the gold?
The devil
20. From wounds she gets during the next attack, Ella dies. The Apaches that capture the survivors burn her body but she is resurrected. She tells them that these aliens killed everyone on her planet too. What are they looking for on Earth?
21. Thanks to the Apache 'medicine' Jake starts to remember where the aliens took him. What animal appears to help him?

(Hint: It is implied at the end of the movie that this was his lover Alice reincarnated.)
a butterfly
a bluebird
a firefly
a hummingbird
22. The Apaches refuse to join the fight with Dolarhyde leading them. Who is the one to convince them that they should work together and that Dolarhyde is really a good man?
23. With a well-placed satchel of dynamite, they have taken out the aliens' means of air attacks but an intense ground battle ensues. Which of these characters is killed in this fight outside the ship?
The Apache chief
By way of explanation.....
Nat: "I always dreamed of riding into battle with you." Dolarhyde: "I always dreamed of having a son like you."
24. Inside the ship, Jake has killed most of the aliens with his wrist weapon but Ella now has it to destoy the ship itself. Ultimately, Jake is recaptured but rescued because Dolarhyde starts shooting the alien. How do they finally dispatch this alien?
riddling it with bullets
bringing boulders down on it
covering it with melting gold
stabbing it with its surgical tool
25. When it's all said and done, the area is once again prosperous with the newly found gold site the aliens were at. Jake is absolved of his crimes. What is the story that Dolarhyde and Taggart will tell to let him off the hook?"I could have sworn I saw Jake Lonergan die in those ____, didn't you, Sheriff?"
By way of explanation.....
Sheriff: "Damn shame. I was looking forward to hanging him myself."

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