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How Well Do You Know: Warrior
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1. At the beginning of the film, Tommy (Tom Hardy) meets Paddy (Nick Nolte) here:
Outside Paddy's church
Outside Paddy's home
In a cemetery
In a hospital waiting room
2. The tournament at the center of the film - the "Super Bowl of mixed martial arts" - is called:
3. Paddy's wife died:
After she ran off with another man
After she and Tommy left Paddy
By killing herself
In Paddy's arms
4. Tommy's brother Brendan (Joel Edgerton) teaches which subject?
US History
5. How does Tommy come to fight - and more or less pulverize - Mad Dog in his gym?
Tommy was the #1 contender in the gym
Mad Dog needed an opponent, and Tommy volunteered
Mad Dog and Tommy had been talking smack to each other outside the gym
Mad Dog and Tommy were old rivals from high school
6. What is Brendan's financial situation at the beginning of the movie?
He and his wive have just been sued and have declared bankruptcy
Tommy and his wife are about to be prosecuted for tax evasion
Tommy and his wife have just lost all their investments due to fraud on the part of their accountant
He is upside down on his mortgage
7. Don't tell Brendan's wife, but he has been fighting at night:
In strip club parking lots
Two towns over, down by the river
In a salvage yard
In Atlantic City
8. Tommy allows Paddy to train him, provided that:
Paddy doesn't ask where Tommy goes at night
There will be no reconciliation between the two
Paddy get in touch with Brendan for Tommy
Paddy visits his wife's grave
9. When it's brought to light that Brendan has been fighting at night, the school's reaction is to:
Look the other way
Suspend him without pay
Fire him
Sponsor him
10. The first person to see the YouTube video of Tommy's beatdown of Mad Dog in the film is:
The Sparta organizer
A soldier in Iraq
Mad Dog
11. Brendan learns Tommy is back in the area:
From his wife
From Paddy
When Tommy comes to visit him
When he registers for Sparta
12. The family name is Conlan. Tommy uses last name:
13. A brief visit from Paddy reveals that the source of Brendan's bitterness towards his father stems from the fact that:
Brendan thought that Paddy drove Tommy away
Brendan treated his mother so badly
Paddy was weak and therefore turned to substance abuse
Paddy was never really interested in him
14. Brendan's trainer uses this type of music in his gym (it's also the style of Brendan's walk-out music):
Heavy metal
15. Sparta is held over this holiday weekend:
Fourth of July
New Years
Memorial Day
16. The fearful fighter Koba is from:
17. Brendan is able to enter Sparta when:
A contender is injured
His trainer pays off the organizers
He makes an impassioned plea to the organizers
Tommy temporarily drops out
18. Throughout the movie, we hear audio snippets from a book-on-tape. What classic piece of literature is being read?
A Tale of Two Cities
War and Peace
The Old Man and the Sea
Moby Dick
19. The face-to-face reunion between Tommy and Brendan finally takes place:
In a locker room
On a beach
In the ring during the final round of Sparta
In Paddy's hotel room
20. Sparta is the brainchild of a former:
Network television executive
Wall Street tycoon
MMA fighter who had been paralyzed
Military officer
21. Tommy's act of valor in the war came in the form of his:
Ripping a door off a tank
Single-handedly taking out a machine gun nest
Killing an enemy sniper
Defusing an IED
22. The commentator for Sparta uses this animal as a symbol for Brendan's chances in the tournament:
A skunk
A goldfish
A parakeet
An earthworm
23. Which is true of the first round of fights, which sets the tone for most of the tournament?
Both Tommy and Brendan win easily
Both Tommy and Brendan barely prevail
Tommy wins on the first punch, Brendan barely prevails
Brendan wins with just one punch, Tommy barely prevails
24. The kids from Brendan's class watch the tournament action:
In a drive-in theater
In the school auditorium
On the school football field
At the principal's house
25. Tommy faces an uncertain fate after the events in the movie. Why did he desert his unit?
His friend was killed in friendly fire
He disobeyed an obviously unjust order
In inadvertently killed a child
He refused to fire on unarmed civilians

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