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How Well Do You Know: Safe House
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1. At the beginning, Matt Weston is pretty much bored out of his mind babysitting a safe house located in this country, in which most of the action in the film is set:
South Africa
2. Weston's career path can best be described as:
Based solely on nepotism
3. When we first meet Tobin Frost, he is buying a secret file that is contained:
In a capsule
On a microdot
On a flash drive
On a cell phone sim card
4. After Frost takes possession of the file, we see an attempt on his life by a sniper. Frost is not killed, though, as....
The sniper's gun misfires
Frost is able to elude the gunfire
Frost takes out the sniper
He has switched clothes with another man
5. After the assassination attempt, Frost flees to:
The safe house Weston keeps
The US consulate
A police station
A network of subway tunnels
6. The CIA considers Tobin Frost to be:
Loyal to a fault
An unknown entity
A criminal and traitor
Freedom's last best chance
7. Weston's designation at the safehouse is:
House master
8. Led by one Daniel Kiefer, the CIA team that brings Frost to the safe house tortures Frost by:
Sensory deprivation
9. The first sign of the assault on the safe house is:
The building loses power
The CIA team starts to drop from being gassed
Kiefer begins killing his own men
An explosion caves in part of the building
10. Frost plants seeds of paranoia in Weston's head, and suggests Weston knows he's in trouble when he hears his superiors say:
You're in the clear
We'll take it from here
You're in good hands
Just put it in your report
11. At the second safe house, Frost messes Weston's head regarding:
The degree to which the CIA trusts him
His fitness as an agent
His short life expectancy
His relationship with his girlfriend
12. Matt is instructed by David Barlow, his CIA contact, to retrieve a bag from a locker located at:
An airport
A soccer stadium
A police station
A fitness club
13. At the stadium, Frost is able to elude Weston by pretending:
He his having a seizure
He has been shot
Weston is kidnapping him
There is a bomb at the stadium
14. Escaping from the stadium, Frost has Weston dead to rights with two guns on him, but tells Weston, "I only kill:"
The righteous
The opposition
15. The CIA Deputy Director Harlan Whitford (Sam Shepard) sends David Barlow and Catherine Linklater (Vera Farmiga) to South Africa. The relationship between Linklater and Barlow is:
16. After losing Frost, Weston meets with his girlfriend and tells her:
He is dying
He is seeing someone else
He has to go out of town for business
The truth about who he works for
17. Seemingly without a clue as to where Frost is headed, Weston suddenly realizes Frost's designation is Langa Township. Weston recalls this tidbit from:
Seeing a road sign
Overhearing Frost's phone call
Remembering a detail from Frost's dossier
Something uttered by Kiefer before the extraction team was killed
18. Frost meets with his friend Carlos Villar in Langa Township. Villar supplies Frost with:
Telecom equipment
Forged identification
19. After Villar and his family are killed, Frost escapes largely __________ until Weston offers him a ride:
Over rooftops
Under ground
Through an urban dump
On a bicycle
20. Weston and Frost learn that Vargas, the man trying pretty darned hard to kill them, works for:
Weston's girlfriend
21. David Barlow kills Catherine Linklater:
Along a road side
At the final safe house
In Langa Township
On an airplane to South Africa
22. The final safe house where the last action of the movie plays out is located:
Under the American consulate
In the middle of nowhere
In a slum
In a bustling part of a city
23. Weston kills the keeper of the last safe house in the film with:
A shard of glass
His gun
His bare hands
A car
24. Who ultimately kills David Barlow?
Deputy Director Whitford
No one
25. At the end of the film, the contents of the file:
Are kept, unreleased, by Weston to ensure his safety
Are destroyed by Weston
Are destroyed by Deputy Director Whitford
Are made public by Weston

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