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Who kills Laufey moments before the Frost Giant would have killed Odin?
MarinaVlad 12/13/15 6:33 am


1. Let's start with the simple stuff. What race of people's collective asses did Odin kick back in the day?
Dark Elves
Frost Giants
Hill Giants
Hobbits...because God knows those little punks deserve it.
2. Thor swings a massive hammer, and I am not making a sex joke right now. Demonstrate your knowledge of either this movie, the Thor comic or basic Norse mythology by providing the name of the giant hammer.
By way of explanation.....
Grendel isn't Norse, Jormungand is a serpent and Sledge is...a forgotten ABC tv show character.
3. What did Odin lose in the Frost Giant (did you get it right?) War?
His eye
His ring finger
His left hand
By way of explanation.....
Even Anthony Hopkins looks cooler with an eye patch.
4. Papa don't preach. Hey, who is the birth father of Loki?
Virgin birth
By way of explanation.....
I fully expect Thor to be revealed as his real, *real* father in Thor 1500.
5. That glowing blue rectangular object that Odin keeps locked in the basement has a name. What is it?
Casket of Ancient Winters
Odin's brew
The Destroyer
By way of explanation.....
The Destroyer is neither blue nor rectangular. Laufenbrau and Odin's Brew may be the beverage of choice for Vikings everywhere, but they are not correct answers.
6. What stops the coronation of Thor as the next ruler of Asgard?
Frost Giant invasion!
Loki has created an illusion of the entire cermony.
Odin determines Thor unworthy of the crown.
Thor declares himself unworthy of the crown.
By way of explanation.....
When Frost Giants Attack! sounds like a Fox TV show.
7. What is the name of that giant thing that shoots laser beams from its eyes and kills the invading Frost Giants?
Asgard's Curse
Eternal Warrior
By way of explanation.....
The other names are all potential wrestling nicknames and/or new comic book characters. The two premises are never that far apart.
8. There are apparently only two women who matter in Asgard. Odin's wife is one. What is the name of the other, a childhood friend of Thor?
By way of explanation.....
Sif is the only woman among the three options. The other three are incompetent drunks, at least in the comics.
9. Who is the all-seeing gatekeeper of Asgard?
10. Thor goes against his father's word on something major that leads to his banishment from Asgard. What is it?
He breaks the Casket of Ancient Winters
He invades the Frost Giant home world.
In the royal basement, he slays an innocent Frost Giant.
Thor takes Jane Foster's virtue.
By way of explanation.....
The way we know Thor is crazy is that he considers five against thousands good odds.
11. Finish the quote: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy..."
"May bring an eternal end to wars."
"May rule Asgard as I, the Allfather, have done."
"Shall possess the power of Thor."
"Shall smite the wicked and bring justice across the 9 realms."
By way of explanation.....
Thor Power sounds like a Nerd Rock band.
12. Why are astrophysicist Jane Foster, her mentor and her intern having a bad night at the start *and* 30 minutes into the movie?
Their prior research is flawed.
Their projected location for the next sighting is wrong.
Their SUV struck a pedestrian. Hard.
Thor is wearing a shirt.
By way of explanation.....
Women may be obsessed with shirtless Thor, but he is wearing one when he gets struck by a car.
13. In the middle of a fight between Loki and Odin, what happens?
Loki banishes Odin to another realm
Odin banishes Loki to another realm
Odin collapses into Odinsleep.
While they argue, Mjolnir disappears.
By way of explanation.....
Presumably, Thor was being coronated because Odin was in need of this recuperation period.
14. One of the two pictures Jane and her co-workers manage to take during the astrological event shows what?
A body moving through the wormhole
Bifrost's Bridge
Jotunheim, the Frost Giant homeworld
By way of explanation.....
Confession: I missed this the first time I watched the movie. So, if you didn't get this one right after a single viewing, we are in the same boat.
15. What happens the next time Jane and Thor meet?
He breaks her coffee mug.
He insults her research as "the work of a Frost Giant childing"..
She hits him with her car again.
She kisses him but cannot explain why.
By way of explanation.....
This is *not* a Meet Cute story.
16. There isn't a lot to do in the New Mexico desert. What becomes the in thing for a lot of dudes in the area?
Attempts to dislodge Mjolnir from its crater.
Pick-up softball games nobody realizes are on top of the SHIELD facility.
Pick-up football games nobody realizes are on top of the SHIELD facility.
What happens at the bathhouse stays at the bathhouse.
By way of explanation.....
I love that they turn it into a tailgating event. This is also when Stan Lee makes his requisite appearance.
17. What does Thor attempt to buy at the local pet shop?
A centaur
A dragon
A flying monkey
A horse
By way of explanation.....
Maybe Thor always wanted to be a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. Or its Asgardian equivalent.
18. When Thor invades the Mjolnir government facility, Agent Coulson says, "I need eyes up high...with a gun." Who performs this task?
Black Widow
By way of explanation.....
Hawkeye is the only one of these choices who even appears in the movie.
19. What does Hawkeye confess to Agent Coulson about Thor?
I could never take him.
I'm starting to root for this guy.
I'm sure this is the real Thor. I met him once before.
I'm thinking about defecting to his team.
By way of explanation.....
"I'm starting to root for this guy" is a clever bit of cinematic storytelling.
20. What does Loki reveal to Thor?
Asgard fell to the Frost Giants.
"I gleefully betrayed you, brother."
Odin is dead.
"You made our mother cry."
By way of explanation.....
Loki is lying. It's what Loki does.
21. Who unexpectedly knocks on the door at Jane's research lab while Thor and the scientists try to enjoy breakfast?
The Abomination
The Destroyer
Sif and the Warriors Three
By way of explanation.....
Thankfully, Jane doesn't have to feed them because keeping Thor sated is difficult enough.
22. What villainous act does Loki perform upon Heimdall?
Assassinates him
Freezes him
Imprisons him
Sends him Earth to join Thor in exile
By way of explanation.....
Loki uses the Casket of Ancient Winters to freeze Heimdall.
23. What does Thor offer Loki via the Destroyer?
A haircut.
Thor offers to sacrifice his life instead of those of his friends
Loyal and fealty
Renouncement of his claim to the throne of Asgard
24. How does the newly re-powered Thor defeat the Destroyer?
With Mjolnir
With a wind funnel
With a wind funnel *and* Mjolnir
The Destroyer is never defeated. It powers down when Loki flees.
By way of explanation.....
The wind funnel lifts the Destroyer up then Mjolnir blocks its fiery eye blasts and thereby forces an implosion.
25. Who kills Laufey moments before the Frost Giant would have killed Odin?
By way of explanation.....
Loki wants the creature who sired him to know that the Frost Giant died by the hands of a son of Odin.

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