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How Well Do You Know: Captain America, Part 2
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1. Describe the HYDRA salute:
Both arms raised in a "Y" shape
Two raised fists
One leg kicking while the opposite fist is to the head
One hand on the back of your head, the other arms extended and moving in a pulsing movement
2. Dr. Erskine and Peggy Carter are attached to this organization:
Allied Defense Initiative
United Freedom Operation
National Clandestine Service
Strategic Scientific Reserve
3. When the film rewinds to 1942, it is set in this European country:
4. Schmidt finds the Tesseract in a wall dominated by a carving of a:
5. An Army doctor who screens Steve says that he would be ineligible to join on the basis of this affliction alone:
Flat feet
Heart murmur
6. At the World Exposition of Tomorrow, Howard Stark somewhat successfully demonstrates a:
Handheld rocket-launcher
Robotic vacuum machine
Flying car
7. When Dr. Erskine asks Steve if he wants to kill Nazis, Steve answers:
He wants justice
He doesn't like bullies
They are the scourge of the Earth
He'll kill anyone who threatens freedom
8. When we first meet Agent Carter, a soldier mouths off to her. Colonel Phillips later wants this man for Dr. Erskine's experiment. The soldier's name is:
9. As Phillips and Erskine discuss various candidates for the project, Steve proves his mettle by:
Preventing a soldier from stepping on a mine
Throwing himself on a grenade
Tackling Agent Carter
Preventing the assassination of Dr. Erskine
10. Schmidt says this about the serum Schmidt was given:
It was intended to kill Schmidt
It was intended to be administered to Hitler
It unleashed the greatest monster history has ever seen
It was imperfect
11. Dr. Erskine explains that the serum injection is enhanced with:
12. The saboteur who kills Erskine triggers explosions with:
A lighter
A pen
A shoe
A wallet
13. Steve first uses this as a shield against bullets in the film:
A garbage pail lid
A car door
A desktop
A telephone booth
14. HYDRA agents have a nasty habit of doing this rather than being captured:
Shooting themselves
Biting a cyanide capsule
Electrocuting themselves
Throwing themselves off rooftops
15. Feeling down after a disastrous appearance before troops in Italy, Steve sketches himself as a performing:
16. With his compound overrun, Schmidt sets an auto-destruct sequence. How much time is on the countdown timer?
3 minutes
15 minutes
1 minute
7 minutes
17. Three of the escapees commandeer a HYDRA vehicle outfitted with a cannon. Who is not on board?
"Dum Dum" Dugan
Gabe Jones
Jacques Dernier
Bucky Barnes
18. When Schmidt escapes the destructing facility by ________, Dr. Zola leaves by ________:
Rocket / motorcycle
Plane / Schmidt's car
Plane / foot
Car / train
19. Before Steve ships out with his company, Agent Carter mentions that she might want to go dancing after this is all over....she's just waiting for:
The right song
The right partner
Someone to give her dance lessons
The right time and place
20. Steve gets a non-standard issue shield from Stark. The shield is made of:
21. Newsreel footage shows that Agent Carter is on Steve's mind, as he has her picture:
On the back of his shield
In a band on his hat
On his rifle
In a compass cover
22. The fact that Steve's metabolism burns four times the normal rate means that he can't:
Sleep through the night
Get drunk
Feel remorse like he should
23. Key to the Americans' successful storming of the final HYDRA fortress was:
Steve knocking out the surveilance system
Phillips acquiring a schematic of the facility from Dr. Zola
Steve allowing himself to be captured
Stark detecting the energy signature of the primary HYDRA device
24. Schmidt, to Rogers: "I have seen the future. There are no"
25. As he holds the Tesseract, Schmidt is sorta __________, and afterward the Tesseract ___________
Disintegrated / also disintegrates
Burned alive / freezes
Beamed into the heavens / melts through the plane
Obliterated / collapses on itself

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