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How Well Do You Know: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
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1. The globe-trotting spy franchise is back in its fourth movie. Which of these cities is NOT a destination seen in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol?
2. Racing through a Budapest train station Agent Hanaway (Josh Halloway) evades pursuit by jumping off the roof. He uses what so he does not die from the fall?
grappling hook
sticky glove
the roof of a passing truck
portable mini inflated air pad
3. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is first seen in a Russian prison. He's been there for six years for what crime?
Killing Serbian nationals
Blowing up the Kremlin
The events of MI:2
4. What classic song is played over the prison speakers during Hunt's IMF-facilitated prison break?
The Beatles' Revolution
Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock
Dean Martin's Ain't that a Kick in the Head
The Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop
5. Agent Carter (Paula Patton) and Benji (Simon Pegg) fill Hunt in on why they broke him out of the prison. Hanaway was killed by an assassin hired by a man known as _______ who is buying Russian nuclear launch codes to start war.
6. Hunt's team mission if they choose to accept it is to break into the Kremlin. Why?
For another copy of Russian launch codes
For a file on the identity of Cobalt
The schematics of a nuclear launch device
Whereabouts of an ex-prisoner named Bogdon
7. Which of these is not part of their Kremlin-breaking-in operation?
A 3D screen in a hallway
Hunt posing as a general
A red balloon
Benji monitoring from outside
8. Following the explosion inside Kremlin which the IMF team is blamed for, what about Hunt tips off the Russian authorities that he is involved?
Video surveillance
His discarded mustache
His ear piece communicator
His reversible general's jacket
9. Hunt's hospital escape is followed by him being picked up by the Secretary (Tom Wilkinson) and William Brandt (Jeremy Renner). They let Hunt know that the IMF has been disavowed. Who issued the titular 'Ghost Protocol'?
The Secretary himself
Chief of Staff
The President
The Pentagon
10. Thanks to Hunt's quick sketch of the man he saw leaving the Kremlin, Brandt determines that Cobalt is actually a pro-war radical named Hendricks. What does the resourceful Hunt use for his sketch?
The back of a file
The sleeve of his jacket
Brandt's hand
His own hand
11. Another ambush and narrow escape leaves the Secretary dead and Hunt and Brandt on the run. In the train car/IMF mobile base, Brandt is introduced with what mundane job title?
Under Secretary
12. The latest mission sends them to Dubai to recover the launch codes before they are sold to Hendricks/Cobalt by an assassin named Moreau. What is Moreau preferred form of payment?
13. The elaborate set up in the world's tallest building involved Hunt scaling the exterior of the building from the 118th floor to floor ___ to allow them to hack the building's elevator controls.
14. Complete Benji's instructions about the 'sticky glove' gadget Hunt uses to climb to the 130th floor:Benji - "Remember, blue is _____."
Hunt - "And red?"
Benji - "____."
sticky / icky
glue / dead
best / worse
up / way down
15. Brandt posing as the person verifying the launch codes uses a contact lens with a camera to transmit copies of the real codes. How does he operate the contact's camera function?
scratching his eye
blinking once
blinking twice
holding it directly in front of himself
16. When the exchange goes wrong, Moreau has been dropped from the building, Hendricks has escaped with the codes and Brandt's been outed as more than an analyst. What was Brandt's last field assignment that he failed?
protecting Ethan and Julia Hunt
killing Hendricks three years earlier
serving as the liaison for Hanaway in Budapest
preventing a suicide terrorist plot in Iraq
17. According to Brandt, he left the field over guilt that ______.
he led the assassins to Julia
he was the one covering Julia when she was taken
he didn't warn Ethan and Julia they were being targeted
the friendly fire that killed Julia was from him and Ethan does not know
18. Hunt gets the intelligence that Hendricks will be using a decommisioned Russian satellite owned by a wealthy Indian businessman named Nath (Anil Kapoor). Which of these is NOT a correct match of the celestial code name and agent during this mission?
Saturn / Brandt
Venus / Carter
Jupiter / Hunt
Uranus / Benji
19. How does Carter get the correct security code from Nath?
she swipes his access card
she bribes his bodyguard
she hacks his phone
she chokes him until he tells her
20. In a Mission: Impossible staple stunt, someone is suspended just above ground level (a la the 'white room' from the first film). What is keeping Brandt from hitting the floor?
the power of positive thinking
21. As the team descends upon the television station to regain control of the satellite, which one of them is shoot (although not fatally)?
22. The final showdown of Hendricks and Hunt over the launch device takes places in an automated parking structure. Hendricks has beaten Hunt and reclaimed the device, so how is Hendricks finally killed?
shot by Brandt
pushed from several stories up by Hunt
car lands on him
he jumps, commiting suicide while holding the case
23. What two word tagline does Hunt say as he hits the button to deactivate the nuclear warhead?
Mission accomplished
Mission completed
Mission possible
Gotcha suckas
24. Luther (Ving Rhames) appears at the end just in time to mock Hunt's 'Mission accomplished' tagline. Still with IMF, he complains that thanks to what they all did he will be spending the weekend doing what?
hacking all security cameras in San Francisco that may have seen the warhead crash in the bay
repairing the damage to the relationships with the governments in Dubai and Mumbai
dragging San Francisco bay looking for the nuclear warhead
burying the fake meteor news story in the news cycle
25. Hunt finally lets Brandt know that Julia was in fact not kidnapped but rather her disappearance was a plan to keep her safe while he went to Russia. What's the last thing we see Hunt doing?
staring at Julia
listening to his next assignment
sharing another drink with Brandt
driving away

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