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How Well Do You Know: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
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1. Dastan is brought into King Sharaman's family when the king witnesses Dastan:
Thwart an assassination attempt on the king
Robbing a rich merchant to feed other orphans
Rescuing a girl from drowning in a well
Escape after seeing another boy being beaten in the streets
2. The war council convened by Dastan's brothers, Tus and Garsiv, and his uncle Nizam are informed that the city of Alamut has committed what treachery?
Contracting an assassination attempt against King Sharaman
Fomenting rebellion among the Persian populace
Selling arms to an enemy of the King
Poisoning Persia's food supply
3. While Garsiv's attempts to attack the city are unsuccessful, Dastan is able to breach the walls by:
Attacking a side gate
Sailing in through an underground river
Digging under the walls
Disguising himself as an Alamutian
4. Dastan comes into possession of the dagger when he:
Plunders the treasure room of the city
Defeats the man charged with its safe keeping
Disarms Princess Tamina
Accidentally falls into a secret chamber room
5. When King Sharaman learns that Alamut was taken, he is:
6. The King is killed by a poisoned:
7. Just before he dies, the King proclaims that:
Tamina is to marry Dastan, not Tus
His brother tried to kill him
The Persian army is to disband
Dastan is to be king
8. Dastan activates the dagger for the first time:
Immediately after the king dies
He fights with Tamina
He and Tamina are trapped in a sandstorm
He and Tamina flee the city
9. Dastan and Tamina are taken by Amar, who fixes races involving:
10. After escaping Amar, Dastan and Tamina head for:
The Persian border
A mine for the magical sands
His birthplace
King Sharaman's funeral
11. Before realizing who actually killed the king, Dastan primarily suspects:
12. ___________ makes Dastan realize that Nizam is behind the King's death:
Foreign silver
Burns on his hands
An intercepted letter
An overheard conversation
13. The king's favorite story was how his brother Nizam saved him from being killed by:
Rebel hordes
A viper
A lion
A flood
14. The killers Nizam employs to kill Dastan are called:
Sand Vipers
15. Tamina tells Dastan the story of the original guardian of the sand, who was a/n:
Blind man
Ancient king
Orphan boy
Young girl
16. When he and Tamina are again captured by Amar, Dastan thwarts a nighttime attack by:
Poisonous lizards
Wild boars
17. Hassassins attack and kill:
Amar and Garsiv
Tus, Armar and Garsiv
18. A Hassassin presents Nizam with the dagger after retrieving it from:
The body of Garsiv
A swirl of sand
His turban
The belly of snake
19. Tamina's plan for protecting the dagger entails:
Traveling back in time to prevent its creation
Sacrificing herself
Destroying the last of the sand
Melting it down in fire
20. Dastan demonstrates the power of the dagger to Tus by:
Stabbing himself with it
Stabbing Tamina with it
Stabbing Tus with it
Stabbing Nizam with it
21. Who activates the dagger that undoes Dastan's death?
No one
22. If the dagger is thrust into this, the sand flows freely and time can be turned back without limit:
The Sand Cube
The Sand Jewel
The Sand Glass
The Sand Safe
23. Nizam does in fact release the sands, and time turns back to the point at which:
Nizam saves Sharaman from the lion
Dastan joins Sharaman's family
Dastan first gets the dagger
King Sharaman is killed
24. With time rewound, the final conflict between Dastan and Nizam takes place on:
Palace stairs
A sand dune
A high, guarded tower
25. Who ultimately kills Nizam?

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