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How Well Do You Know: Haywire
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1. Mallory Kane enters the film as she has a meeting with Aaron (Channing Tatum):
On a deserted wharf
In an abandoned warehouse
In a city park
In a diner
2. Aaron assaults Mallory:
With a ketchup bottle
With coffee
By stabbing her in the hand with a fork
With a cast iron skillet
3. After fighting off Aaron, Gina commandeers Scott (Michael Angarano)'s car. As she drives off with Scott, she has him:
Call her father
Tend to her arm
Make a call to the police
Disable her cell phone
4. The film recounts how Mallory was assigned by her company to an apparent hostage rescue operation in this European city:
5. Mallory delivers the "hostage" Jiang to Rodrigo (Antonio Banderas):
In an airport terminal
In a hotel kitchen
On a high-speed train
In a coffin
6. With the Barcelona job finished, Mallory and Aaron wind down by:
Brawling in an apartment
Walking on a beach together
Plotting to kill Kenneth
Having sex
7. Through a discussion between Mallory and Aaron, we learn this about their employer Kenneth (Ewan McGregor):
He's Aaron's brother
He is being paid by the Cuban government
He's Mallory's ex
He is going to kill Rodrigo
8. Mallory's father John is a noted:
Football coach
9. Mallory heads to Dublin where she meets Paul (Michael Fassbender). At Kenneth's instruction, Mallory wears this, so Paul can identify her:
Sapphire earrings
A plaid scarf
A large broach
A rather revealing red dress
10. Mallory finds Jiang dead, and realizes she is in trouble as the deceased is clutching:
Her phone
Her broach
Paul's tie
A picture of her father
11. In the final move of his career, Paul attacks Mallory:
As she emerges from the shower
As they enter their hotel room
In a parking lot
In the hotel elevator
12. Mallory dispatches Paul by:
Kicking him out a window
Breaking his neck with her legs
Cutting his throat
Shooting him through a pillow
13. Mallory ultimately escapes Dublin:
By car
By ferry
By jumping on a cargo ship
By motorcycle
14. On the run from the police, Mallory and Scott drive (backwards) through a snowy forest, and everything goes great until their car hits a:
Electrified gate
Very large rock
15. Mallory's father lives in a house with a pretty spectacular view in:
New Mexico
16. When Aaron and Kenneth meet John at his house to discuss Mallory, John is able to get into Aaron's head by:
Suggesting Mallory and Kenneth are still seeing each other
Repeatedly mentioning Barcelona
Asking Aaron why he hasn't been paid for the job
Implying that he, John, has been contracted by Kenneth to kill Aaron
17. Who fatally shoots Aaron during Mallory's siege of the house?
John Kane
18. The final confrontation between Mallory and Kenneth takes place:
In a swamp
In a jail cell
In a baseball stadium
On a beach
19. A series of flashback conversations at the end of the film suggests that Mallory was set up because:
Kenneth was bitter about her leaving her
She was about to leave Kenneth's employment
Her father was about to publish a scathing book
She was a double agent
20. It's implied that the final person that Mallory kills in the film is:
Coblenz (Michael Douglas)

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