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How Well Do You Know: From Dusk Til Dawn
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1. As the film opens, the Gecko brothers are holding up a:
Liquor store
Grocery store
2. In a shootout with the store clerk, Richie is shot through:
The leg
The hand
The cheek
The ear
3. Along with the liquor store clerk, also killed in the opening segment was:
A lawman
The hostages
The clerk's wife
The third Gecko brother
4. As they pull into a hotel, the Geckos have a woman in the trunk of their car. What becomes of the woman?
She hangs herself
She escapes
Seth shoots her when she's trying to escape
Richie kills her in the hotel room
5. Meet the Fuller family. Father Jacob, daughter Kate and adopted son Scott are struggling go come to terms with:
The loss of the family dog
Jacob's wife
Jacob's being fired
Kate's brother, who happened to be clerk killed in the beginning of the film
6. The Geckos kidnap the Fullers when Richie knocks on their hotel door asking to borrow:
A map
Their phone
An ice bucket
The TV remote control
7. Jacob Fuller is a former:
Social worker
8. "Goddamn, that was intense." When the border patrol boards the Fullers' RV, Kate is able to hide the Geckos' presence on the vehicle, because:
She is naked
She is on the toilet
She is asleep
She is behind the wheel
9. The Geckos' destination is a bar in Mexico called:
The Titty Twister
The Landing Strip
The Pink Taco
El Perro Fumando
10. Cheech Marin plays a number of roles in the film. Which is not among them?
Seth's contact at the end of the film
A border patrol guard
The barker at the Titty Twister
A member of the house band
11. Entering the bar, Seth declares:
I could swear I've been here before
I'm thinking of having my wedding here
Now, this is my kind of place!
It could use some better linen on the tables, but it'll do
12. Horror movie mainstay Tom Savini plays Sex Machine, a man with a gun mounted:
On his crotch
In his eye
Where his hand once was
Where his leg once was
13. Santanico employs _________ in her iconic dance:
A large snake
Seven veils
A pole
Large feather fans
14. Immediately before Santanico bites Richie:
One of the strippers gives Seth, then Kate, a lap dance
The Geckos fight off some employees of the bar
Seth smashes a bottle over Richie's head
A biker has been beheaded
15. Which of the following are not vampires?
The male employees of the bar
The strippers
Most of the bikers in the bar
The band that plays at the bar
16. Kate manages to kill the first vampire by:
Lighting it on fire
Shoving a cross into its mouth
Dousing it with holy water
Driving a chair leg through its heart
17. Some of the bar patrons kill four stripper vampires in quick succession by impaling them:
On antlers of deer heads mounted on the wall
On broken guitar handles
On pool cues
On legs of an overturned table
18. Meanwhile, Seth does away with Santanico by way of:
Stripper pole
Bannister railing
Ceiling rafter
19. Who kills the reanimated Richie?
20. Which of the survivors incurs a bite on his/her arm while staking the corpses?
Sex Machine
21. Sex machine attacks Frost, one of the other survivors, as he finishes a rather long soliloquy about:
Being kidnapped in Mexico
Fighting in Vietnam
The nature of faith
Working in a cemetery
22. Bats swarm into the bar when:
Jacob accidentally shoots out a door
Kate knocks loose the board barricading the fireplace
Scott tries to run outside to the RV
Sex Machine is hurled through a window
23. Jacob fashions a cross out of:
A baseball bat and a rifle
Severed arms from executed vampires
Two beer taps
Somewhat ironically, two pieces of a broken cross
24. Finding a cache of goods from the vampires' victims,Seth and the Fullers arm themselves with each of the following, except for:
A crossbow
A watergun
A machine gun
Water balloons
25. Which of Jacob's children survives?
Kate only
Scott only
Both Kate and Scott
26. As Seth flees the bar, the remaining vampires meet death by:
A drum of fuel oil
Mirror ball
27. As the film closes, we see that the Titty Twister was built on:
A massive graveyard
An ancient pyramid
A black vortex
A corpse-ridden swamp

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