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How Well Do You Know: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
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1. 'On Stranger Tides' marks a complete departure from the previous films plot-wise. You know Capt. Jack Sparrow returns and he is joined by all of the following characters from the first trilogy EXCEPT ______.
Captain Teague
Admiral Norrington
2. The fishermen at the beginning haul a sailor in with their fishing nets. What does he say to them, that makes them rush to tell the king of Spain?
Ponce de Leon
The Fountain
Jack Sparrow
3. When we first see Jack, he is disguised as what?
A lawyer
A judge
A bailiff
A court spectator
4. Which of these does NOT figure into Jack’s carefully, planned escape from the King George’s dining hall?
Annoying the king with his chains to get them unlocked
Spilling wine on the floor
Moving a chair closer to a window
Dropping a napkin
5. For his escape through the streets of London, Jack ends up on a cart hauling _____, which eventually catches fire.
gun powder
6. What is the name of the pub where Angelica is recruiting a crew while passing herself off as Jack Sparrow?
Captain’s Daughter
Scurvy Dog
Rusty Barnacle
Boar’s Head
7. Who said it?"Does this face look like it's been to the fountain of youth?"
Captain Teague
Jack Sparrow
Mr. Gibbs
8. Following a spirited sword fight, we learn a bit about Jack and Angelica’s history. Where did they first meet?
A brothel
A Spanish convent
Aboard the Black Pearl
In a Portuguese jail
9. Jack awakens below deck of Blackbeard’s ship, _______, as a member of the crew.
Jolly Roger
Diablo de Santiago
Queen Anne’s Revenge
The Golden Hind
10. With no virtuous Will Turner around this time, the role of the young, handsome do-gooder is filled by missionary Phillip Swift. Where do we first 'meet' him?
at the Captain’s Daughter pub
swabbing the deck
tied to the mast
during the Jack-led mutiny
11. According to Jack, he estimates they have been sailing for five days. How? “Smell of the ______.”
the wind
12. While the name Blackbeard is very intimidating, his real name in the film is Edward _____.
13. Angelica, who is Blackbeard’s daughter, and Blackbeard himself are insistent upon finding the Fountain of Youth because according to a prophecy, Blackbeard will die in a fortnight at the hands of _____.
a mermaid
a pirate king
a missionary
a one legged man
14. Angelica informs Jack that his beloved Black Pearl is where?
At the bottom of the English Channel
In Davy Jones’ locker
In a bottle
Part of the Spanish Armada
15. Three items are needed for the ritual at the Fountain of Youth to extend someone’s life, except what?
blood of a holy man
de Leon’s two silver chalices
the tear of a mermaid
water from the fountain
16. On the hunt for a mermaid’s tear and thus, a mermaid herself, Blackbeard sails them to what place known for mermaids?
Tidal Cape
Whitecap Bay
Azul Lagoon
Siren’s Reef
17. To attract the mermaids to the surface, Blackbeard, Angelica and Jack use what to light a primitive lighthouse/spotlight?
Palm leaves
Whale oil
18. The lighthouse provides one of the two things that mermaids are attracted to…manmade light. What is the other thing (which the crew in the dingy provides)?
scent of men
splashing on the water surface
19. Now Blackbeard has his mermaid but still needs the chalices. To convince Jack to jump into a ravine, he threatens to shoot his own daughter in a game similar to Russian Roulette. Complete his rules of the game: "Get me __ more pistols, remove the shot from all but __, but do not tell me which…"
six / two
six / one
four / one
five / two
20. Noticing that Syrena the mermaid can’t breathe in the glass box, what does Phillip use to prop it open?
a scabbard
a compass
a bible
a rock
21. Upon duping Syrena into crying, Blackbeard professes that tears of _____ are more potent than others.
22. Aboard de Leon’s ship, Barbossa and Jack realize the Spaniards have already retrieved the chalices when they discover what in their place?
cannon balls
23. It turns out that Angelica and Blackbeard are the only ones actually seeking the Fountain of Youth for extending someone’s life. Why is Barbossa heading to the fountain?
Because he has embraced his new position as the King’s privateer
Seeking payment from Blackbeard for years of service
To prevent any pirate from acquiring eternal life
Revenge against Blackbeard for capturing the Black Pearl and costing him his leg
24. During their successful retrieval of the chalices, Barbossa explains that he is coating his sword with what to make it easier to kill Blackbeard?
scorpion venom
poisonous toad innards
the blood of a mermaid
the secretions of sea urchins
25. Jack has three conditions for handing over the chalices: The return of his compass...No harm to Angelica...and _____ goes free.
The Black Pearl
the mermaid
26. With Jack leading the way, he knows the Fountain of Youth is nearby because of what phenomenon?
a water drop going up and not falling
the complete silence that overtakes the jungle
the way the sunlight hits a pool of water
he locates it on a extra map he has hidden in his hat
27. What is the inscription on the chalices that serve as the magic words to make the entrance to the fountain appear?
hope springs eternal
aqua de vida
pura vista
look upward
28. The Spaniards destroy the fountain and toss away the chalices. Who retrieves them for Jack to save the poisoned Angelica?
29. Even though Syrena says she can save the mortally wounded Phillip, what does he ask for instead?
a kiss
to die in peace
her love
30. By the end of the movie, we have seen the death of Blackbeard and _____?
None of the above

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