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How Well Do You Know: Drive
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1. Let’s start off with a pair of easy ones: First, what is Ryan Gosling’s character's name?
his name is never said
By way of explanation.....
He’s called “kid” or “the Driver” throughout the film.
2. What creepy crawly creature is emblazoned on the Driver’s jacket?
Komodo Dragon
3. Which is not one of the three professions that the Driver has during the film?
getaway car driver
stunt driver
security guard
4. When briefing his client, according to the Driver, "There's a _______ streets in this city. You don't need to know the route."
5. What is the very specific window of time that the Driver gives the people who hire him?
five minutes
six and a half minutes
eight minutes
nine minutes
6. Shannon (Bryan Cranston) supplies the Driver with what car that he says "is the most popular car in California"?
Ford Mustang
Toyota Camry
Honda Accord
Chevy Impala
7. On this first job, he evades the police and ditches his car where?
Rodeo Drive
Staples Center
La Brea tar pits
8. Shannon is trying to convince Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks) to give him funding for a stock car. How much does Shannon ask for?
9. This business meeting is taking place at the pizza place owned by Bernie’s partner Nino (Ron Pearlman). Nino chastises Bernie for eating what in his pizza joint?
Mexican food
Chinese food
fried chicken
10. After witnessing the Driver’s skills behind the wheel of a stock car, Bernie agrees to invest in Shannon’s car. He gives them $300,000 for ___ percent ownership?
11. When driving home Irene (Carey Mulligan) and her son from the shop, the Driver takes them where before going home?
the grocery store
the movies
the beach
the LA river basin
12. According to Irene’s son, who are the bad guys in the cartoon he is watching with the Driver?
13. Bernie explains that he met Shannon in the 80s. How did they meet?
Shannon was his personal mechanic
Shannon married Bernie’s sister
Shannon supplied cars for Bernie’s movies
in prison
14. Unfortunately, during the 80s, Shannon got on the wrong side of some rough people, including Nino. In order to repay his debt to them, what lasting injury did Shannon endure?
punctured lung
broken jawbone
broken pelvis
15. Standard (Irene’s newly paroled husband) is telling their son about when he met his mom. He thought she was 19 years old but in reality, she was __ years old.
16. Standard gets beat to a pulp by low-level criminal Cook. Why does Standard owe him money?
His bail bond.
Old gambling debt.
He kept Cook’s share from a robbery.
Protection money from when he was in jail.
17. Who does Cook give a bullet to as a warning?
the Driver
18. The Driver agrees to help with the pawn shop robbery to settle Standard’s debt. For this job, he steals what muscle car to use?
Dodge Charger
Pontiac GTO
Ford Mustang
Chevy Camaro
19. After the set-up leaves both Standard and Blanche (Christina Hendricks) dead, the Driver seeks out Cook. He uses what handy tool to torture Cook for more information.
20. How much money were they supposed to have gotten in the pawn shop robbery?
21. In actuality, they stole a whopping ________.
Half a million dollars
$1 million
$2 million
$5 million
22. The brutal, Shannon-disabling Nino is the one behind the robbery. The million dollars actually belonged to a mob family from city?
New York
23. Bernie must step in to clean up Nino’s mess. In doing so, he stabs Cook with a fork and knife and uses what to kill Shannon?
a straight razor
a switchblade
a box cutter
a butcher knife
24. After killing Nino, the Driver calls Bernie and asks if he knows the story of the ____ and the _____. He then tells him that Nino didn't make it across the river.
fox / hen
troll / goats
scorpion / frog
tortoise / hare
25. Despite a stab wound to his gut, the Driver’s fate is unknown, but he is last seen, appropriately, driving. Earlier in the film, he says he doesn’t carry a gun. So, how many people does he actually kill with a gun?
By way of explanation.....
The only one he shoots is a henchmen that ambushes the motel. But he does stab Bernie with a knife, drowns Nino, impales a guy with bathroom towel rod and stomps one to death.

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