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How Well Do You Know: 21 Jump Street
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1. In the flashback-to-high school scene that opens the movie, Morton Schmidt bears a striking resemblance to:
One of the Backstreet Boys
One of the Jonas Brothers
2. Meanwhile, as a result of his bad grades, high school Greg Jenko:
Is expelled
Sees his admission to college revoked
Is kicked off the football team
Is barred from the prom
3. Consigned to park duty when they graduate from the academy, Jenko and Schmidt have a run in with some bikers. What is the somewhat ironic name of the gang, which makes an appearance later in the film?
Red State
One Percenters
The Narcs
Wall Street
4. Before we get to far ahead of ourselves....three veterans of the original Jump Street TV series have cameos in the film. Which of the below do not?
Holly Robinson Peete
Richard Grieko
Johnny Depp
Peter DeLuise
5. The headquarters of the Jump Street unit is located in the ________ of Christ Church
6. Schmidt and Jenko are assigned to bust a ring dealing a drug known as:
Major Sh!tastic Crap
Holy F#!@ing Sh!t
Goddam Intense Sh!t
Jesus F#@!ing Christ
7. Which of the following is not a stage of the HFS experience?
Stage 5: Narcosleepy
Stage 1: The Giggs
Stage 2: Tripping Major Ballsack
Stage 3: Over-Falsity Of Confidence
8. After he prays, sorta, in the church, Schmidt is scolded by his captain: "Hey! Stop f@#!ing with __________ Jesus! He ain't got time for your problems!"
9. Trying to establish himself at the high school, Jenko punches a kid who happens to be both:
Asian and handicapped
Transgendered and Pakistani
Black and gay
Albino and Arab
10. Schmidt and Jenko's intended identities as the Doug and Brad McQuaid get switched because:
Jump Street mislabeled their files
Schmidt drops the files on the way to the principal's office
The two never learned their alias names
The principal is partially blind
11. As part of the identify mix-up, Schmidt ends up in a drama class, in which he has to audition for:
Phantom of the Opera
Peter Pan
12. Schmidt makes contact with a dealer, who arranges for a meeting in:
The yearbook office
A janitor's closet
The physics lab
The girls' locker room
13. After taking HFS, Jenko and Schmidt run into Mr. Walters, whose head eventually appears not unlike this foodstuff:
A stack of pancakes
A steamed lobster
An ice cream cone
A cheeseburger
14. Drugs ruin lives, kids. Coming off his HFS high, Schmidt totally fails at this athletic endeavor:
Synchronized swimming
Completing a routine on a balance beam
Anchoring a track relay
Playing baseball
15. Greg blames this for high school getting all topsy turvy, socially speaking:
High School Musical
Janet Jackson
Justin Bieber
16. Preparing for their party, Jenko and Schmidt raid the police evidence locker for:
Surveillance equipment
Pirated DVDs
17. At the end of the fracas at the party, the revelers realize the Schmidt has been stabbed:
In the butt
In the shoulder
In the neck
In the leg
18. Jenko and the science nerds bond over:
Eavesdropping on teachers
Blowing stuff up
Turning the electricity off for the school
Constructing killer robots
19. Schmidt's cover is almost blown when recognized by friend of his mother's at a:
Book store
Coffee store
Toy store
Shoe store
20. Jenko awkwardly but endearingly recites a poem about this in front of his class:
Potassium nitrate
Covalent bonds
Kinetic energy
21. Eric mentions to Schmidt that the drugs will be transported by way of - and it's not code for a sex thing - this object:
Laundry tub
22. Schmidt and Jenko race off to the drug buy, but find their car booted. So they procure this type of vehicle:
School bus
Driver's ed car
Golf cart
Stretch limo
23. There's a highway chase. Many things that should have exploded don't. The long-delayed explosion finally comes, thanks to a truck of:
24. The fellas' getting ready for prom is interrupted by:
Their needing to do chores
A visit from their captain
Stains on their bitchin' white tuxedos
An unexplained power outage
25. The gang arrives at prom, with Jenko carrying a box of:
26. So, do you remember the theme for the high school prom?
Rainbow to the Future
Enchantment Under the Sea
One Night in Tijuana
Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll
27. Having spent the whole movie infiltrating the dealers, Jenko and Schmidt finally find the supplier, who turns out to be the school's:
Gym teacher
Drama teacher
Physics teacher
28. At the standoff in the hotel room, two members of the gang, who look awwwwwfully familiar when they remove their costumes, reveal themselves to be agents of:
Homeland Security
Secret Service
29. Earlier in the film, Jenko had yelled "F@#! you, science," but he retained enough to reason out that he could build a bomb out of shotgun shells and _______ - which brought doom to the bad guys:
Rechargeable batteries
A lighter
30. Crisis resolve, Jenko and Schmidt agree to celebrate with a:
High five
Fist bump
Bro hug
Double slap-cootie

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