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How Well Do You Know: The Grey
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1. At the beginning of the film, John Ottway is employed shooting wolves, thereby protecting workers at this type of operation:
Gold mining
Oil drilling
Dam constructing
2. The location of camp at which Ottway and the other characters in the film works is:
3. The opening of the film shows a despairing Ottway writing a letter to:
His mother
His daughter
His wife
His son
4. Ottway is on the verge of killing himself with a rifle, but stops when:
He sees a wolf walk in front of him
Hears a wolf howl
He hears a cry for help
An alarm at the camp sounds
5. From the onset, things don't seem right on the doomed airplane flight. Immediately before crash, we see scenes that indicate:
It is very cold on the plane
A wing is about to shear off
A fire burns in the rear of the plane
The captain has died
6. After the crash, Ottway finds:
He has wound up in the cockpit
He has been thrown clear
He is trapped under wreckage
His leg has been impaled on a tree branch
7. The number of survivors is:
8. After the crash, Ottway sees the first wolf:
Dragging away one of the survivors
About to be killed by other wolves
Feeding on a body
Prowling through the remains of the fuselage
9. The antagonistic relationship between Ottway and Diaz (Frank Grillo) develops as Ottway prevents Diaz from:
Beating on one of the survivors
Pilfering from the dead bodies
Hoarding food
Hoarding fuel
10. Throughout the film, we see Ottway's visions of his wife:
Walking through a garden
Sitting on a beach
Playing a piano
Lying in bed
11. Hernandez, the first of survivors killed, dies as he is:
Trying to light a fire
Exploring the wrecked cockpit
Burying a body
12. Before they leave the wreck, Ottway and the other survivors:
Collect wallets from the bodies
Burn the fuselage
Set a trap for the wolves
Bury the dead
13. The group's goal as they leave the wreckage is to make it to:
A hilltop
A cave
A treeline
A frozen lake
14. As the survivors try to make the treeline, Flannery is killed:
When he is accidentally shot
When he falls into a crevasse
When he falls behind
When he decides to make a stand against the wolves
15. Ottway suggests to the other survivors they fashion a make-shift weapon from sticks and:
Shell casings
16. Ottway and Grillo go mano-a-mano. The fight ends when:
A plane flies overhead
A wolf appears right beside them
The fire goes out
The others separate the two
17. After the group eats a wolf, Grillo does this as a sign of defiance:
Urinates on the carcass
Drives a spike through its head
Cuts off its head and throws it at the other wolves
Spits in the direction of the wolves
18. Ottway references a poem at key points in the film. What is the first line in the poem?
The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold
Whoever comes to shroud me, do not harm
The largest fire ever known
Once more into the fray
19. Ottway explains the significance of the poem as he associates it with his:
20. On the morning after the group bonds around the fire, Ottway finds another of the survivors has died:
When he was eaten by a wolf
At the hands of another of the survivors
From hypoxia
From wandering off by himself
21. Talgert dies as he falls trying to traverse a line stretched from a cliff to a tree. Which of the following was not a contributing factor in his fall?
He loses his glasses
He's afraid of heights
A wolf starts chewing on the line
His hand is injured
22. Hendrick, the last survivors aside from Ottway, dies when he:
Suffers a broken neck
Is eaten by wolves
Is crushed by a rock
23. From one final vision of his wife, we infer that Ottway's wife most likely:
Died in a hospital
Never existed
Was onboard the plane that crashed
Was killed by a wolf
24. Ottway arms himself for the final confrontation with the wolves with knives and:
A torch
Broken bottles
Sharpened branches
Stone shards
25. What is Ottway's fate as of the end of the film?
He is killed by wolves
He makes his way to civilization
He is rescued
It is uncertain whether or not he survives

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