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American Horror Story: Season 1 Recap (Version 2) 10/1/13 68.80%[17.20/25]        Comments
Rubber Man fever took the nation by storm in 2011, as American Horror Story burst onto the television landscape. Jessica Lange certainly approved.
Big Bang Theory, Season 5 Recap, The: 10/18/12 69.80%[17.45/25]        Comments
The Skank Reflex Analysis. The Friendship Contraction. The Ornithophobia Diffusion. The Hawking Excitation. If these mean anything to you, you're probably all set to take our quiz on The Big Bang Theory, Season 5.
Glee: Music from Season 3 9/12/12 76.12%[19.03/25]        Comments
Glee's third season brought a new wave a music from the throats of New Directions and other parties. See how well you know the songs and tunes from Glee Season 3.
Game of Thrones, Season 2 Recap (Part Two) 6/14/12 88.20%[22.05/25]        Comments
We meet Iron Men, the citizens of Qarth and a man who would help a girl. You may know your Starks from your Lannisters and your Greyjoys from your Baratheons...
Game of Thrones, Season 2 Recap (Part One) 6/12/12 88.76%[22.19/25]        Comments
During Season Two of Game of Thrones, we have at least four men vying to be king, not to mention one woman who would be queen. Test your Game of Thrones IQ.
Game of Thrones, S02E10: Valar Morghulis 6/8/12 88.80%[22.20/25]        Comments
You've watched the entire second season of Game of Thrones, but how well do you know the season finale, "Valar Morghulis"?
Glee, Season 3 Recap, Part 2 6/5/12 82.07%[24.62/30]        Comments
Say hi to Big Brother, have some Heart and don't Choke see how well you know the second half of Glee, Season 3.
2011-2012: The Year in TV 6/5/12 58.80%[14.70/25]        Comments
We were sent up The River, treated to a Smash and set on a course for Revenge. Can you trust the B in Apt. 23?
NCIS, Season 9 Recap Part 2 5/31/12 63.20%[15.80/25]        Comments
The second half of Season 9 saw the development of an epic story arc involving domestic terrorist Harper Dearing. We also met Gibbs' new lady friend Dr. Ryan...
Game of Thrones, S02E09: Blackwater 5/30/12 89.72%[22.43/25]        Comments
You may hope that Joffrey dies in a horrible act of violence, but How Well Do You Know 'Blackwater'?
Unforgettable, Season 1 5/25/12 45.12%[11.28/25]        Comments
If you're like me, you came for Poppy Montgomery, but stayed for the story.
Modern Family, Season 3 Recap Part 2 5/24/12 79.46%[22.25/28]        Comments
Find your way from Virgin Territory to Disneyland and see how well you know Modern Family, Season 3.
Game of Thrones, S02E08: The Prince of Winterfell 5/22/12 88.73%[13.31/15]        Comments
Robb crushes on the pretty girl, Daenerys demands her dragons, Theon does...whatever it is he does.
Nikita, Season 2 Recap Part 2 5/19/12 73.19%[19.03/26]        Comments
The latter half of Nikita's second season saw the climax of Nikita and company's war against Division.
Community Season 3 Recap, Part Two 5/18/12 81.23%[24.37/30]        Comments
Let's look back on the second half of Community's third season, and try to remember the great jokes and episodes separate from the swirling anxiety that surrounded them.
Game of Thrones, S02E07: A Man Without Honor 5/18/12 86.73%[13.01/15]        Comments
Jon Snow is wandering around, hobbit-like, and Arya is too close to Lannisters for comfort.
NCIS, Season 9 Recap Part 1 5/17/12 72.08%[18.02/25]        Comments
We met McGee's grandmother, Abby's brother, Tony's ex-fiancee, and Ziva punched her almost-fiance in the face.
Survivor: One World Recap, Part II 5/14/12 70.60%[14.12/20]        Comments
It’s time once again to outwit, outplay and outlast as we welcome the usual cast of egomaniacs, idiots, and suckers, including Jeff Probst.
Once Upon a Time, Season 1 Recap 5/14/12 79.80%[23.94/30]        Comments
Once Upon a Time, a curse hurtled the residents of the Enchanted Forest into a small town called Storybrooke.
Survivor: One World Recap, Part I 5/12/12 71.50%[14.30/20]        Comments
Two quizzes, 39 questions, 18 castaways, How Well Do You Know Survivor: One World?
Parks and Recreation, S04E22: Win, Lose or Draw 5/11/12 77.33%[11.60/15]        Comments
In the season finale of Parks and Recreation, election day finally arrives.
Parks and Recreation, S04E21: Bus Tour 5/10/12 80.13%[12.02/15]        Comments
Look out for Sewage Joe who is about to attack - how well do you know Parks and Rec: Bus Tour?
Game of Thrones, S02E06: The Old Gods and the New 5/10/12 90.33%[13.55/15]        Comments
Arya is now a cupbearer, Jon is way out past the wall, and Daenerys is making new friends in Qarth.
New Girl, Season 1 Recap 5/9/12 80.16%[20.04/25]        Comments
It's a great new show about Jess, the new girl who moves in with three guys after a painful breakup.
Amazing Race, Season 20 Recap, The: 5/7/12 80.77%[24.23/30]        Comments
One team dominated from start to finish, so let's see if you can channel Rachel & Dave as we see how well you know The Amazing Race, Season 20.
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