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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E22: Win, Lose or Draw
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1. The title of the episode comes from a remark made by:
2. In the event of an exact tie, Leslie faces being
Tarred and feathered
Forced into servitude
3. Tom believes that he and Ann will get back together because of a dream he had featuring himself, Drake and this advertising spokesperson
Flo from Progressive Insurance
The Geico gecko
The T-Mobile girl
The creepy Burger King
4. Bobby plans to vote for:
Himself, as many times as he can
Brandi Maxxxx
Whoever makes him laugh the most that day
5. When Andy arrives to help April recover the deleted files, she is:
In a closet
Sitting in a window
Hiding in the drop ceiling
Under a table
6. Leslie's party is held in a ballroom named for this musical figure, who once visited Pawnee:
Lionel Richie
Tito Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
Smokey Robinson
7. After the polls have closed, the first set of results has this candidate with a commanding lead:
Brandi Maxxxx
Fester Trim
8. Chris and Jen Barkley head off to do it:
Under a stage
In a supply room
Behind the podium
In the City Council chamber
9. Andy's plan for his and April's relocation/identity change includes:
Swapping faces
Fire-bombing their cars
Fake mustache rental
Brazilian waxing
10. When Leslie hears the preliminary new that Bobby has won, she:
Bursts into tears
Cackles madly
Starts a slow clap
Mumbles incoherently
11. When Leslie tells Ben he should go to Washington, she gives him a statuette of:
The Washington Monument
The Lincoln Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial
The Watergate Hotel
12. April lists as a possible dream job a combination of:
Bank teller/drug dealer
Landscape artist/fortune teller
Dental hygienist/medium
13. The final margin of victory for Leslie is:
2 votes
21 votes
32 votes
1 vote
14. High-tailing it out of Pawnee, Jen Barkley finally sort-of meets:
15. The final words spoken in the episode are:
City council, bitches!
Waffles, everybody!
I'm Ann
Dammit, Jerry!

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