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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S02E10: Valar Morghulis
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1. Who is awakening at the start of the episode?
Bran Stark
Jon Snow
Robb Stark
Tyrion Lannister
2. As if the jagged face wound isn't bad enough, Tyrion is delivered what nugget of bad news?
All the whores have left town.
He's no longer the Hand of the King. His father has taken over the position.
Robb has emerged victorious and has been crowned the new king.
Stannis has emerged victorious and has been crowned king.
3. The conquering hero literally rides in on the white horse to accept Joffrey's gratitude. Who is the Savior of the City?
Ser Loras Flowers
Ser Jaime Lannister
Tyrion Lannister
Lord Tywin Lannister
4. How does Joffrey reward pimp daddy extraordinaire Petyr Baelish?
He allows him to become betrothed to Catelyn Stark
He gives him Harrenhal
He gives him a giant barrel full of coins. Seriously. It's like something out of Dragon's Lair.
He legalizes prostitution in King's Landing
By way of explanation.....
Finally, after a season of being the fake answer, Harrenhal is the right answer!
5. Finally, Sansa has something to smile about. What is it?
She escapes with the Hound.
She is set aside as Joffrey's betrothed so that he can marry Margaery Tyrell instead.
She sees Arya for the first time in ages.
She stows away on Stannis's ship.
6. Ros the hooker gets an unexpected visitor. Who is it?
Catelyn Stark, party mom
Jaqen H'ghar, looking to spend some time with a woman his own age for a change
Joffrey, serial whore abuser
Varys, eunuch
7. Brienne takes time out from her busy schedule of escorting Jaime Lannister back to King's Landing to do what?
Jaime Lannister
Kill some (evil) Stark men
Steal some gold
8. Stannis is angry enough to want to choke the life out of one of his advisors. Which one is it?
Jaqen H'ghar
Lady Melisandre
Ser Davos Seaworth
9. Who does Theon want to die?
His father
His slutty sister
The horn blower
Maester Luwin
10. Maester Luwin does have one "get of jail free" suggestion for the doomed Theon Greyjoy. What is it?
Beg your best friend Robb Stark for mercy. He doesn't have to know your crimes.
Flee back to the Iron Islands.
Go and take the black - volunteer to serve on The Wall.
Throw himself on Catelyn Stark's mercy and see if she will intercede on Theon's behalf.
By way of explanation.....
Theon can't go with this option, because he figures Jon Snow will kill him dead.
11. What is the central theme of Theon's uplifting speech?
Stab them in the back! It's easier!
They may take his life, but they'll never take his freedom!
We will rape the Stark women by the break of dawn!
What is dead may never die!
12. What happens to Theon the moment the speech is over?
He gets shot in the eye with an arrow.
He is clubbed on the back of the head by his main advisor.
He realizes his robe is on fire.
He proudly leads the troops to victory.
By way of explanation.....
Well, you knew #4 wasn't right. He couldn't lead men to victory in a 3-legged race.
13. It's the season finale, so someone has to die. Who is the victim at Winterfell?
Everyone from the Iron Islands. To a person.
Maester Luwin
Roose Bolton
Theon Greyjoy
14. Tyrion isn't the only one to get demoted in this episode. Who else gets knocked down a peg?
Lady Melisandre
Samwell Tarly
Ser Jorah Mormont
15. Who is the first person to see Tyrion without his bandages?
Jaime Lannister
Podrick Payne
16. Why are Stark men so stupid? What does Robb do that's sure to get him in a lot of trouble?
Burns down Harrenhal
Disrespects the Red Witch Melisandre
Finds Jaime Lannister and kills him
Marries Lady Talisa
By way of explanation.....
This is not a good episode for arranged marriages.
17. Someone quite literally changes form during this episode, and thereby robs us of one of our favorite actors on the show. Who is it?
Arya Stark
Jaime Lannister
Jaqen H'ghar
Tyrion Lannister
18. What happens at Winterfell after Theon Greyjoy is knocked out?
Bran takes over as Lord.
It is overrun by direwolves.
The place is torched.
Yasha, Theon's sister, takes over.
19. Someone who died in Season One makes an appearance in the finale. Who is it?
Eddard Stark
Khal Drogo
Robert Baratheon
Viserys Targaryen
20. Which of these is not one of Daenerys's tests?
Entering the House of the Undying, a building without doors
Tempting her to abandon her dragons to save the Dothraki people
Tempting her to stay with Khal Drogo and their son forever
Tempting her with the Iron Throne
21. It's the season finale, so that means that *another* character must die. Who besides Maester Luwin (did you get it right?) meets their untimely demise?
Joffrey the Awful
Pyat Pree
Tywin Lannister
By way of explanation.....
Okay, so it's not Joffrey today, but we're sure it has to be him someday. Right? RIGHT?
22. It's the season finale, so that means that a *third* person has to die. Who meets their untimely demise in the snowy mountains?
Rance Mayder
Rattleshirt - aka Lord of the Bones
Qhorin Halfhand
23. What does Daenerys do to Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Doreah?
Gives them each a golden crown. You know what we mean.
Seals them in the House of the Undying
Seals them in Xaro Xhoan Daxos's vault
Sells them into slavery.
24. How many times does the horn blow?
None - Theon had that horn blower killed
By way of explanation.....
Three is bad.
25. Which army is marching at the end of the episode?
Robb's army
Stannis's army
The wildlings
The White Walkers
By way of explanation.....
We would have said that they are charging, but they don't really move fast enough.

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