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How Well Do You Know: Community Season 3 Recap, Part Two
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1. In "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts", Shirley's husband Andre asks for Shirley to re-marry him in order to renew their commitment to each other. To establish the length of time they have been together, Andre says that he has loved her "since there was a Soviet Union and only one..."
Transformers movie
Fox channel
Damon Wayans
Animated series on primetime television
2. Which two characters decide to go into business together to take over the space in the cafeteria previously occupied by a coffee shop?
Troy and Jeff
Abed and Britta
Shirley and Pierce
Annie and Annie's Boobs
3. Which company ends up taking over the spot in the cafeteria after they make the Dean a better offer?
4. In "Contemporary Impressionists", French Stewart guests stars as...
Vinnie, a French Stewart Impersonator
Harry, his character from Third Rock From The Sun
Dean Pelton, because Jim Rash was sick that week and they thought no one would notice
5. Pierce goes to the bar mitzvah at the end of the episode dressed as Burt Reynolds, but who does everyone at the party think that he has come as?
Dan Ackroyd
Jim Belushi
Marlon Brando
By way of explanation.....
Pierce does get a small victory when, at the end of the episode, someone says that he looks like fat Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights
6. Both Britta and Troy go to the bar mitzvah impersonating which celebrity?
Michael Jackson
Ryan Seacrest
Courtney Love
Damon Wayans
7. In "Digitial Exploration of Interior Design", Britta falls for a man who has agreed to change his name to Subway as part of the school's sponsorship deal with them. What is Subway's real name?
Subway (his parents named him after where he was conceived)
8. It is revealed at the end of the episode that Dean Laybourne (John Goodman) plays trumpet in a band, the name of which is displayed on a baseball cap that he wears. What is the name of his band?
Fahrenheit and Celsius
The Thermostat Players
A Song of Ice and Fire
Kelvin and the Zeroes
9. "Pillows and Blankets" takes its style from the documentaries of which acclaimed film-maker?
Michael Moore
Albert Maysles
Ken Burns
Adam Curtis
10. It is revealed that Leonard is a veteran of which war?
The First Gulf War
World War II
By way of explanation.....
He fought for the North Korean Army
11. What are the names given to the two forts that are constructed by Troy and Abed's followers?
Pillowtown and Blanketsville
Pillowtown and Blanketsburg
Pillowton and Blanketsburg
Pillowton and Blanketsville
12. Who narrated "Pillows and Blankets"?
Ron Perlman
George Takei
Keith David
Michael Clarke Duncan
13. What is the name of Britta's ex-boyfriend who comes to town as part of a carnival in "Origins of Vampire Mythology"?
14. Who, whilst pretending to be Blade, sends Britta the incredibly nice text message that briefly stops her being attracted to Blade?
15. In "Virtual Systems Analysis", Annie and Troy are playing Inspector Spacetime in the Dreamatorium. What is the name of the aliens that they are battling?
The Blorgons
The Blogons
The Borgias
The Borg
By way of explanation.....
As we all know, Blogon means "thank you" in Blorgon
16. Where does the Dean say that he has to go to whilst wearing his truly hideous half-man/half-woman outfit?
To have lunch with his father
To court
To the bank
To his sister's wedding
17. Which character was responsible for killing all the plants in "Basic Lupine Urology?"
18. Which supporting character dies at the end of the episode?
The Dean
By way of explanation.....
He died how he lived, in a meth lab explosion
19. In "Course Listing Unavailable", which member of the study group makes the final speech at Starburns' memorial, instigating the riot that lands the "Greendale 7" in trouble?
By way of explanation.....
Pierce makes the valiant rallying cry of "Let's burn this mother down!"
20. Which of these does Chang NOT do to ensure that the study group are expelled for causing the riot?
Replace the Dean with someone who looks just like him
Show up at their hearing dressed in a suit and acting very calm
Bring a basket of muffins for one of the men on the panel
Bribe the review board with money
21. In "Curriculum Unavailable", which actor plays the psychiatrist that the group go to see?
Jon Oliver
John Hodgman
Paul F. Tompkins
Jon Hamm
22. During the sequence in which Dr. Heidi tries to convince the group that Greendale was not a real place, and that they were in an asylum the whole time, which two regular characters are depicted as being the doctors in charge of the group whilst they are in the asylum?
Garrett and Leonard
Garrett and Starburns
Garrett and the Dean
Garrett and Magnitude
By way of explanation.....
Fun fact: Garrett's deeper-than-normal voice in that scene is that of showrunner and creator, Dan Harmon, who over-dubbed the part
23. Which character's mental decline is illustrated by having them drive through the school on an ATV?
24. In "Digital Estate Planning", the group have to take part in a videogame created by Pierce's deceased father against Gilbert Lawson, played by Giancarlo Esposito, in order for Pierce to get his inheritance. Esposito is probably best known for his role as Gus Fring on what acclaimed drama?
The Walking Dead
The Sopranos
Homicide: Life On The Streets
Breaking Bad
25. As revealed at the end of the episode, Gilbert and Pierce are actually related, but how?
They are cousins
They are half-brothers
Gilbert is Pierce's son
Pierce is Gilbert's uncle
26. In "The First Chang Dynasty", how old does Chang say he is when planning his birthday party?
27. Chang plans to blow up the school's records as a means of covering up all the bad things he has done since taking over the school. He programs the explosion to go off when he finishes playing a solo on what kind of instrument?
28. In "Introduction to Finality", which actor returns as Alan, Jeff's former colleague and the one responsible for him being fired from his old job?
Rob Riggle
Rob Corddry
Rob Reiner
Rob Lowe
29. Which member of the study group is shown helping Troy and Abed take apart the Dreamatorium in the episode-ending montage?
30. In that same montage, Jeff is shown entering the name of his father into a search engine, suggesting that he is finally ready to look for him. What is Jeff's father's first name?

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