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How Well Do You Know: The Big Bang Theory, Season 5 Recap
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1. In "The Skank Reflex Analysis" while Penny breaks the news to the guys that she's giving up on acting and moving back to Nebraska she gets a call telling her she booked a job in a commercial. What product is the commercial for?
Summer's Eve
Preparation H
Depend for women
2. "The Infestation Hypothesis" - Which one of the following is NOT something Sheldon has fixated on and blown out of proportion?
He put GPS trackers in the garbage thinking North Korean spies were stealing his doodles.
The time he put on Leonard's shirt and he was convinced he was growing again.
He was sure chicken nuggets were human nuggets.
He believed the dentist was putting listening devices into his fillings.
3. "The Infestation Hypothesis" - On which instrument does Amy Farrah Fowler play, "The Girl From Ipanema"?
A harp
A recorder
The xylophone
An accordion
4. "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation" - Leonard and Amy Farrah Fowler attend her friend's wedding together. Leonard returns home and tells Sheldon how much fun he had at the wedding. What did Sheldon do to Leonard in response?
He tripped him.
He pokes him in the eye.
He karate chops his shoulder.
He stomps on his foot.
5. "The Russian Rocket Reaction" - In this episode Sheldon and Leonard decide to officially start a sword collection. The sword they purchase is from which TV show or movie?
Conan The Barbarian
Game of Thrones
Xena: Warrior Princess
6. "The Russian Rocket Reaction" - To bring an end to Sheldon's hostility and hatred towards him, Wil Wheaton gives Sheldon a gift at his party. What is the gift?
Jonathan Frakes communicator
Patrick Stewart's long lost toupee
Signed Wesley Crusher action figure
Geordi's visor
7. "The Russian Rocket Reaction" - Who makes Sheldon's "list" for opening the signed Wesley Crusher action figure?
Wil Wheaton
Brent Spiner
Barry Kripke
Lavar Burton
8. "The Russian Rocket Reaction" - Leonard negotiates with Brent Spiner for an autographed Data action figure. He talks him into two figures for $30 and what else?
He shows up at Leonard's birthday party.
A double date with him and Penny.
Game night at his place.
Brent Spiner follows him on Twitter.
9. "The Ornithophobia Diffusion" - Sheldon calls animal control for which animal?
A rooster.
An owl.
A blue jay.
A woodpecker.
10. "The Ornithophobia Diffusion" - Amy Farrah Fowler tells Sheldon to interact with the blue jay to get over his fear. Just like he did with whom else?
The bus driver.
The crossing guard.
The pizza delivery guy.
The mailman.
11. "The Recombination Hypothesis" - Sheldon receives in the mail a life size cardboard cutout of whom?
Luke Skywalker
Albert Einstein
Wesley Crusher
12. "The Beta Test Initiation" - Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler start their own show called, "Fun With Flags." What is the name of the flag that Amy Farrah Fowler makes to bring in the younger viewers?
Francisco Flaggo
Ferdinand T. Flag
Warren J. Waves
Philip Da Phlag
13. "The Beta Test Initiation" - What is Sheldon wearing in the final "Fun With Flags" scene?
A pretzel costume
14. "The Friendship Contraction" - Stewart moves up to become Sheldon's ninth favorite friend. Why did Stewart get the bump up?
Prof. Geister retired to Costa Rica
Sheldon's dog died.
Stewart gave him a 10% discount at the comic shop.
Sheldon's pen pal was kidnapped.
15. "The Friendship Contraction" - In elementary school Leonard carried around a Duncan Yo-Yo so the kids at school would call him Duncan. What did they actually call him?
Crotch Stain
Sock Mouth
Douche Waffle
16. "The Friendship Contraction" - Howard uses "Rocket Man" as his ringtone to try and get the other astronauts to call him Rocket Man as a nickname. What nickname does he actually get?
Moon Pie
Sock Mouth
Fruit Loops
Capt. Crunch
17. "The Vacation Solution" - When Sheldon is told he has to take vacation the president of the university suggests that Sheldon go where?
18. "The Vacation Solution" - While discussing prenups and the etymology of the word 'wed', Amy Farrah Fowler says Bernadette is adorable, intelligent, and a good earner so she could see her going for two oxen and a goose. What does she say Penny would fetch?
All the gold in all the land.
A liger
A unicorn
An elephant with diamond tusks
19. "The Rothman Disintegration" - Raj paid some kid on eBay $25 for a handcrafted Harry Potter wand. What did he actually get instead?
An empty paper towel roll
A stick from a tree
A broomstick
A chopstick
20. "The Weekend Vortex" - Leonard, Raj and Howard plan to play a Star Wars video game for the entire weekend. Why did their neighbors call the cops the last time they had a weekend of gaming?
They set the apartment on fire making smores.
People sleeping in the hallway.
Rancid smell leaking from the apartment
Screaming and explosions at 4am.
21. "The Weekend Vortex" - Amy Farrah Fowler had an imaginary boyfriend named Armen. What did she say he did for a living?
Chimney sweeper
Braille translator
Miniature horse breeder
22. In "The Transporter Malfunction" Sheldon mentions that he doesn't like weddings. Leonard points out that he liked Prof. Geister's wedding. Why did he like his wedding?
It was held in a train.
It had a sundae bar.
It had periodic table of elements tablecloths.
It was over quickly and he made it home in time for Firefly.
23. "The Transporter Malfunction" - Penny buys Sheldon and Leonard gifts to pay them back for everything they've done to help her out. She buys each of them a mint in box 1975 Mego Star Trek transporter with real transporter action. Hot darn! What fake gift does Penny give Leonard before giving him his transporter?
Picture frame with a picture of them together
A big kiss
Label maker
A biography of Erwin Schrodinger.
24. "The Hawking Excitation" - According to Raj, Sheldon has begged only three times. Once was to a deity he doesn't believe in to end his life because of food poisoning. He begged the Fox network *not* to cancel Firefly. What show did he beg another network *to* cancel?
Small Wonder
Sesame Street
Star Trek: Voyager
Babylon 5
25. "The Hawking Excitation" - When Sheldon was a boy he would polish his Mee-maw's silver and she'd entertain him with stories about growing up in Oklahoma. She told him that one time she killed a prairie dog. What did she use to kill the prairie dog?
A flower pot.
A gravy boat.
A shoe horn.
An iron.

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