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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S02E07: A Man Without Honor
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1. Theon "Nancy Boy" Greyjoy quotes something Ned Stark was fond of saying about Winterfell. What is it?
"500 men could hold Winterfell against 10,000."
"The old gods will always protect Winterfell."
"This place is where kings are made."
"The weather outside is frightful, but inside it's so delightful."
2. What does Ygritte say after Jon Snow tells her, "I'm a man of the Night's Watch"?
"And you're about to be a dead man of the Night's Watch."
"I'm more man than you are."
"Real men don't have awful mustaches like yours."
"You're a boy who's never been with a girl."
3. Arya brings Lord Tywin some mutton. What does he say about it?
"Do you think this mutton is poisoned?"
"I don't like mutton."
"Mutton reminds me of my son, Tyrion."
"Thank lady."
4. What happened to Harrenhal to make it the ruin of a fortress it is today?
An unexpected attack by sea.
Dragons happened.
Lord Harren ordered it to be taken down piece by piece and then rebuilt...but the rebuilding never happened.
The villagers rioted and tore it down.
5. What does Arya claim was her father's occupation?
Hand of the King - why won't anyone believe her?
6. How does Tywin figure out that Arya is not really a commoner?
She can name the entire Stark line all the way back to when they were technically wildlings
She knows how to properly curtsey
She says "my Lord" instead of "m'Lord"
She uses all her utensils correctly
7. Sansa and The Hound (Sandor Clegane) have a conversation in a hallway. What does he say gives him joy?
The knowledge that Joffrey is the right person to be king
Seeing her face every day
8. Why are Robb Stark's men annoyed with the nurse, Talisa Maegyr?
She's always talking about how great Joffrey is
She's tending to wounded men from both sides of the skirmish, not just Robb's side
She's too distracting to them because she's so pretty
They're afraid she'll become the spy who loves him
By way of explanation.....
No one has ever said anything nice about Joffrey.
9. Daenerys says there is one way that Ser Jorah Mormont can help her. What is it?
Find her dragons.
Get her some ships.
Kiss her.
Raise an army of savages.
10. Jon Snow has a big, big problem. What is it?
He has frostbite.
He's surrounded by wildlings.
His direwolf has disappeared.
His sword has broken.
By way of explanation.....
Where is his direwolf, anyway? (That's not really his problem right now, though.)
11. Sansa Stark has a big, big problem. What is it?
Joffrey wants to take her back out amongst the people. Surely she won't be kidnapped and almost raped/murdered again.
She has a huge crush on the Hound.
She has "flowered" and is now able to have Joffrey's children, which means their wedding date can be set.
She lost a precious diamond given to her by Joffrey.
By way of explanation.....
Sansa's life as a future queen is not nearly as fun as it was when she daydreamed about it.
12. Sansa asks, "Shouldn't I love Joffrey, your Grace?" What is Cersei's reply?
"It is unfortunate that you don't have a twin."
"Love is irrelevant. You will do your duty."
"A Stark can never love a, Baratheon."
"You can try."
By way of explanation.....
Cersei knows the deal.
13. What can Alton Lannister do for Jaime?
Be Cersei for the evening
Share his dinner
Take a message to Cersei
14. Who turns out to be the betrayer of Daenerys?
Khal Drogo, returned from the dead
Ser Jorah Mormont
The Spice King
Xaro Xhoan Daxos
By way of explanation.....
Xaro Xhoan Daxos does have a little help from Pyat Pree, of course. That guy is a freak.
15. What does Theon Greyjoy do to prove he's *not* a nancy boy?
He feels up his sister...again
He kills all the people of Winterfell
He shows the people of Winterfell the burned bodies of two young boys, presumed to be Bran and Rickon Stark
He strings up some direwolves
By way of explanation.....
If Theon or Joffrey win this thing in the end, we're taking our torches and heading to George R.R. Martin's house.

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